Information about the Ausbildung study in Germany 2022

The word ospeldong means vocational training in Germany and is a unified school model that prepares students, men and women, for the profession, depending on the training specialization you choose, usually the period of apprenticeship in Germany takes from two to three and a half years.

Many people start vocational training immediately after a secondary, industrial, technical or any other type of school that qualifies for an internship contract in Germany.

Information about studying Osbildong in Germany
Information about studying Osbildong in Germany

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What is Osbildong in Germany

The Osbildong in Germany is called Azubi and through it immigrants and refugees in Germany can get the opportunity to train for a particular profession or job in one of the companies or institutions located in Germany to qualify these refugees and migrants to enter the labor market in Germany and integrate them into German society.

Osbildong or vocational training in Germany, with the same name, which is often a practical scientific professional study, and the duration of study in general ranges from three years to three and a half years Vocational training in Germany is divided into two parts:

  • Practical part: Here the study takes place in the workplace, and this is the practical aspect of it.
  • Theoretical part: It is in a private or public school.

Students from the EU and non-EU are allowed to apply for a vocational internship in Germany.

Types of vocational training in Germany

1Duale Berufsausbildung:

  • This training is usually taught in a vocational school – Berufsschule and is one of the most common forms for students.
  • Vocational training at work and study in Germany gives the student a respectable monthly salary, in addition to containing the most vacancies in the labor market.
  • The duration of this training ranges from two to three and a half years.

2- School vocational training (Schulische Ausbildung):

  • Structured school training is offered in Berufsfachschule or Berufskolleg.
  • This form is approved as a supplement and the stipend is not paid to students except for nursing courses.
  • When the salary is paid only for the period of on-the-job training.
  • The duration of this internship ranges from 3 to 5 years, including the period of on-the-job training.

3Dual Professional Certificate (Ausbildungsorientiertes duales Studium):

  • This double degree is taught by universities or as it is called "Berufsakademie".
  • Students receive an accredited certificate and certificate in training, and pay the salary of the intern level during the internship period.

Osbildong Terms in Germany

You will need a general educational qualification in order to apply, and in any case, all of the following are required, and there is no possibility of default in any of the conditions.

  • The applicant must generally not exceed 24 years of age.
  • Those who wish to apply for a language visa cannot apply for a professional qualification.
  • Language proficiency must be demonstrated before applying for vocational training with an intermediate language level or higher than B2.
  • You must respect the contract because you cannot terminate the vocational training contract before its term expires.
  • You are allowed to work with a salary not exceeding 450 euros if the vocational training is unpaid.
  • Scientific and literary baccalaureate.
  • If you are a scientist, you need a certificate from a two-year intermediate institute, or certificates of experience in the discipline you want to apply for for one year.
  • Certificate of vocational qualification, including here a diploma of qualification, industrial high school, technical or commercial high school, or other diplomas studied by the holder for at least twelve full years of study.
  • The student must be in a vocational school in grades X to XII.

What are the conditions for studying in Germany

How do I look for Osbildong in Germany?

A place in Ospeldung in Germany in the fields available there is obtained in more than one way, namely:

  • Knowledge of a company or enterprise in which Ospeldong is located in a certain area.
  • Find the candidate's job sites on Ospeldung in Germany.
  • Search the, which is a German site, and you can search in multiple languages, such as Arabic, English and French, it is also possible to apply through it to Ospeldung in Germany in the field that the candidate desires.
  • An email is sent to Ospeldung in Germany via the previous website with some documents attached to the candidate's personal papers, CV and academic certificates, all of which must be sent in German.
  • A letter to the applicant is sent on his email from the entity from which he will receive Ospeldung in Germany, if approved, attaching the Ospeldung contract.

Best Osbildong in Germany

There are many fields and professions that can be obtained in Osbildong in Germany but the best of them are:

 Osbildong in Banks

Osbildong Bank Employee in Germany The applicant for Osbildong in Germany in this field must be distinguished in financial and financial accounting.

After that the period of Osbildong in this field ends from three to three years, the application is made directly in a job in a bank in Germany with a very high score.  

Although the applicant receives a monthly salary during the Osbildong period for this region up to €950 in the first year, a thousand euros in the third year and €1,070 in the third year.

It is also a global job not only in Germany and frankly a good idea of a person or a period in which their monthly salary in the first year is 950 euros, and the second year 1000 euros 1070 euros.

Osbildong Auto Mechanics in Germany

Study Osbildong Mechanics in Germany Cars You are in the right place where Germany provides you with the study on the latest scientific methods, in addition to continuous field training and this is what we talk to you about today Osbildong Automechanics in Germany.

