Ausbildung Business Administration in Germany

Osbildong Business Administration in Germany The science of management within Germany is one of the basic scientific fields that equip the student to be one of the individuals with the right behavior who occupy high ranks within the state and the science of management is specifically the management of a large number of individuals in a high-quality systematic way so as to achieve strategic plans aimed at development.

The science of management within Germany is concerned with matters related to the individuals of the same work and it works to supervise them and distribute the work between them but in a way that raises the job difference between them and achieves a good relationship and open communication between them, and it is worth noting that the science of business administration is integrated with the science of politics because it relates to the promotional economic aspects of commercial products and the pursuit of accomplishing tasks as quickly as possible and the highest level of quality and also compatible with psychology because it works to motivate the worker to accomplish his work and develop his practical level.

Osbildong Business Administration in Germany
Osbildong Business Administration in Germany

In addition, it complements economics because it deals with the task of business coordination and interdependence, so business administration is the main area for reaching the right decisions to achieve the basic strategy of the company.

It should be noted that the period of study in business science ranges from 6 to 8 semesters and there are two forms of business administration certificate, which is to obtain a degree in the field of science or in the field of arts, and during the study you get acquainted with the basic rules of business administration and its curricula and also it is possible to obtain preliminary study programs on the topics of business economics and accounting.

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Osbildong Business Administration

It should be noted that there are some conditions that qualify him to study business administration in Germany, namely the presence of a passport visa and the presence of a financial statement proving his ability to pay tuition fees and accommodation expenses within Germany.

In addition to the need to pass the entrance test within the university and there are other countries this test is performed after obtaining the high school diploma which allows you to join German universities and also must have a health insurance certificate.

The expenses of the academic year in the field of business administration depend on the university to which they are enrolled, which amounts to 12,000 to 20,000 euros and there are also scholarships for some students globally within Germany.

The academic guide for the academic year of the specialization of business administration contains two semesters, the first in winter and the second in the summer, and during the holidays are taken advantage of training courses or the possibility of moving to another country for study leave, but you must master the English language in order to join German universities.

Some of the curricula in the specialization of Business Administration are studied within the Osbildong Institute, the most important of which are the following:

  • The field of management science in addition to the field of sports and statistics.
  • The field of human resources is the field of economics, finance and accounting.
  • The field of marketing.

It should be noted that studying the field of business administration opens the way for students to enter the labor market deservedly as there are many companies globally that need a specialist in business administration.

In addition to Germany, many vocational trainings are offered to students in many companies at the level of the countries of Germany, and one of the most important work disciplines that graduates of the Department of Business Administration join after graduation are the following:

  • The job of a financial officer who specializes in coordinating various activities and following up on commercial records.
  • The function of a marketing manager that sets the basic strategy for a good marketing process and the process of good communication with customers and the fulfillment of all their requirements.
  • Work in the position of human resource management, which is one of the pillars of the science of business administration in addition to the position of managing director in one of the international companies.

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