Ausbildung Nursing in Germany

If you are a fan of nursing and service work, Osbildong Nursing in Germany offers you a golden opportunity to study the field of nursing with practical training at the highest level and then you get an internationally accredited certificate, and you can engage in medical work and this is what we offer you today Osbildong Nursing in Germany and the most important conditions for application.

Osbildong Nursing is one of the most important areas of Osbildong for Germany's interest in the medical field and the graduation of nursing staff with high efficiency to understand the right hand doctors.

Osbildong Nursing is interested in training students in many skills such as: caring for patients, following up on their health status, sterilizing tools and equipment before the beginning of the operation, equipping the operating room, or giving the patient an anesthesia injection before the beginning of the surgery.

Nursing staff are also trained to withstand the pressures of work, and to constantly prepare for emergencies The nursing profession is a great humanitarian work that cannot be dispensed with.

Osbildong Nursing in Germany
Osbildong Nursing in Germany

Admission Requirements for Osbildong Nursing Germany  

There are some conditions you need to know if you want to apply at Osbildong Nursing, including:

  • Obtain an accredited high school diploma or academic qualification.
  • The applicant is fluent in German or at least a B2 level.
  • Submit a health insurance certificate.
  • The applicant must have knowledge of crisis medical terminology.
  • Provide a certificate of experience in the field of nursing if any.
  • Get a work visa in Germany if the student is international.

How to Apply to Osbildong Nursing in Germany

 If you love the nursing profession and want to join Osbildong Nursing and get vocational training you can submit the official documents required of you, your CV on the website and you can follow through this website information about Osbildong Nursing and upload the required documents.

After applying, wait to get your approval application and join Osbildong Nursing and then complete the necessary procedures to travel to Germany, the most important of which is to obtain a work visa there.  

Duration of Osbildong Nursing Study in Germany 

The period of study of Osbildong Nursing lasts up to 3 to 5 years depending on the institution provided by the Osbildong Nurse is trained in Germany interchangeably between the vocational school and practical training in hospitals.

After graduation, the nurse obtains an accredited certificate that can work in many places such as: public and private hospitals, private clinics, places for people with special needs, or nursing homes.

Osbildong Nursing Study Materials in Germany

Students during Osbildong Nursing study many subjects and the most important of these subjects:

  • Biology material.
  • Physics.
  • Math.
  • Chemistry.
  • Fundamentals and principles of nursing.
  • Public health.

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Osbildong Nursing Alumni Salary in Germany

During the internship at Osbildong Nursing, the nurse receives a salary starting from €1,000 in the first year and up to €1,200 per month in the final year.

After graduation and the beginning of the job, the nurse receives a salary ranging from €2,450 to €3,200 per month and with your practice of nursing and getting experience, your salary increases to €3,500 per month in the distinguished nursing profession.

Tasks of Osbildong Nursing Graduates in Germany

After knowing the full information about Osbildong Nursing, you need to know the tasks required of you, and the extent of your ability to complete them with high quality, including:

  • The nurse is the right hand of the doctor who helps him with everything, and carries out his orders.
  • First aid work for the injured.
  • Provide health care to all patients.
  • Organize medical devices and pay attention to their cleaning from viruses and microbes.
  • Record the patient's pathological condition in the records.
  • Equip medical equipment before starting the operation, anesthetize the patient.
  • Follow up the patient's condition after the procedure and give the drug on the specified dates from the specialist doctor.
  • The nurse must be flexible in dealing to gain the trust of the patient.
  • The nurse must withstand work pressures and be prepared for emergencies.
  • The nursing profession has a bright and great future and the nurse has a prestigious position in society and if you prefer it you have to join Osbildong Nursing in Germany.

To apply for nursing at the Osbildong website