Osbildong Informatics in Germany

Osbildong Informatics in Germany is one of the most important informatics institutes in Germany, which requires a professional German language with a grade of B2, which contains a theoretical part in education in addition to an applied part that is paid weekly and is increased every year during the years of study.

Osbildong flight attendant in Germany

Osbildong is a flight attendant in Germany The job of flight attendant is considered one of the suitable jobs for men and women and is one of the jobs sought by many individuals that occupy a prestigious position within Germany because the individual flight attendant deals with all members of flights and provides assistance to passengers at any time.

Osbildong Physician Assistant

For all students who dream of studying in Germany, we offer you a golden opportunity through which they can study and work in the medical field, namely Osbildong Assistant Doctor in Germany.

Osbildong Assistant Anesthesiologist

Osbildong Assistant Anesthesiologist is a great opportunity for those who want to study in the medical field in Germany as this program offers you a great opportunity to train and work as a professional anesthesiologist assistant in addition to obtaining an internationally accredited certificate.

Osbildong Assistant Dentist in Germany

Osbildong is an assistant dentist in Germany, where the dentist is one of the most prominent jobs in Germany, who carries out many rumors and various medical procedures, deals with patients and determines the exact description of the patient's condition.

Osbildong Assistant Pharmacist in Germany

Osbildong is a pharmacist assistant in Germany If you are a medical enthusiast specializing in drug therapy and special formulations, or if you are a pharmacist and want to continue your education in a foreign country, you will take the opportunity of professional training in Ospeldong. So we will explain in today's article the profession of a pharmacist.

Osbildong for one year

Osbildong in Germany or what is known as vocational training which lasts for a long period of one year and may reach 4 years depending on the profession on which the training is done, there are a lot of people who see that this period is very long because they want to start working and make money, so in this article we will show you Osbildong for a year and it is also certified vocational training.

Osbildong is a laboratory in Germany

Osbildong Laboratory in Germany This specialty is a technical specialty of medical analysis in the laboratory, and the work depends on conducting blood and urine analyzes and drawing blood and fluid samples from patients and preparing these samples to be examined in the laboratory, and it is known that medical diagnosis depends heavily on medical analyzes that show a lot of diseases, Osbildong Laboratory is the one who performs these analyzes and takes care of hygiene and sterilization of tools well, in this article we will get acquainted with this area more clearly.

Osbildong is a dental informant in Germany

Osbildong is a dental laboratory or what is known as a dental technician is a person who performs a very important function in improving the shape of teeth for patients who have lost their teeth or have a crooked teeth which makes them annoy, he makes dental supports and prostheses that can be removed or tightly installed, and from new materials such as plastic and ceramics, in this article we will provide you with all the information about Osbildong dental laboratory in Germany.

Osbildong Hairdresser

Osbildong coiffeur The profession of barber is a popular profession because it is a profession that cares about beauty and self-care so it is a profession known in all the world, as it is a profession that needs a craft and art, no one can perform the job of barber or hairdresser, as it is one of the pleasant professions that its owner enjoys performing, and the salary is very rewarding to work and in this article we will learn about the profession of hairdresser and some other professions in Germany.

Osbildong is an electrician in Germany

Osbildong Electrician It is one of the most famous industrial or craft professions in Osbildong, which does not require the presence of many conditions, and it is a very suitable opportunity for those who do not have a job in Germany and are looking for a profitable field without the need for any educational certificate, and through this topic we talk in detail about everything related to vocational training for this job or profession, as we will talk about job opportunities and places available in addition to monthly salaries and others.

Osbildong is a pilot captain in Germany

In the event that you decide to undergo professional training as an aviation service officer, Ospeldong AviationOsbildong is a pilot captain in Germany , as reported is the profession of organizing and controlling the transport of passengers and goods, in addition you will gain important knowledge and a variety of areas, such as checking tickets, calculating costs in the office or preparing shipping documents.

Osbildong in Germany for Women

Many women are looking for vocational training opportunities in the labor market and take the time to look for the best Ospeldung for women in Germany, a good start suitable for work, study, working hours and corresponding wages for girls in Germany.

Osbildong Cook in Germany

Osbildong Cook in Germany is a professional study of culinary skills or any other profession in institutions or companies, about 70% in the workplace, and 30% theoretically in a private or public school.

Osbildong is a policeman in Germany

For every student who wants to serve his community and join the police, we offer you Osbildong a policeman in Germany through which you can train professionally in policing where you are trained at the highest level using the latest scientific and practical theories and this is what we are talking about today Osbildong policeman in Germany , and the conditions for application.

Osbildong Social

Osbildong Social is one of the most important scientific fields of study in Germany that allows foreigners within Germany to get a training course or suitable work in the most important companies within Germany so as to work on training individuals who go to Germany for education and work to enter the labor market deservedly, and to learn more about this specialization of Social at the Osbildong Institute.

