Ausbildung Cook in Germany

The Osbildong cooker is a professional study of culinary skills or any other profession in institutions or companies, about 70% in the workplace, and 30% theoretically in a private or public school.

Practical training is more than theoretical, and this is one of the great advantages that an intern can benefit from, many people do not know where this vocational training is located, and the location of this vocational training in Germany.

In addition to your internship in Germany, which ranks first in patents, you will also receive a monthly allowance while studying, after which you can get a very rewarding job after graduation.

Those who want to apply from any country inside or outside Germany can also apply for this study, and the duration of this study is about 3 years or 3.5 years, this is a great opportunity for those who want to grow and work in the job they love.

If you have a passion for working in a particular job that you cannot do in your environment, you can now apply for a vocational training in Germany.

Osbildong Cook in Germany
Osbildong Cook in Germany

Requirements of Osbildong Cooking in Germany

This Ospeldong vocational training in Germany is offered various professions, including cooking, for both sexes (men – women), training you theoretically and practically in this profession, so that you become qualified in the field of your choice, however, applicants at Ospeldong are required to obtain certain things that the applicant must fulfill, including:

  • Your level of German is B2.
  • You must have studied 9 classes.
  • You have a deep knowledge of different international cuisines and specialize in one kitchen.
  • The ability to work under pressure, and sometimes having to work even on public holidays because of the large number of customers in the place where you work.

Study Materials of Osbildong Cooking in Germany

Osbildong cooker will study two topics other than cooking:

  • Math.
  • Chemistry.

After earning an Ospeldong degree, you can work in one of the following places:

  • Hospitals.
  • Restaurants.
  • Youth care homes.
  • Care for the elderly.

Osbildong Chef Salary in Germany

Pre-graduation salaries

  • In the first year: from 620 to 795 euros per month.
  • During the second year: from 675 to 905 euros per month.
  • During the third year: from 775 to 1035 euros per month.

Post-graduation salaries

  • The monthly salary for cooking is from about 1703 hours to 2494 euros.
  • This salary varies according to your workplace as experience in your field increases, the salary gradually increases and your experience increases.
  • After graduation, you can also complete your studies for a first-class qualification, studying Weiterbredung.
  • At this point, you'll get a great salary and you'll get many jobs in your field, but they require excellence, and then innovation in the second field.

You can also study Osbildong Policeman in Germany

How can I apply for an Osbildong cooker in Germany?

Each organization has its own way of receiving applications from candidates, some organizations receive email applications and others receive applications from the company's address.

But you can send orders online via the Ausbildung website.

You can apply to send your CV to the desired organization.

Application procedures for the Chef of Osbildong from outside Germany

After giving guidance and advances at one of the institutions you want, if you accept that institution, you can then apply to a visa in your home country German Embassy. Work in Germany.

However, your application in this professional study is one of the incentives to prove your presence among the culinary families of the world.

Some details and ideas may be made through your studies there.

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