Dual Study in Germany

Studying in Germany is a great gain for international students because of the educational and practical advantages that German universities bring to students all in university study only what you say if you know that Germany allows students to choose double study!! You can pursue university studies alongside work and earn money and in our article today we present about double study in Germany to know all the information on the subject.

Dual Study in Germany
Dual Study in Germany

What is dual study in Germany?

Duales Studim is a suitable alternative for everyone who wants to focus on practical education in addition to academic education where the study in Germany is carried out in the form of an employment contract with a company through its contract with a specific university to provide the required academic education in exchange for the company providing vocational education in a balanced manner, and the company's contracts are specific you can not choose the university and then the company you have to abide by the contract.

In addition, the duration of the double study is like the regular study, and the double study takes a period of three years, and a half to four years, the most important feature of this study is that the length of study the student can earn experience and money and in the end the student gets a university degree, so this study is the most demanded of German and international students.

To get a double study seat there is an application period and you can find out through the company's website, and those admitted to it are selected based on the trade-off between them and many interviews and obtaining a seat in the double study is a great opportunity to have a distinguished career in the future.

What is the difference between dual study and dual major?

Dual Certificate: allows you to study two disciplines in two different fields in order to obtain two separate degrees in two disciplines.

Dual specialization: It is the study of two specializations in one study programs, and one college and the dual specialization does not require obtaining training courses  

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Conditions to be met for double study in Germany

The conditions of dual study vary according to each university where it sets individual conditions and must be met by the applicant and these conditions include:

  • Recognized degree of study.
  • A certificate confirming a high level of language.
  • The applicant's familiarity with the specialization he is studying.
  • Flexibility, activity and ability to withstand the pressures of work and study.  

Dual fields of study in Germany

There are many professions available to study in the dual study system and have reached more than 100 professions, some of which we show you:

  • Business Administration and Marketing.
  • Computing and monitoring.
  • Applied Computer Science.
  • Studies of banks and banks.
  • Construction and project management.
  • Civil engineering.

Dual Study Systems in Germany 

Dual study is one of the best study systems available in Germany where the student can combine vocational education in one of the companies, and obtain an accredited university degree and after graduation work in the best companies and institutions to get you more experience and you can choose the right study system or time for you in general There are three systems:

Equal rotation system: in which the study is done at the university for 3 months and then continue to work for 3 months and so on until the end of the study

Uneven rotation system: Study at the university for 6 months and then work in the company for two months.

Weekly rotation: in which the study at the university is 3 days and the rotation of work is two days in the company.      

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Pros and cons of dual study in Germany

Dual study requires strenuous effort from the applicant and the applicant must be aware of the effort that accompanies him throughout the duration of the study to be able to determine the extent of his endurance abilities and offer

Advantages of dual study:

  • Gain sufficient work experience from work.
  • The student has the combined skills of practical and theoretical education.
  • Students acquire personal and social communication skills.
  • The student can receive a financial wage next to the study.
  • The student graduates after obtaining an accredited university degree.  
  • After graduation, the student receives high salaries because he has work experience in addition to a university degree.
  • The abundance of job opportunities available after graduation.
  • The company covers some tuition costs through a contract between the company and the student.


  • Difficulty adapting between work and study, and lack of sufficient free time.
  • Needs speed in performing classes.
  • The requirements for studying, work is tiring and needs a lot of effort.   

What is the Studium in Germany?

Osbildong Studium is a dual study system where you study economic, administrative business and the nature of your work may vary so you can work in charities, health insurance or help the elderly, or institutions and companies and after completing your study in the Shtoday system your work becomes office, organizational and administrative.

It is preferable to do an interview before applying for this work as it is preferable to join students who have had social work before, and during the study students have the opportunity to experience working life in training companies, go to different regions and departments of the company and apply the curriculum and the period of study in the Studium system takes 3 years.

Conditions for joining the Studium system in Germany

Studium has set some conditions for enrollment:

  • Obtain a baccalaureate degree for the Periodontium with a total of more than 70%.
  • Proficiency in German language level at C1 level

Subjects you study at Studium:

  • Accounting, mathematics.
  • Business Administration.
  • Financial management.
  • Statistics and legitimacy.
  • The basics of business and economics.  

Study costs in the Studium system

The costs of tuition vary from year to year and the costs are:

  • First year: 650€.
  • Second year: 700 euros.
  • Third year: 750 euros.
  • After completing the study of Studium and joining the work, the salary is from 1800 to 2400 euros and the salary increases with experience.   

If the student cannot master the German language, you can choose study programs at universities in English and better learn German.