Osbildong Elderly Care in Germany

If you love social work Osbildong provides you with elderly care in Germany This is where you can provide assistance to the elderly and at the same time study and obtain an internationally accredited certificate and the Osbildong program provides you with a combination of theoretical study and practical training We will give you more information about Osbildong Elderly Care in Germany and how to apply, and the duration of study.

Osbildong Beauty in Germany

 Osbildong Beauty in Germany, if you are a fan of the beauty profession and want to be a different beauty expert,

Osbildong without mathematics

For every student who wants to excel in study and get a suitable job we offer you a special opportunity which is Osbildong without mathematics for everyone who has difficulty learning mathematics There are multiple fields of Osbildong without mathematics .

Osbildong Nursing in Germany

If you are a fan of nursing and service work, Osbildong Nursing in Germany offers you a golden opportunity to study the field of nursing with practical training at the highest level and then you get an internationally accredited certificate, and you can engage in medical work and this is what we offer you today Osbildong Nursing in Germany and the most important conditions for application.

Osbildong Business Administration in Germany

Osbildong Business Administration in Germany The science of management within Germany is one of the basic scientific fields that equip the student to be one of the individuals with the right behavior who occupy high ranks within the state and the science of management is specifically the management of a large number of individuals in a high-quality systematic way so as to achieve strategic plans aimed at development.

Osbildong X-ray in Germany

 After radiology, doctors discover hidden diseases that afflict the patient, so it is one of the rescue professions carried out by a small group of people, and can now help them by joining them through vocational training in Germany.

Osbildong in Insurance and Finance Department

This is one of the most important areas for many jobs in Germany due to German trends.  

The duration of obtaining an Osbildong in Germany in this region is three years after the individual obtains a certificate of traveler in this field, which qualifies him to work in a social insurance center in Germany, in order to be a privileged area in this field of accounting and mathematics.  

In addition, the applicant filed a lawsuit against Osbildong in this area, with a monthly salary of up to 930 euros in the first year and a thousand euros in the second year, while the third year receives a monthly salary of up to 1090 euros.

Osbildong in the field of mechanical motors

Engine mechanics is not a good thing because we know that Germany is an industrial country that has an agency and is known in the global automotive industry and if you do a professional training in this profession you will find it easily, your monthly salary is only 975 euros per month for the first year and 1020 euros for the second year.

Osbildong in Aircraft Mechanics

It is a special airflow area and is one of the best areas where residents of Germany can obtain a high level of high ranks, while progress in Osbildong is required in Germany in this field to be superior in physics and mathematics.

It also takes four years in Germany and the applicant is tried monthly, the first year is tried about 975 euros, the second year gets 1020 months in advance, the third year is offered with a monthly salary of 1105 euros, while last year he received 1155 euros.

Osbildong in Health Insurance

The goal of applying for Osbildong in Germany in this field is to get a government job in Germany with high salaries.

The applicant's German language level must be good, and Osbilding's period in this field lasts three years, during which the person receives a monthly allowance for each of these years.

For example, in the first year in which the candidate receives a monthly salary of 990 euros, in the third year the candidate receives a monthly salary of 1070 euros, and last year the candidate receives a monthly salary of 1160 euros.

Osbildong in the field of aerial radar

This field trains candidates for Aspeldung in Germany by training them to work and use airborne radars at German airports, and this field is characterized by the abundance of jobs for a high salary paid by the owner of this job and the candidate, for Ospeldung in Germany in this field, he receives a monthly salary of up to 4540 euros.

Disadvantages of studying in Germany

When does the Osbildong start in Germany?

Vocational training in Germany usually starts twice a year (September 1 – April 1 of each year), but it is mainly companies that set their own Ospeldung start dates.

What is the meaning of Visa Obelidong?

Traveling to Germany to complete a study or learn a profession is the dream of many young people and obsession with some parents, in order to achieve a future and professional and scientific stability, because the education system in Germany is one of the best in the world, vocational training for foreigners provides many opportunities for their future career, and is the best preparation for the world of work in Germany.

In its desire to attract skilled workers, Germany in June 2019 enacted a law on immigration to Germany for employment or vocational training ("Ospeldung").

After the visa was looking for a job (exclusively for doctors, nurses, engineers and some other professions).

Usbildong Visa Conditions

Applicants from non-EU countries must comply with the requirements of the Ospeldung (visa for vocational training) in Germany, by applying for a practical training visa or a D visa for a period of more than three months or nine months.

