Study Engineering in Germany: The most important conditions for studying engineering in Germany

Study engineering in Germany, now and at long last you can study engineering in Germany, which ranks among the best specialized academic studies, where it increases and raises the rate of development and skill of students differently and significantly, in addition to it gives him a range of different experiences, including theoretical and practical, and Germany is among the largest industrial countries famous for this engineering scope, so the study inside it is among the list of dreams of young people at the moment and helps in raising and developing their different skills and from here we will give a comprehensive idea of the details of the study of the study Engineering in Germany.

Study Engineering in Germany
Study Engineering in Germany

ماذا سوف تتعلم

Conditions for studying engineering in Germany

As is also the case, there are conditions and a specific rate for endurance of engineering exams in Germany, so when a student wants to study and apply, he has to ask himself three things:

  • A minimum of 3.0 GPA in the SEE exam.
  • A GPA of at least 2.8 in 10+2 or equivalent.
  • Not to leave the study at least when applying for a period not exceeding two years
  • Proficiency in German at B1 level
  • You must have a recognized degree in Germany
  • You must register properly.
  • All papers related to the university and the necessary proofs must be submitted.
  • A personal statement notarized by the papers must be submitted.
  • The conditions for examination in Germany must be met.

Number of years of engineering study in Germany

The specific periods of completion of the study of engineering in Germany vary according to the type of specialization, and the study chosen by the student, where most of the study periods for most disciplines range from 3 to about 5 years.

Unlike the specialization of civil engineering, for which the duration of study is 3:4 years, and we find it up to 4 years for the specialization of medical engineering as well as the specialization of chemical engineering.

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The best universities in Germany to study engineering

The list includes the following top universities:

IUBH University of Applied Sciences Online | IUBH University of Online Studies

Distance learning at IUBH provides students with an opportunity to be creative, at the level of the individual and the expert, and to advance their careers by reviewing what they can adapt to and reach the stage of creativity.

Projects and courses at IUBH aim to be adaptable and creative as much as they can do so far without giving up on IUBH's impressive level.

Claustall University | TU CLAUSTHAL

In 2009, Claustal University of Saxony University of Technology was one of the main faculties in the field of design, as it is seen as one of the most specialized faculties in the field of engineering in Germany.

She has also excelled in various aspects of finance, computation, software engineering, mechanical design and interaction design.

Darmstadt University of Technology | To Darmstadt

Darmstadt University of Technology is one of the old faculties founded in 1877.

The support rate is activated differently, and the Technical University of Darmstadt University of Technology begins, which uses objects in a wide range of available options and whose focus is increasingly on electrical design in the region.

Kaiserslautern College | TU KAISSERSLAUTERN

The University of Kaiserslautern is one of the main specialized and design faculties in the Rhineland-Palatinate region, which has gained exceptional status since its establishment in 1970.

It also has more than 14,000 students each academic year and has 12 fields and specializations, where the college has relationships and archives with senior teachers, recognized departments and different specialties as needed.

It also provides a great deal of modern technological preparation applicable to students, presenting electrical design and computer design as two separate courses.

You can follow the college's basic instructions for the bachelor's program in the fourth semester, the graduate program and the instructions for specialization in one of the seven departments.

Magdeburg College | Magderberg University

The University of Magdeburg is seen as the smallest German college, especially after the merger of the Technical University with the Faculty of Teacher Training and the Faculty of Medicine in 1993.

The College offers a wide range of study programs that provide the student with a large number of career encounters that address evolving market problems.

It is carried out in close collaboration with various resources at Otto von Guericke University, opening up enormous career possibilities than other universities.

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The Best Engineering Majors in Germany

Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering and General Engineering are some of the most popular engineering programs for international students in Germany. Of the total international students pursuing engineering degrees in Germany, 28% or 39,516 of them are female students.

Study Computer Engineering in Germany

If you're not sure why Germany chose to study for a master's degree in computer science, here are the main reasons to start looking for options for studying computer engineering in Germany.

Study Marine Engineering in Germany

Ship Engineering and Naval Structures Marine engineering in Germany , including boats, ships and oil platforms. This type of engineering department generally uses heavy mechanical and electrical applications for design

Study Industrial Engineering in Germany

Industrial engineering in Germany is one of the most diverse fields of engineering. Industrial engineers are responsible for the design, development, testing and evaluation of integrated systems in order to manage industrial production processes.

Study Medical Engineering in Germany

Apply engineering concepts in biology (including physics, chemistry, and mathematics) to solve real-world problems related to the life sciences. Studying medical engineering in Germany is currently on demand in Germany and all over the world.

Study Electrical Engineering in Germany

Electrical engineering in Germany deals with the generation, use and distribution of electricity as well as the development of devices and processes based on electrical energy. Electrical engineering makes electrical phenomena and laws.

Study Chemical Engineering in Germany

 Yet studying chemical engineering in Germany is highly appreciated by employers all over the world.

Study Architecture in Germany

Studying architecture in Germany Architects deal with questions about the purpose of the building and its integration with what already exists. To do this, they need a wide range of skills.

