Ausbildung X-ray in Germany

 After radiology, doctors discover hidden diseases that afflict the patient, so it is one of the rescue professions carried out by a small group of people, and can now help them by joining them through vocational training in Germany.

The profession of radiologist reveals the internal diseases of man that appear only through him, now let's know something about the profession together.  

The student studies the methods used to treat all types of radiation to patients such as computed tomography, atomic scanning and magnetic resonance imaging.

You will also learn how to use different radiology equipment, you must be accurate in recording X-ray results, and you need to pay attention to the devices you are working on and not neglect them.

Osbildong X-ray in Germany
Osbildong X-ray in Germany

 Professional requirements for Osbildong Radiology in Germany

There are several requirements that must be met when applying at Osbildong Ray in Germany and they are as follows:

  • You must speak German and at least the B2 level.
  • It is important that you have studied the equivalent of 10 semesters and have a certificate proving this.
  • You should know how to handle radiology equipment in a professional way.
  • It is important to know the correct situation of each patient according to his injury.

 How long have you studied at Osbildong as a radiology technician in Germany

The duration of your studies in vocational training is three years.

Subjects taught by a radiologist in Osbildong Radiology in Germany

The radiologist in Germany will study important topics, such as:

  • Mathematics, physics and chemistry.
  • English language.
  • Latin language, biology.

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Your workplaces after graduation from Osbildong Rays

After completing your vocational training, you will work in certain places, such as:

  • Hospitals.
  • In the radiology center.

Osbildong Radiology Salary as a Doctor in Germany

Before graduation

It is known that you will not receive a monthly salary while you are trained in this profession, but the public sector pays you a special salary.

  • First year: You will receive a salary of approximately 1020 euros per month.
  • Second year: You receive a subsidy of about 1080 euros per month.
  • Third year: You will receive a bonus of approximately 1175 euros per month.

After graduation

  • You will receive a monthly stipend of between €2,420 and €3,220.
  • After a while, your experience increases, then your salary rises to €3,500 per month, and you'll get more depending on your hard work.

 How to Apply for an Osbildong Radiology Technician in Germany

  • You can apply for the profession by sending your CV to companies or institutions on the Ausbildung website.
  • Then they will accept or reject you, when you are accepted, you will go to the German embassy to get a work visa for Germany if you reside outside Germany.
  • Ultimately, Oselldong's career as a radiologist is one of the most important professions that exist because it shows us the patient's problems so that they can be dealt with very quickly.

Osbildong X-ray Imaging

Osbildong Radiography is the use of X-rays to see parts that are invisible or difficult to see, the main purpose of X-rays used in diagnosis is to visualize inside the body, especially bones, which can be seen with maximum accuracy.

Vocational training in Germany for this specialty is considered a Schulische Ausbildung vocational school and this means that the student studies most of the time in the vocational school and does not belong to any hospital or medical institution, but medical institutions may be visited for practical work during your training .

What tasks should you learn during vocational training?

  • Understand the nature of radiological action in the diagnosis of internal diseases of the body.
  • Handle the equipment professionally and follow the correct form to use it.
  • Learn how to periodically deal with patients and appropriate situations to examine them.
  • Learn different methods of CT scan to detect diseases.
  • Document and store test results correctly.
  • Ensure the protection of equipment to be modified in accordance with safety standards.

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