You must make an appointment in advance with the German Embassy in your home country online at the Visa Department of Ospeldung and bring all the following documents:

  • Ospeldong visa application form.
  • A vocational training contract signed by the employer and sealed in Germany in full.
  • Passport valid for more than nine months.
  • Personal photos.
  • German language certificate.
  • Certificates of work and experience if any.
  • Your academic degrees.
  • Biography.
  • Unconvicted certificate from your country.
  • A simple entry certificate or birth certificate.
  • If the training is unpaid, you must open a closed bank account worth €7,900 in a German bank.
  • If the training is subject to a fee, you must obtain a payment receipt from your employer in Germany, which explicitly shows the amount of rent, net period and contributions.

Reasons for Rejection of Osbildong Visa

  • A forged or incorrect travel document was submitted.
  • The purpose of the intended stay has not been determined and its conditions have not been met.
  • The necessary documents were not submitted according to the complete information sheet or were insufficient.
  • In some circumstances, the content of the documents was not enough to dispel doubts.
  • The purpose of your stay was not clear from the documents submitted.
  • The existence of a family relationship has not been proven or it has not been a credible element.
  • The invitation has not been proven/confirmed.
  • The validity of the requested visa does not correspond to any right of leave.
  • The previous visa was not used at the invitation of the same host to Germany.
  • The hotel/trip reservation you made in the visa documents has been cancelled.
  • You have not provided sufficient evidence that you have sufficient material means for the duration of your planned stay abroad or to return to your country of origin or transit to a third country where your admission is guaranteed.
  • You have not provided evidence of your ability to obtain adequate means of subsistence after your stay to enable return to your country of origin or relocation to a third country where your admission is guaranteed.
  • I have already stayed 90 days in the territory of the European Union on the basis of a unified visa or a visa with limited territorial validity during the current period of 180 days.
  • There is an alert in the Schengen Information System where your entry into the Schengen area has been guessed by one of the Member States.
  • One or more Member States consider that you pose a threat to public order, internal security or public health as defined in Article 2(19) of EC Regulation No. 562/2006 of the Schengen Border Code or to international relations.

Does the ospeldong have a certain age?

It doesn't matter if you're over 30 years old, because there's no specific age to study, if you're thinking of getting a vocational internship, but be aware that companies are looking for younger students in order to train and benefit them in the future.

But you can focus on professions in which you have experience prey to be fully professional for something you have already learned and have experience.

When job work is interested in experienced candidates and can quickly draw attention and draw attention to your great experience, so you can use PowerPoint that you can use as an experience where gifts at the age of 18 have no experience you should do your strengths for the careers you have tried where you have a quick seat and content.

According to the General Law on Equality in Law, job profiles must not be neutral, neutral or neutral for a particular age so as not to be legal for your age.

It is true that you suffer from a critical condition because companies are the decision made by most interns between the ages of 15 and 25.

However, the number of trainees between the ages of 25 and 29 in 2013 increased significantly compared to previous years.  

Some companies already have training programs that deal with seniors with the most experience in the employment group, because you have already gained valuable life experience.

They are usually more motivated and disciplined than younger colleagues, according to statistics in Germany, older interns are basically first-class.

Can I study after the Upildong?

Yes, you can study at the university, provided that you apply for a unit of study (preparatory year) called Berufoberschule BOS.

After passing this test of this unit of study, your grade level will move to a higher level, so the Mittlere Rreife certificate will be converted to Fachhochschulreife, in other words, you can study all university disciplines if you pass the test.

What is Osbildong Salary in Germany?

The typical total salary ranges from 800 to 1200 per month ($885 to $1350 per month), the amount of this monthly allowance depends largely on your employer, the area of work in Germany and your CV.

Employers often offer additional support such as free tickets or financial support for your place of residence.

After successful completion of vocational training, you can expect a monthly salary of 2400 and 3500 euros of total work ($ 2650 to $ 3850), depending on several factors.

Is there an Osbildong without a language?

The most important specialty of vocational training conditions in Germany, you can start with certainty, because many people are looking for a specialization that does not require a certificate to study their own home or Germany itself. These training tasks or professions are always at a low level of training.

As a result, a school certificate is not a prerequisite for the headquarters of Osbild, for example, you can get professional training as a salesman, sales representative, hairdresser or dye, in road construction, in manufacturer's shoes, sewing … and others.

How much does the Ospeldong cost?

After clarifying the official aspect of the educational process, it was agreed between the student (Auszubilder) and Berufs AusbilduDungr during the period of study that the student receives a scholarship, the average size of which is 300 to 1200 euros.  

However, it should be noted that the employer and the union do not bear the costs of food and clothing (except for the service service) and do not underestimate the value of the student's accommodation.  

However, they must be registered in the social security system and have insurance, the costs are divided in half.

If the amount of the scholarship is less than 325 euros, social security contributions are paid by the company, there are also more than 400 professions available to choose from, but foreign applicants should be especially careful of their selection.

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