Study Civil Engineering in Germany

Studying civil engineering in Germany is one of the most popular destinations for international students in a global comparison, in Europe Germany ranks second only to Great Britain, about 13 percent of all students at German universities came from abroad in 2018.

Study Mechanical Engineering in Germany

Studying mechanical engineering in Germany is the goal of most young people to get a good degree that qualifies them for the job market with a bad bachelor's or master's degree

Study Software Engineering in Germany

Studying software engineering in Germany is where every success and scientific excellence begins.

Study Automotive Engineering in Germany

A successful career begins with an excellent education. If this is a base you have to achieve your career dreams, Germany is the perfect place for you to study automotive engineering in Germany.

Study Aeronautical Engineering in Germany

The aviation industry offers many job opportunities, each with different requirements and different educational pathways.So students turn to study aeronautical engineering in Germany You can organize your studies to become a commercial pilot, design or repair of aircraft, computer programming or air traffic control.

Study Mechatronic Engineering in Germany

Studying mechatronic engineering in Germany is now a modern field of study among many students. This interdisciplinary field combines mechanical, computer science and electronics concepts to bring about many exciting and revolutionary changes in the form of robotic systems.

Study Petroleum Engineering in Germany

The best petroleum engineering universities in Germany offer bachelor's and master's courses in the field of petroleum engineering so students are keen to study petroleum engineering in Germany and German universities give students wishing to study petroleum engineering in Germany a degree in petroleum engineering with a specialization in upstream and downstream engineering or oil and gas.

Required average to study engineering in Germany

During the establishment of universities some conditions that those wishing to focus on and know and work on the preparation of basic papers for it, where the student needs to submit the Abitur test or any last test he has done in high school, and one of its benefits is that he does not need the endorsement of a specialist confirming his ability in the field of review, however he may show ability in the field of mathematics and give motivation to your application to focus on it.

It is also important to check the assumption that the college will display subjects in English or German, and it is more advisable than learning German to be recognized faster, take a language test and send confirmation of this to the college, but in case you want to learn in English, you must submit a TOEFL or IELTS score.

The conditions for the German language specialized in obtaining a bachelor's degree degree are summarized as follows:

GPA score of at least 3.0 in the SEE exam.

The GPA is at least 2.8 in 10 + 2 or its equivalent and should not exceed two years.

Costs of studying engineering in Germany

Expenses for studying within Germany change depending on the type of college you are applying to, with German colleges measuring expenses of around €20,000, however some other state-funded colleges only require registration and confirmation fees, which can be as high as €250.

So it's best to do a survey of the college you need to learn and learn about the necessary expenses, and you can also get some information about scholarships for different disciplines that you can get and read at German colleges for free.

The cost of studying an MSc in Germany

The costs of tuition for one semester through the expert report in Germany range in the range of 500 euros, despite the different expenses and fees, there are many colleges that offer the opportunity to focus on nothing, excluding from educational expenses.

However there are still a few related costs as the value of internships within the college ranges between €300.

With regard to the expenses of private colleges, they have not been clarified, but are seen as expensive and not supported by public authority.

In terms of accommodation costs, accommodation for students in Germany depends on private accommodation, as Germany does not provide places to rest and accommodation within the college in many colleges.

So housing and living can cost up to €900 each month, and the more modest the place and shared housing, the lower the overall cost of basic items.

How to study Hatdassa in Germany

كيف تصبح مهندس في ألمانيا

تحتاج أولاً إلى الحصول على الموافقة لاستخدام اللقب المهني u0022مهندسu0022

قبل أن تبدأ في التدريب. (يهدف قانون INGBW ، للتوضيح ، إلى ضمان كل من تنظيم مهنة الهندسة وحماية استحقاقاتها ، وفقًا للقانون الألماني. كما أنه يعتمد المهندسين الذين يتم / يتم الاعتراف بمؤهلاتهم المهنية في ألمانيا ، مما يسمح لهم الوصول إلى مختلف الامتيازات والفرص في سوق العمل الأوروبي.)

يجب أيضًا التحقق من شهادتك الأصلية وفقًا لشروط FEANI

علاوة على ذلك ، نظرًا لأنك اكملت دراستك المعينة في نظام أجنبي للتعليم العالي ، يجب عليك أيضًا التحقق من شهادتك الأصلية وفقًا لشروط FEANI لتحديد صلاحيتها. (مرة أخرى ، يمكن تحقيق ذلك من خلال التقدم بطلب للحصول على ترخيص u0022EUR INGu0022 المذكور).u003cbru003e

قبل التقديم ، يجب أن تكون عضوًا معتمدًا في جمعية هندسية تمثلها FEANI

قبل التقديم ، يجب أن تكون عضوًا معتمدًا في اتحاد هندسي يمثله FEANI ، من خلال عضو وطني. يمكنك إرسال طلبك لهذا عن طريق البريد أو عبر خدمة التطبيقات الإلكترونية الخاصة بـ FEANI.

Study Engineering in Germany in English

The expert's report is recognized in Germany because it is not only in German, but there are many review programs that can be considered in English as well, where some disciplines can be thought of in English such as focusing on science, design, humanities and social topics.

