Ausbildung Auto Mechanics in Germany

Studying in Germany is a great opportunity for international students especially if you want to study Osbildong Automechanics you are in the right place where Germany provides you with the study on the latest scientific methods, in addition to continuous field training and this is what we talk to you about today Osbildong Automechanics in Germany.

Osbildong Auto Mechanics in Germany
Osbildong Auto Mechanics in Germany

Osbildong Auto Mechanics in Germany

Osbildong is an automotive mechanic in Germany of the types of dual study that depends on studying in vocational school and field training in car workshops and international students begin to study the basics, components of cars and conduct tests on them to find out the places of malfunction, and the student also learns the need to read the specifications of the car written by the manufacturer to avoid making mistakes during the inspection.

He also learns the methods of periodic maintenance of cars and in the event of great damage to the car he changes the damaged parts and replaces them with new parts and this may take a lot of time as the student learns the method of discussion with the owner of the car to clarify the malfunction in the car and the way to solve it, and what are the damaged parts and the costs of replacing them The customer should be informed about everything specific to his car before the beginning of repair with all these tasks, skills and more students learn in Osbildong Automechanics.

Osbildong Electric Cars in Germany 

Germany is one of the leading countries in the manufacture of electric cars in the world and therefore it needs to train students professionally through the grants of Osbildong Electric Cars that it offers to international students who have the desire to learn to repair cars and know about malfunctions and repair them and German universities and institutes offer a theoretical study, and the process of studying Osbildong in Germany Auto Electricity where students learn the types of cars, and discusses with his teacher the most common malfunctions in cars and the way to repair them using modern technology and devices.

As he learns more about the electrical circuits in the car, Germany aims by studying Osbildong Automechanics to graduate more technicians trained at the highest level, who can compete strongly in the labor market and conquer science with the latest modern scientific methods.  

There are other professions such as Osbildong Informatics in Germany

Duration of study of Osbildong Automechanics in Germany

The period of study of Osbildong Automechanics in Germany lasts from three and a half to four years depending on the number of credit hours, the place of training and if you love the vocational education of automotive mechanics and want to study it in Germany you have to obtain a certificate of vocational training or its equivalent and then obtain a study visa in Germany and complete the rest of the conditions of application to study in Germany. 

Areas of Osbildong Auto Mechanics in Germany

At the beginning of your study of Osbildong Automotive Mechanics and you get acquainted with the general information, the basics of car repair and its components, you can then study one specialization and focus on it such as:

Study of Commercial Vehicle Technology

Commercial vehicles are larger such as tractors, and trailers you have to learn to maintain and repair.   

Study of Passenger Car Technology

With it, you learn how to recognize breakdowns of ordinary cars and replace damaged parts, and how to repair them professionally.

Focus on motorcycle technology

You learn the most common breakdowns in motorcycles and how to solve them.

Study of system technology and high voltage

System and high voltage You learn more about electric cars, hybrid-engine cars and you also know more about other complex vehicle systems.

Study of body technology

In the field of body technology you learn more about damaged car parts, electrical components of cars, and the removal and repair of malfunctioning electronic systems.    

Technician Osbildong Automechanics Salary in Germany

 During the study of the student Osbildong Automechanics receives a simple monthly salary because he trains in a car workshop and the salary during the study ranges from 686 euros to 837 euros throughout the duration of the training according to his skill in learning, and after graduation the automotive technician gets a salary ranging from 1869 euros to 2486 euros per month depending on the place where he works and the salary increases gradually with the student getting more experience and skill in knowing car malfunctions, and repairing them.  

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