Study Computer Science in Germany IT

Germany is one of the leading countries in the study of computers, everyone who wants to study computer systems must go to Germany in addition to that it provides free systems for education in public universities within Germany and the expenses of life inside Germany are paid for the purpose of studying, so we show you the most important information about studying the field of computer in Germany, so in today's article we will talk about everything related to the study of computer science in Germany.

The education systems within Germany are characterized by high technology and distinctive possibilities in providing education programs despite the free education, but what is the reason why students study computer inside Germany, where the computer is one of the most important educational fields within Germany, in addition to the business market, it is not deservedly entered except through the professionalism of computer science because any commercial institution is not without the use of computers.

The field of computer study is one of the leading sciences in various countries of the world and is the most famous field and a distinguished certificate is obtained after completing education in this field that enables you to get the best career opportunities in the countries of the world.

Study Computer Science in Germany IT
Study Computer Science in Germany IT

Computer Science Universities in Germany

There are a group of different universities to study computer science within Germany, which are as follows:

  • Ulm University in addition to Kaiserslautern University of Technology.
  • Hasso Planter University as well as the Rhine-Phistopian Technical University.
  • The University of Jena offers a bachelor's degree in computer science in addition to a bachelor's degree in applied sciences in information systems.
  • In addition, it offers a large pool of training courses that offer a comprehensive IT educational program.
  • Brandenburg University, which offers a bachelor's degree in information and computer systems, in addition to a bachelor's degree in the field of applied computer systems and a master's degree in the field of digital media.
  • It is worth mentioning that computer science was established in 2000 knowing that German universities are filled with a lot of modern technological equipment for computer and computer science education and the presence of many laboratories for computer education such as the Laboratory of Image Processing and Biosignal Processing in addition to the presence of the Information Systems Laboratory and the Digital Systems Laboratory.

In addition, there are other universities within Germany that specialize in the study of technology and computer sciences, which must be searched for and know the application systems and the documents required for admission.

Osbildong Vocational Training in Germany

Admission requirements to German universities to study computer science

There are some important requirements for admission to computer faculties within German universities and if they are not available, the student is  not admitted to German universities, which are as follows:

  • The student must have a passport that enables him to travel to Germany in addition to having the financial ability of the student to complete the academic year within Germany.
  • In addition to the ability to pay for life expenses such as clothing, housing, food and drink, in addition to the application of many tests for students for the possibility of enrolling in computer colleges within Germany, according to which the possibility of admission or rejection of the student is determined.
  • The student must submit all the important papers for registration in German universities and the scientific certificates obtained at all educational stages that proved the student's education in addition to the need to speak German or English.

 What are the subjects of computer science and information technology in German universities

The study plan received by the computer science student makes him get acquainted with many of the study materials that enable him to have a great knowledge and wide knowledge of the field of computer from a practical and theoretical point of view, the most important of these materials are the following:

  • Applied sports in addition to digital media processing and artificial intelligence.
  • Computer Engineering and Computer Operating Systems and Software Systems Subject.
  • Computational physics, information security and protection, algorithms and the development of cellular devices.
  • Data Management and Memory Systems Material.

Cost of studying computer science in Germany

There are no specific amounts to be paid to enroll in computer colleges inside Germany because the fees for the academic year of computer colleges vary from university to university, in addition to German universities offer many education programs free of charge and are one of the least charged countries for life and living fees in the world in order to develop the economic and developmental aspects within the country and provide multiple opportunities to receive education for a large number of students around the world.

In addition to the availability of many free training courses for students within German universities without paying any fees at all.

What are the conditions for studying in Germany

What are Computer Science and Information Technology Jobs in Germany

That the graduate of computer science has the field open to obtain more career opportunities in the largest companies in the world because the field of computer and technology is one of the most important professional fields within Germany and the developed world because it is the leading field in professional life and one of the most important jobs for a computer science graduate is the following:

  • He is a programmer in a global programming company in addition to working in many important bodies such as companies, banks and various universities.
  • Data Analyst Job, Computer Systems Manager Job, Information Systems Developer Job, Computer Maintenance Job, Laboratory Supervision Technician and Freelance Job.
  • It is worth mentioning that the specialist in the field of computer science receives a salary of $ 25,000 annually if he works in an international company and a salary of $ 7,000 if he works in one of the countries of the Arab world.

Study Computer Science in Germany 

Computer education courses are one of the most important methodological courses for computer science education, they deal with the study of programming sciences and computer systems, so the desired specialization is chosen through the student in addition to teaching the main foundations of computer systems.

In addition to the possibility of completing the training work of the field of computer science after completing the university study of computer science and depending on the extent of your competence and professional abilities in this field, it is worth noting that some universities for the study of computer science require the student to obtain a master's degree or doctorate in the field of computer science or university excellence in the field of computer study.

In addition to the fact that the field of computer study is one of the famous fields of study within Germany, so many German universities in this specialization express their educational courses in digital terms, the minimum grades obtained vary from year to year in addition to the need to pass tests and various skills with the submission of a letter of motivation in order to be able to enroll in German universities in the specialization of computer science.

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