Ausbildung Hairdresser

The profession of barber is a popular profession because it is a profession that cares about beauty and self-care so it is a profession known in all the world, as it is a profession that needs a craft and art, no one can perform the job of barber or hairdresser, and it is also one of the fun professions that its owner enjoys performing, and the salary is very rewarding to work and in this article we will learn about the profession of hairdresser and some other professions in Germany.

Osbildong Hairdresser
Osbildong Hairdresser

Osbildong Shaving in Germany

In Germany there is an osbildong coiffeur in which the profession of hairdresser is taught such as knowing the right haircut for each person and giving tips on it to customers, and also during the training period they are trained to dye hair, wash, clean and cut hair, pay attention to beauty and skin, and many things:

  • Osbildong hairdresser or shaving is a double training in Germany.
  • The duration of the training is 3 years during which the trainee gets acquainted with everything related to the profession of shaving and hairdresser.
  • There is a school dedicated to this field where trainees can learn and places for practical training.
  • After completing the training, trainees are ready to work in beauty salons, in the film field to beautify actors and presenters, and in barbershops.
  • This profession also allows self-employment where customers can go.
  • During the internship, trainees study German, materials for dye, cosmetology and chemical products, how to run their own salon, haircut styles and various hairstyles, and other materials.
  • The monthly salary reaches 750 euros per month in the third year.

No specific level of education is required in order to be admitted to vocational training in Germany, but the level of education varies by location.

  • In some places the Hauptschulabschluss certificate is required in order to apply for the Osbildong Barbershop.
  • The level of German language must be B2 or more.

Osbildong Hairdresser in Germany

Working as a hairdresser is one of the most enjoyable and sensitive works of art, because it is one of the handicrafts that workers and customers also enjoy, and hairdressers have knowledge of the types of hairstyles suitable for different ages and the shape of the face and give tips for this, which makes the profession of shaving one of the important and popular professions deservedly, in this paragraph we will learn about training and what is learned as a hairdresser:

  • The training in Germany for shaving extends three years as mentioned earlier and during which the use of chemicals that are used in the work of dyes or to whiten hair is learned and these chemicals are an essential part of the work of the barber.
  • It is also learned how to choose the tools used correctly such as various scissors, comb, hair iron, hair dryer, brushes, shaving tools and other tools where there are a lot of tools in the profession of shaving and many tasks.
  • Most customers are unaware of hairstyles and rely entirely on the barber's choice of them and trust that he chooses the right one for them, so the barber should study well everything related to hair types and cuts and how they work.
  • If you are a person who learns quickly and wants to shorten the duration of the training to a year and a half you can tell who you are training through.

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Having talked enough about the training, the duration, what is being studied and the workplaces after the training in this paragraph we will learn about the salary of the Osbildong Cueffeira in Germany:

  • We also talked about the duration of the training is three years and each year the salary varies, in the first year the salary is 550 euros per month.
  • In the second year you get 649 euros per month.
  • In the third year you get a salary of 749 euros per month.
  • And you can make a lot of money depending on experience.

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