Aeronautical Engineering Study in Germany 2021

Cost of studying aeronautical engineering in Germany

Study Aeronautical Engineering in Germany
Study Aeronautical Engineering in Germany
universityAverage semester fees
Baden-Württemberg State University Cooperative€1,500 per semester [1,32,452 INR]
Technical University of Munich119.36 € per year [40 105 Indian Rupees]
University of Bremen€379.24 per semester [INR 33,488]
TU Berlin€307.54 per semester [27156 INR]
RWTH Aachen University of Applied Sciences€299.38 per semester [26,435 INR]
The cost of studying civil aviation in Germany

Duration of flight study in Germany

The aviation industry offers many job opportunities, each with different requirements and different educational pathways.So students turn to study aeronautical engineering in Germany You can organize your studies to become a commercial pilot, design or repair of aircraft, computer programming or air traffic control.

There are also study paths to get job opportunities in airport operations and management all these advantages make the study of aeronautical engineering in Germany one of the desirable fields so the duration of study is between 6 to 7 semesters depending on the university where the student is studying.

Best Universities to Study Aeronautical Engineering in Germany

Since aeronautical engineering is a specialized discipline, it is generally offered at the postgraduate level by prominent universities in Germany.Moreover, one can obtain a bachelor's degree or general BTech and proceed towards obtaining a postgraduate specialization in aeronautical engineering from German universities.

Take a look at some of the major courses and major universities of aeronautical engineering in Germany:

The UniversityAbout the University
Bremen University of Applied SciencesIt is the General University of Applied Sciences located in Bremen, Germany. This famous famous institute was founded in 1982. Karen Loki is the Dean of this prestigious public institute.
The Institute has five faculties offering specialization69. Here 43 bachelor's degree programs are offered while twenty-six master's degree courses are offered.
It offers a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering and also offers an MBA degree.
A different major is offered here to make it easier for students. This institute is located in four different places.
2, Technical University of Applied Sciences WILDAU:This prestigious institute is located near the capital of Germany known as Berlin. It offers two specializations in distance education programs from 20 in direct study.
It is one of the five famous institutes of applied sciences to study in Germany in the federal state of Brandenburg in Germany. is the official website of the Institute. Any information regarding the university and study materials can be found here.
Logistics services are provided by this prestigious institute only in Brandenburg in Germany. It was the first university in Germany to offer information technology remotely. In 2003/2004, there were 2142 applicants who wished to be admitted here, but only 25% of them were accepted.
Dresden University of TechnologyIn Dresden, this is the largest institute of higher education. It is also among the largest universities in Germany. This prestigious institute was founded in 1828. In 2012, the number of students enrolled here was 36,534.
Among the prominent alumni of the Institute are Katya Kipping, Evgeny Patton and many other prestigious personalities. As of 2012, this public institute has an academic staff of 7,094. Knowledge builds bridges is the motto of this general institute.
Technische Universität Dresden is its official website. The Faculty of Civil Engineering has 11 departments while the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has 19 departments. Electrical Engineering and Information Technology comprises 13 departments.
University of Technology of MunichIt is a research institute located in Munich, Germany. It was founded in 1868. In 2014, the number of students enrolled in it was 37,343. Its founder was King Ludwig II of Bavaria. . Among the prominent alumni of the Institute Rudolf Diesel, Gerhard Ertel and many others.
It is the national university with a budget of €1.2 billion in 2013. Wolfgang A. Herman is the head of the Institute. . It is staffed by 6168 academic bodies. The Institute's campus is located in urban areas.
FH AachenHis University of Applied Sciences is located in Aachen, Germany. It was founded in 1971. She also received the Clio Award for the Integrated Campaign. Graduates of the institute are noteworthy Udo Voygt, Sabine Verhin and many other personalities.
Good in practice and theory is its motto. This public institute has 520 academic members and 700 administrative staff. is the official website. Marcus Bowman is the President of the Institute. Volker Steamble is the consultant of this famous public institute.
Brunschweig Technical UniversityIt is the oldest famous technical university in Germany. This prestigious institute was founded in 1745. In 2011, the number of students enrolled here was 14,000. Jürgen Heisselbach is the CEO of this prestigious institute.
Among the Institute's prominent alumni are Fawzi Boo and Nina Rouge Wolfgang Job and many others. This public institute received a grant of €7 billion of third-party funds in 2011.
The budget was €27,500,000 in 2011. In 2011, the Institute's faculty was 1800 while the number of administrative staff was 3750. IT IS AFFILIATED WITH TU9, CEASER AND PEGASUS.
University of Munich PondswireIt is the federal research university located in Neubiberg, Germany. This prestigious institute was founded in 1973. The German Defense Force is the parent organization. In 2011, the number of students enrolled here was 3410.
Graduates of this prestigious institute include General Raheel Sharif, Thomas Reiter, Volker Wicker and many others. General Raheel Sharif is the current Chief of Staff of the Pakistani Army and is also a 4-star general.
It is affiliated with IAMP.
Munich University of Applied SciencesThis research institute is also known as TU Darmstadt. It is located in Darmstadt in Germany. It was founded in 1877.
There are many eminent and prestigious personalities that are included in its alumni. Such as John Toe, Carl Adam Petrie, Peter Grünberg, Gerhard Herzberg, Kert H. DeBose, and many others.
echnische Hochschule Darmstadt was the former name of the Institute. This public institute has 303 professors and 2400 academic staff. It is affiliated with TU9, UEA, CLUSTER, CEASER, Time, EAIE and PACE. This German institute is the most famous in the world.
University of StuttgartThis famous German institute is located in Stuttgart. This prestigious institute was founded in 1829. In 2013, the number of students enrolled in it was 26457.
There are many well-known personalities who have completed their education from here. Such as Gerhard Ertl, Freitz Leonhart, Martin Winterkorn, Hans Hellmann, and many others. Science for people and people for science is the motto of this general institute.
Its budget is 450 million. Wolfram Ressell is its president. The number of faculty members of the Institute is 3152 while the number of faculty members is 1794.
TU Stuttgart is the title of the Institute. It is affiliated with German universities, EU, TIME, TU9, CLUSTER, ENTREE and many others.

Aeronautical Engineer Salary in Germany

The average initial salary for those who have completed a course at the bachelor's level in aeronautical engineering is about 71.400 euros.The initial salary of PG course graduates ranges around €51,900 – €71,400. After completing aeronautical engineering in Germany, these are the salaries you may receive only in the country and vary from state to state.

Aeronautical Engineer Salary in Germany

Is studying aeronautical engineering in Germany difficult?

No, it's not difficult at all, but like the rest of the specialties, it needs to be studied and diligently

This article is part of the series of engineering studies in Germany to read the study of mechatronic engineering in Germany


Study Aeronautical Engineering in Germany

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