Ausbildung without mathematics

For every student who wants to excel in study and get a suitable job we offer you a special opportunity which is Osbildong without mathematics for everyone who has difficulty learning mathematics There are multiple fields of Osbildong without mathematics and this is what we explain in our article today.

Osbildong without mathematics is a great opportunity for everyone who has difficulty learning mathematics, Osbildong gives you many areas in which you can learn and get an accredited certificate without paying attention to teaching mathematics only depends on vocational training, and you get more experience and therefore get the right work with high pay.

There are many institutes in Germany that offer an accredited certificate after two years of training and do not require excellence in mathematics only general information such as: wood-ceiling specialist, warehouse keeper, building technician or hospitality expert.

Osbildong without mathematics
Osbildong without mathematics

Osbildong Fields in Germany  

 We have already known that Osbildong in Germany is a type of dual study in which students combine theoretical study and be in private or public school or vocational training is in the workplace according to the specialization of Ospeldung.

There are many fields and professions of Osbildong in which students can apply and we mention some of them such as:

Osbildong Motor Mechanics

Vocational training in engine mechanics allows you to work well because Germany is one of the leading countries in the industry, and encourages young people to work professionally to obtain industrial cadres.

The period of study takes three years for the student to spend interchangeably between the vocational school and practical training and the trainee receives a monthly salary of up to 975 euros and falls into the work and gets more experience up to 1020 euros per month.

Osbildong in Health Insurance

Progress in this field aims to obtain government work with a high salary and requires a good level of German.

The period of study at Osbildong Health Insurance takes a period of three years during which the student receives a monthly salary during the training 990 euros and in the final year the salary reaches 1160 euros per month and the student is trained in the work of health insurance for citizens and the method of recording statistics in the records.  

You can also apply for Osbildong Nursing in Germany

Osbildong in aerial radar

Students in this area are trained on how to use aerial radar at airports, the ability to guide aircraft.

This field is characterized by the abundance of jobs and the trainee receives a large salary of up to 4540 euros per month after completing his studies at Osbildong Air Radar.

Conditions for applying to Osbildong, Germany 

Some conditions are set for applying to the Osbildong and these conditions vary among themselves according to the field of Osbildong and the professional work institution, but there are general conditions that are recognized, including:

  • Obtain an accredited high school diploma, or an applicant's academic certificate.
  • The applicant is not older than 24 years.
  • The presence of a health insurance certificate.
  • Obtain a German language placement certificate at least level B2
  • Provide proof that the applicant is familiar with the field offered to him, i.e. spent a period of vocational training.
  • If the applicant is an international student he must obtain a work visa in Germany.
  • Obtain certificates of one-year experience in the field to which the student wishes to apply.  

How to Apply to Osbildong in Germany 

You can apply to different fields of Osbildong in more than one way, including:

  • First you can search through the is a German site that offers opportunities and fields of ospeldong available in Germany, and can be searched in more than one language such as Arabic and English.
  • You can also apply through the Osbildong website and attach the required official documents, academic certificates and CV and must be in German.
  • Second, you can search for companies and institutions that offer Osbildong in Germany.
  • In case of acceptance of the application for admission to Osbildong, a letter of approval will be sent to the applicant with the available Osbildong contract.  

To apply on the Osbildong website from here