Ausbildung is a policeman in Germany

For every student who wants to serve his community and join the police, we offer you Osbildong a policeman in Germany through which you can train professionally in policing where you are trained at the highest level using the latest scientific and practical theories and this is what we are talking about today Osbildong policeman in Germany , and the conditions for application.

Osbildong is a policeman in Germany
Osbildong is a policeman in Germany

Osbildong Police in Germany

If you want to realize your childhood dream and become a policeman, the Osbildong Police Program in Germany gives you the golden opportunity for vocational training in Germanyin policing where you are trained as a professional employee in middle or higher service and your duties as a policeman increase as you increase your rank.

Finally, some German government institutions have started to open their doors to international students to join policing classes where you are trained in order, equality and dealing with the law and become an important figure in society that gives security to the place where you are, in addition to the respect and status you have as a policeman among the public.

Be aware that public servants serving in the police are not allowed to use any religious symbols, present their own ideology, or wear any clothing that indicates your religion.         

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Application requirements for Osbildong policeman in Germany

 The Osbildong Conditional Program sets many conditions that must be met by the applicant, but it is noted that there is no specific level of education to apply to Osbildong Policeman but the required certificates vary from place to place depending on the companies that provide Osbildong Police but it is important that the level of education corresponds to the required conditions

We offer you some of the conditions required by them:

  • Obtain the required academic certificates.
  • Have a good level in German at least B1 level
  • Submit a health insurance certificate.
  • If the applicant is an international student must obtain a work visa in Germany.
  • The applicant must undertake to preserve the democratic system and the Constitution.
  • Provide a letter of motivation on why Osbildong chose a cop.
  • Lack of criminal record of the applicant.

Duration of study of Osbildong policeman in Germany

The period of study of Osbildong Policeman takes three years combining theoretical study with vocational training and then obtains an internationally accredited certificate.

During the study, the policeman is trained to maintain security and safety in the country, how to deal with citizens in a good manner away from violence, he is also trained to maintain the public and private property of citizens and the policeman is trained in physical fitness, speed in running to hunt down criminals.

Osbildong Police Alumni Salary in Germany 

During the training of students in Osbildong a policeman during the internship receives a salary of up to 1200 euros per month and the salary increases during the years of training.

After graduation, the policeman receives a salary of up to 2600 euros and with more experience and completion of graduate studies, the salary of the policeman increases after proving his experience and skill in eliminating crime in society.

Tasks of Osbildong policeman in Germany 

Before you choose to study Osbildong as a policeman in Germany you need to know the qualities of a good policeman including: taking responsibility, love of helping others and skills of problems, the policeman enjoys physical health due to hard work, honesty and honesty, the policeman is an example to his community in terms of his morality, and commitment to his work.

The most important tasks required of Osbildong policeman include:

  • Ensure the safety of the city and civilians.
  • Protect public and private institutions and maintain order.
  • Maintaining internal security at home.
  • Combating all forms of crime in society.
  • Write reports and keep records of crimes and defendants up to date.
  • Organize traffic, write down waste.
  • Exchange of information on suspects and criminals.
  • Provide first aid to the injured until the arrival of the ambulance.
  • Protect citizens from the risk of theft and erection.
  • Not to allow anyone to violate the law or commit crimes.
  • Field guarding of the ministers' headquarters.
  • Answer citizens' calls.
  • Field training.

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