Ausbildung Elderly Care in Germany

If you love social work Osbildong provides you with elderly care in Germany This is where you can provide assistance to the elderly and at the same time study and obtain an internationally accredited certificate and the Osbildong program provides you with a combination of theoretical study and practical training We will give you more information about Osbildong Elderly Care in Germany and how to apply, and the duration of study.

Osbildong Elderly Care in Germany
Osbildong Elderly Care in Germany

Osbildong Elderly Care

The study of Osbildong Elderly Care aims to graduate a batch of students working in the service field professionally, and with high accuracy where they are trained at the highest level to provide assistance to the elderly and do many things such as: motivate them to practice recreational activities, accompany them on doctor visits or official visits, talk to the elderly in personal matters and provide support to them, care for the elderly in terms of eating and dressing, i.e. personal care.

The care specialist at Osbildong also works on the psychological rehabilitation of the elderly, and performs simple medical care tasks such as: changing the bandage of wounds, administering doses of the drug according to the doctor's prescription.  

The employee does not work alone in the care of the elderly, but there are parents and relatives of the elderly, where the specialist provides them with all the information about the elderly and the best ways to care for him.

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Application Requirements for Osbildong Elderly Care in Germany

There are no uniform application requirements that vary according to the institutions providing Osbildong Elderly Care but there are recognized conditions that must be met by the applicant, including:

  • Submit an accredited high school diploma or academic qualification obtained.
  • Have a good level of German at least level B1
  • Provide a letter of motivation as to why you chose Lausbildong elderly care.
  • Provide proof that you have vocational training in the field of elderly care.
  • If the applicant is an international student he must obtain a work visa in Germany.
  • Submit a health insurance certificate.

Duration of study of Osbildong Elderly Care in Germany

Students applying to study Osbildong in Germany take three years of nursing care in which they study at vocational school and practical training at the nursing home and after graduation students can work in many fields such as: nursing home, rehabilitation and nursing clinics, or psychiatric clinics for geriatrics.  

Osbildong Elderly Care Graduates Salary in Germany    

During the vocational training of Waspeldong Elderly Care, some institutions offer a monthly stipend ranging in the first year from €1,041 to €1,203 per month in the final year.

After graduation, the elderly care specialist receives a salary ranging from 1884 to 2614 euros per month and the salary varies according to the place of work, and obtaining experience The more experience you have in the field and the more you get a master's degree, the more your salary and your status becomes prestigious.

Tasks of Osbildong Elderly Care Alumni in Germany

Before applying to Osbildong Elderly Care you need to know the tasks required of you to know if you can perform your homework to the fullest and these tasks include:

  • Caring for and caring for the elderly in their daily lives such as providing adequate food and drink to help take care of the body.
  • Focus on motivating the elderly to engage in social life, and daily activities so that they can live their lives happily and dignified.
  • Follow up the condition of the elderly with the doctor in terms of measuring pressure, temperature and sugar levels and communicate with the doctor in case of the appearance of side effects.
  • Timely administration of the drug to the elderly, injections and changing dressings.
  • Always communicate with the parents and relatives of the elderly to inform them of the health status of the elderly.
  • It also provides them with advice and guidance to deal with the elderly and improve his psychological state.
  • You should document care procedures in the elderly person's records and take notes and changes to the elderly.  
  • The profession of elderly care is primarily a social work that needs kindness and affection for the elderly in its last days and if you can do these tasks you should enroll in Osbildong Elderly Care in Germany.

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