Is Ausbildung recognized?

Have you thought about studying in Germany?  Or are you already here and hoping to continue your education, but aren't sure how to make the most of your time?  Practicing Osbildong in Germany can be a great option for you at this time.

Many people want to get an Osbildung in Germany, but due to the lack of proper guidance, few are able to do so as a foreign student, today's article deals with the qualifications for obtaining an Ausbildung offer in Germany, how to apply and what is the salary during the Ausbildung period, all of this we will learn about in today's article.

Is Osbildong recognized?
Is Osbildong recognized?

What is the equivalent of an Osbildong degree in Germany?

Dual vocational training is usually done in vocational schools and is the most common model for students, in fact, Asbildung Duen offers students a respectable monthly stipend.

In addition to that it contains the "vacancies" required in the labor market, on the other hand, the duration of the double injury ranges between two and three and a half years, in addition, there are many examples of the Ospeldong program.

For example, computer science, journalism, media, programming and electronic engineering, while an intern in this field obtains a certificate equivalent to a university degree, this degree also allows him to work anywhere he wants in Germany.

Is the Osbildong certificate recognized in the UAE?

In principle, anyone with an Ospeldung degree can apply for a job abroad that matches their level of education and professional experience.

The intern in Germany has very good opportunities in the labor market abroad, in fact, the internship in Germany is double, where the training takes place in both the vocational school and the company, and this is different from other countries where there is no parallel educational system, so the intern in Germany is distinguished by practical and theoretical experience.

However, there is a special demand for some professional groups abroad, which increases the chances of getting a job outside Germany, it can be said that skilled craftsmen of builders and craftsmen, in addition to the processing of restaurants and hotels, the IT industry, management consulting, teachers and medical professions are relatively in demand all over the world.

Some professions in demand abroad

Medical Professions

In general, all over the world, it is considered one of the most sought-after professions at the moment due to the Corona pandemic, and Germany is also famous for medicine, treatment and care, so these professions are important.

Examples of professions in Oselldong:

  • Doctor and assistant nurse Krankenchwester
  • Medical Laboratory Assistance (MTLA)
  • The demand for industrialists and technicians in all countries is increasing due to Germany's practical experience in the automotive industry.

 Examples of trades

  • Car mechanic KFZ-Mechatroniker
  • Precision Machinery Mechanics Zerspanungsmechaniker
  • Fluggerätmechaniker aircraft mechanic
  • Haddad Metpower
  • Industrial Mechanics

The demand for a technical expert abroad is increasing due to the large number of leading IT companies in Germany.

Technical Professions

Fachinformatiker is an expert in systems integrators programmers in information technologies and systems integration

Fachinformatiker Anwendungsentwicklung develops applications and systems.

Transport Specialist

DB is one of the most important leading companies in the world, it builds and develops the railway network and road communication networks, and draws plans for the construction of networks in the Gulf countries, so the driving trade is important.


Eisenbahner / -in im Betriebsdienst Fachrichtung Fahrweg

Railway Services Operational Services Tractors Eisenbahner / -in im Betriebsdienst Fachrichtung Lokführer / Transport

The difference between the Osbildong and the university

The most common question for a new immigrant to Germany is: do I study at a university or do I train and learn to trade through Ospeldung?

The difference between the Osbildong in Germany and the university is as follows:

The University

  • Study academically
  • You must have high language skills to be able to study academically.
  • Theoretical education is more in exchange for practical lessons.
  • Bachelor's fees.
  • Little work experience after graduation.
  • Corporate leadership positions are often reserved for college graduates.
  • The salary after graduation is higher than that of a professional intern.


  • Make money directly during the internship.
  • Gain practical experience during the internship.
  • Acquire practical German language skills through daily work experience.
  • After the end of the internship, the salary is often lower than that of a person with a university degree.
  • The difficulty of working in a field other than the one in which I learned and trained.
  • If you have an Ospeldong certificate, you can study at university.

So the following can be summarized:

When someone does Ospeldung, they study and work at the same time, but the time of work is more than studying, which is normal because in the end one learns a craft.

The most important advantage of Ospeldong is that you have a certificate of education and a certificate of work experience at the same time, which allows you to look for a job very quickly, since you have three years of experience.

The Importance of Dual Vocational Training

Ospeldung issues a certificate of experience and a certificate of study after completing a vocational training in Germany, which in turn gives them the opportunity to complete their studies at universities in Germany, or even look for job opportunities.

Work experience is invaluable and you usually learn more during training than you learn during college, in addition, you get a salary and sometimes other benefits and help from the company.

You have the same number of vacations as permanent employees (24-30 days a year) that you can only take during the internship, another advantage is that many teachers are usually practical people, which means that they bring real work experience and teach you modern things.

Vocational education helps people do their jobs better because they have a great educational opportunity, workers have the opportunity to hone their skills while earning money.

Some of the job skills acquired through vocational training teach students the importance of manual labor, the physical work that is performed in some jobs makes them strong, healthy and involved.

By bridging the gap between supply and demand for highly qualified employees, vocational education transforms the economy and also provides students with the opportunity to transfer marketable knowledge directly to the work environment of the classroom.

School dropouts and adults (aged 18-30) can also access this type of education, because it provides an opportunity to learn skills and engage in trade, there are many high-paying professional fields that do not require a university degree.

The importance of vocational education lies in providing satisfying employment opportunities for those who do not want to pursue a university education, but are fully capable, they simply benefit from vocational training to prepare for a satisfying and useful career.

The student is an employee of the company from the beginning and receives tasks that correspond to his growing abilities, if the company is ready to conclude an employment contract with the student after the period of work and study, the company acquires an employee who knows how the company works.

The student may also benefit from knowledge of the personal and non-technical skills possessed by the most experienced colleagues, the student develops in real circumstances, in addition to which the student earns money from the beginning.

Because students in dual education systems receive high-quality vocational training and education, they are well prepared to enter the labor market at an early age, and the companies involved in their training are more willing to hire them after graduation.