Study difficulties in Germany

The difficulties of studying in Germany may be a reason for students to retreat from the decision to study in Germany despite the scientific and research possibilities provided to them by German universities and institutes, but the fear of the difficulties that may face them there, so they are always looking for the most important difficulties of studying in Germany and the way to overcome them, and we offer you in our topic today some of the difficulties facing students to study in Germany.

Study difficulties in Germany
Study difficulties in Germany

The most important difficulties facing students to study in Germany   

Although students are interested in studying in Germany, they look forward to studying in universities in Germany, it is a dream worth trying and overcoming the difficulties they face there, the most important of which are:

  • The German language may stand in the way of studying in Germany because the student does not know about it and must pass a certain level to continue studying.
  • The method of studying the scientific method is different when studying in the Arab world.
  • The educational system in Germany is different from the Middle East where students are not accustomed to the teaching system and students can learn about it before concluding their order to study in Germany.
  • The difficulty of integrating into German society and making friends.
  • The difficulty of securing tuition and living expenses in Germany.
  • It is difficult to adapt to the customs and traditions of German society, but the student may find a lot of international students can live with.
  • A prerequisite for obtaining a visa to study in Germany is the provision of a closed student account for a large amount that may be difficult to provide.

Is learning German difficult?

One of the reasons why students are reluctant to study in Germany is their fear of learning German, but unlike the German language, one of the easiest languages to learn in there is a feature that is not found in other languages, which is most of the German words are pronounced and written in one form, that is, there are no hidden letters (written and not pronounced) such as English and French, and the German language is at the second level in the spread after English, i.e. at the level of the French language, and now some countries have turned to teaching German In schools.     

Reasons for the increasing demand for studying in Germany

Despite the difficulties of studying in Germany, this has not reduced the demand of students to study in Germany for these reasons:

  • The high level of education in Germany's universities has made it a destination for students to obtain globally recognized degrees.
  • The political situation is stable in Germany, unlike the Arab countries, where there are crises and wars that cause the study to stop. Thus the student is looking for a stable study atmosphere.
  • The rise in economic conditions in Germany and the high standard of living are unlike the Arab countries.
  • The cost of studying in Germany is low compared to other countries which encourages students to travel to it.
  • Germany offers the possibility to study in English until you master the German language and take courses in it.
  • Germany gives international students the opportunity to stay after completing their studies, they can get a stay permit until they get a job, after which they get a work permit and you can legally reside.
  • The possibility of working alongside study where Germany grants international students the right to work alongside study provided that the working hours do not exceed 20 hours per week.

Qualifications offered by German universities 

International students seek to study in German universities and institutes where these universities provide them with internationally accredited certificates in all disciplines to which students aspire, and the period of study usually takes six semesters, or three years, and this is most prevalent in the bachelor's degree, or graduate and master's studies take two years and if the student wants to complete the study and obtain a doctorate, the study takes a period of two to three years.

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How much does it cost to study and live in Germany?

The cost of study may be one of the difficulties of studying in Germany but you need to know that the costs of study for German students or students of European Union countries are simple or almost free, and it is different for international students The cost of study varies from one university to another, and depending on the student's choice of study specialization there are specialties that cost the most such as: medicine, engineering, pharmacy, but on average the costs of studying in Germany are from 10 to 15 thousand euros per year including the costs of study and living and the student can Saving more and staying in university dormitories saves him a lot of living costs, and transportation.

The costs of graduate and master's studies are 8 to 10 thousand per year, and the costs of obtaining a doctorate are between 15 to 20 thousand.

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Tips for facing the difficulties of studying in Germany

If the student has the will and determination to overcome all the difficulties of studying in Germany, we offer you some tips to help students face the difficulties of studying in Germany, including:

  • Proficiency in German is not necessary

German universities and institutes offer many international curricula, i.e. you do not need to learn German as there are more than 160 specializations to obtain a bachelor's degree in English, as well as there are 1100 programs to obtain a master's degree, but if you have the desire to learn German then you should try it is not difficult.

  • Providing financial support for studying in Germany

You can get a scholarship in Germany that includes the costs of study and living and you can do so through the German Intercultural Exchange Agency (DAAD) located abroad through which you can communicate with them and find out the types of financial support, and scholarship offers offered to international students.

  • Test your abilities and knowledge online

You can research and find out what tests you face to international students at the interview for admission to study in Germany to determine your level and work to improve it.

  • Choosing accommodation at affordable prices

University housing for international students is the most suitable accommodation in terms of accommodation and living costs in Germany with a single room costing from 160 to 300 euros.  

  • Open a bank account at a German bank online

When applying for a student for a student visa in Germany, he likes to make a closed bank account and deposit 10,236 euros per year and therefore serves as proof of financial resource to make sure that he is able to finance study in Germany and can open the account in a German bank easily online and apply to open a bank account.   

  • Get in touch with student services in Germany

Student services in Germany provide a lot of support to students in terms of housing, health insurance, and the provision of food duties and costs from 158 euros to 358 euros and you can book these services online before the start of study and sometimes the services are limited to a certain time and time for booking.

  • Grow your skills and knowledge by studying online constantly

If you are not lucky to be admitted to study in Germany do not despair You can follow free courses available in various countries of the world such as the Technical University of Munich, or the Association of Nine Technical Universities TU9 You can follow the courses temporarily until you apply again for university admission Study a wide and inexhaustible sea only you have to be patient, and determined to reach your goal.  

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