Study Business Administration in Germany

The best field that attracts many students in Europe now is the field of business administration because students want to go to Germany to get a bachelor's degree in this field from there, many students want to study business administration in Germany precisely because there are many opportunities for this field in Germany, as its jobs are among the best jobs such as yours as a financial consultant and marketing manager, and c is what a student can get after graduating from The field of business administration is an opportunity to get the perfect job.

Study Business Administration in Germany
Study Business Administration in Germany

Conditions for studying business administration in Germany

In general, the admission requirements and selection criteria vary depending on the program of study and the university, some of the academic requirements for studying business in Germany include:

  • University entrance certificate (e.g. Abitur, high school diploma or equivalent).
  • Two-semester preparatory course (Studienkolleg) for students whose degree is not recognized in Germany (non-EU/EEA students).
  • Proof of German language proficiency (DSH, TestDaF, Goethe B2 certificate).
  • Proof of English language proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, PTE test).
  • Basic documents, known as Vorprüfungsdokumentation, are from uni-assist (for international students).
  • Curriculum vitae (CV).
  • Motivational messages.
  • Work experience (optional).
  • Extracurricular activities (optional).

What is the cost of studying Business Administration in Germany?

The cost of tuition fees in Germany depends on the university you choose, but tuition fees generally range between €12,000 and €20,000 per year, plus there are scholarships for some international students in Germany.

You have to keep in mind that there are other additional expenses besides studying abroad, so you need to allocate additional funds for travel, accommodation, food, transportation and school supplies, so you need to be prepared for this.

What are the subjects of Business Administration in Germany?

While studying business administration in Germany, the student covers some important topics including:

  • Administrative Sciences.
  • Sports and statistics.
  • Human resources.
  • Economy.
  • Financing.
  • Accounting.
  • Marketing.

How long does it take to study business administration in Germany?

The duration of study in Germany varies depending on the path you will take as follows:

  • To earn a bachelor's degree, the duration of study ranges from three to four years.
  • For a master's degree, the duration of study ranges from one to two years.
  • For PhD, the duration of study is from two to six years.

Best Universities to Study Business Administration in Germany

There are many options for studying business administration in Germany, and the best universities and business schools in Germany include:

  • GISMA Business School.
  • Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI).
  • Online studies from IUBH University of Applied Sciences.
  • University of Mannheim.
  • LMU Munich.
  • University of Bonn.
  • TU Munich.
  • TU Berlin.
  • University of Bayreuth.
  • University of Hamburg.
  • University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.
  • Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

You can also, after completing your studies, look for a job there, as many opportunities await you in Germany, but beware, employers prefer those who speak fluent German, so do not make language an obstacle to your chance at work.

You can work in Germany on a student visa after completing your studies, but not more than 120 full days or 240 school days, however, if you are a student in the European Union, you can work up to 20 hours a week.

PhD study in Germany

Costs of studying an MBA in Germany

Studying an MBA is one of the most unique options a student can get, which has become in great demand during this time.

Germany is one of the most powerful economic countries in the world, which makes the study of its field of work very important for the development and development of the practical aspects of the individual, the student has a lot of cultural and cognitive heritage of his presence in such a developed country.

Studying in Germany gives you a presence in the world's most powerful countries that have major financial and industrial institutions, and you can also benefit from studying the European economy in general, which greatly affects the global economy.

Studying in Germany is not expensive, and getting an MBA in the United States or Britain is more expensive.

The cost of education in addition to living expenses in Germany is estimated at about $90,000, and German universities also have many scholarships that do not offer the student any fees or costs.

Hotel study in Germany

How can I study Business Administration in Germany?

  • Enroll in a German course up to level B1.
  • Upon arrival of the acceptance letter from the university, apply for a visa.
  • Submit a pending account application and a No Objection Letter.
  • Transfer the cost of living for the first year (€10,500) to your blocked account, or receive a free scholarship.  
  • Get your travel insurance and receive your visa from the German Embassy.
  • You plan to travel to Germany.
  • Take the entrance test to the core course and start your basic studies in Germany.
  • If you do not pass the entrance test, register for a German course in Germany and restore the entrance test for the basic course after 3-4 months.

Study Business Administration in Germany in English

The academic year in Germany consists of two semesters in summer and winter, and during the holidays you can get an internship job or even travel to enjoy your vacation, if you are an international student and want to study in Germany, there will never be a language problem for you; since most German universities offer their courses in English, in addition to the fact that international students can choose the path they want, colleges offer a wide range of disciplines.

International students who do not learn German may find it difficult to gather the right information about how to study in Germany in English, especially at the university level.  

Although many students who are attracted to study in Germany are motivated by free education, finding free programs in English at public universities is not easy, because the majority of university courses at German universities are taught in German.

What are Business Administration Jobs in Germany?

According to the topics presented by the student during his studies to specialize in business administration in Germany, which opens up many opportunities for him to find many job opportunities in the local and international markets with rewarding salaries, there is a bright career awaits students from this specialization, especially in Germany.

Germany offers students great post-graduate internship and employment opportunities in many companies and multiple sectors such as medical, commercial or other, which means that there is a diversity in the fields of work available to the student in this discipline, which is indispensable.

As it is one of the basic departments of any institution or company, here are the most important areas of work available to students of this specialization:

  • Work as a financial manager in any local or international company, and manage all activities and financial records.
  • Work as a marketing manager, i.e. become responsible for the development and implementation of marketing plans, ensuring the required communication with customers by meeting all their aspirations through various marketing channels.
  • Work in the field of human resources is the most important sector in business administration that the study focuses on.
  • Work as a general manager or production manager in several sectors. A sales manager is one of the big jobs that await a business management student, and their duties include paying attention to prices and profit margin, analyzing sales data, developing sales plans, and balancing supply and demand.