A small number of students and scientists may be tempted to study in German at German colleges, since the vast majority of free review programs are usually in German, a component that many of them consider as indispensable as in most different projects.

English on a regular basis is not paid for them, and there is an option to focus on English courses before you start focusing on review programs, which makes it expensive for some people, taking into account in the remaining parts of English a preferred decision for a large number of them, where the specialization can be easily understood and controlled.

English is the primary language on the planet, and testing in it is one of the greatest and most popular languages on the job market.

Moreover, there are still some free review programs that can be taken into account in English, and they are regularly present in lesser-known colleges, and somewhat more modest educational institutions, where there are many areas of expert review in Germany.

Master of Engineering in Germany

There are several necessities that a specialist or graduate student must fulfill, to get admission to a postgraduate degree from Germany, the most important of which are:

The presence of language

Since the expert's review in Germany will most likely be in German, which is necessary for some especially free projects.

Graduates must also take an assessment called DSH, or another TESTDAF test, and these tests can be accessed at German colleges, or the student can take these tests in their home country before going for review in Germany.

Academic Grade Point Average or HZB

This term refers to the commandments needed to focus on a graduate degree in Germany, and those criteria enable you to get a four-year university education or similar various advertisements from Germany or from any other country that is allowed to be reviewed in Germany, so you can apply to finish an expert report in Germany.

Other prerequisites

Individuals who need to focus on a postgraduate degree in Germany should indicate the exact necessary specialization, as the student must have spent a specified number of long periods of study in the specialty, while obtaining a postgraduate degree.

The student can also apply to the college in Germany directly, or apply through the website, and the student must have a valid legal visa, experience and language papers, and pay the expenses determined by the college.

Duration of study of the Bachelor of Engineering in Germany

The focus on engineering as shown in the major changes regardless of the different German faculties where the investigation of each discipline is more than the other, as it takes three to four years in construction.

While it can take about four years for a medical person, his period of immersion in mechanics ranges from three to five years, while the rest of the university's specializations in the field of engineering are from three to five years, as evidenced by each claim to fame.

Advantages of studying engineering in Germany

Germany has many benefits that make it one of the most mind-wrenching disciplines that focus on objections of any student around the world, especially for those who want to focus on the engineering discipline of the most logical and useful discipline noticeable and basic, and the advantages of focusing on it in Germany are as follows:

Germany accepts international students from all over the world, while providing a reasonable educational climate coordinated with educational and practical departments.

Germany has the best colleges that review engineering textbooks, use the latest strategies, advanced educational programs and endorse globally, despite the high status of German colleges in the world.

The emphasis in engineering investigation is on enhancing the logical and hypothetical aspect of the major, just like preparing students in useful practice by giving a great deal of students to crystallize summer work plans in production lines and institutions to qualify students to enter the labor market.

Students get a review from a group of the best teachers who have insight and hold the best appropriate grades from the best colleges in the world in different engineering disciplines.

It also provides huge open positions in many fields and at rewarding salary rates suitable for graduates from the German labor market and others globally.

Scholarships to study engineering in Germany

Before you come to Germany, you need a guide that includes details of the funding of studying in Germany, as it is seen that it is certain that you can deal with finances, and during the first year you can get an amount to complete your studies up to 10,300 euros.

You can prove this through a parent's wage, a security deposit on a broken record, a bank guarantee, an available grant that achieves German international safe haven or the Rabigh section of your studies in your country depending on the list of conditions established.

In some cases, there are no fees for undergraduate programs or most expert projects at colleges where they are state-funded.

Some expert projects may bring educational expenses but they are not exceptionally high compared to different countries, and private colleges such as them may charge higher expenses for their exams.

هل دراسة الهندسة في ألمانيا صعبة؟

لا يعتبر التركيز على مجال دراسة الهندسة بداخل ألمانيا أمرًا مزعجًا كما يراه البعض ولكن بدلاً من ذلك، فإن الفرد الذي حصل على تعليم جامعي لمدة أربع سنوات من كلية ألمانية يكون أكثر إبداعًا ومستعدًا للإضافة ضمن مجموعة من الأحداث وزيادة تطوير الإبداع في بلده.u003cbru003eهل تفكر الآن في دراسة الهندسة في المانيا بصورة شاملة ومختلفة، بالطبع الأمر سهل ويحتاج لمغامرة من نوع مختلف والاستفادة بدراسة رائعة للهندسة بألمانية.

مدة دراسة الهندسة في ألمانيا

يختلف مستوي التركيز على الهندسة في ألمانيا حسب كل تخصص وحسب الكلية الألمانية حيث تحتاج إلى التركيز على عليها وفق الفترات التالية:u003cbru003eمعدل الهندسة الانشائية من 3:4 سنوات.u003cbru003eمن 3:5 سنوات هو معدل الهندسة الميكانيكية.u003cbru003eكما تتراوح 4 سنوات للهندسة الطبية والصناعية.u003cbru003eيبلغ معدل تخصص الهندسة ل5 سنوات فيما يخص باقي التخصصات.


Study Engineering in Germany