Ausbildung Social

Osbildong Social is one of the most important scientific fields of study in Germany that allows foreigners within Germany to get a training course or suitable work in the most important companies within Germany so as to work on training individuals who go to Germany for education and work to enter the labor market deservedly, and to know more information about this specialization of Social at the Osbildong Institute please follow our article today.  

Osbildong Social
Osbildong Social

Osbildong Social  

There is a set of basic skills that individuals wishing to work in this field must have, which are the following:

  • Be very patient and good dealing with others in addition to ease and simplicity in dealing.
  • Simple knowledge in the field of medicine.

Whether you are in training or working, you are dealing with children who face major social problems.

In addition to young people living on the streets, women who have been physically abused, individuals who have been immobile since birth, and many difficult social situations that you must know how to deal with in order to be able to advance in your work.

It is worth mentioning that working in the social fields requires you to be present all day long and this has helped that the social professions suffer from a lack of workers.

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Osbildong sozialassistent

There is more than one field of study in the specialty of Social, including vocational training within Germany to deal with children and that is through working in nurseries and childcare homes and working to develop the abilities of children through various activities such as drawing, coloring and artworks that help to develop the abilities of children significantly.

This job requires the presence of a middle school certificate in order to be able to join this job and this job works to help the faculty members you bear the tasks of caring for the children.

The field of working as a social worker with individuals in need of assistance within their homes and many bodies concerned with caring for children, it is worth noting that social work requires a bachelor's qualification in social disciplines.

The social work profession needs some expertise in the nursing field of the Health Care Authority as the social worker directs his work to individuals in need of health care.

As a nursing specialist, you can deal with individuals with disabilities or deal with elderly individuals and you must be patient in treating these people because most of them are of great age and need special treatment.

The training phase as a social worker takes a long time because a master's degree in social fields is obtained in addition to carrying out vocational training for this field to reach a duration of 2 to 3 years and the average hours of study of one year are 160 hours.

Osbildong Social Salaries

The monthly salary of a social worker in Germany after completing the internship period is from 2.376 to 3.152 euros depending on the center or sector in which he is employed.

It is worth mentioning that there are some fees paid in training schools within Germany and in some centers for working as a social worker must pass through a period of one or two years of training and the special conditions for admission to each body vary from others.

After undertaking the training period to qualify to work as a social worker, work is carried out in many different centers and bodies within Germany, including residential centers for children, boarding schools for children, as well as clinics and medical centers for the care of children.

Among the most important subjects and curricula that the trainee receives in the social field are the technical fields, biology and the study of the German language.

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