Study in Germany for Algerians

Studying in Germany is a dream for many students, especially Algerians, especially after the joining of 45 German universities to Germany, which is one of the best universities in the world, as Germany is a wonderful study destination and has about a dozen universities that rank among the top 200 German universities in the world, in the following lines of today's article, we will learn in detail how to study in Germany for Algerians, follow us to learn more.

Study in Germany for Algerians
Study in Germany for Algerians

Cost of studying in Germany in Algerian Dinars

Tuition fees in Germany are determined by the specialization and the university in which the student wishes to enroll.

It is estimated at around €1,500 per semester equivalent to 210,465 Algerian dinars, equivalent to three thousand euros per year, equivalent to three thousand and 300 US dollars.

Conditions of study in Germany for Algerians

Germany is considered one of the best study destinations in the world for several reasons, including:

Free study where the university student whether German or foreign only pays the registration fee for the semester which ranges between 90 and 400 euros per semester for most study programs, but as a foreign student residing in a country such as Algeria, you will have to meet certain conditions, which we mention in the following:

  1. Moving to study in Germany via Algeria or North African countries is rather difficult, but not impossible.
  2. Getting university admission from a German university is fairly easy.
  3. A requirement for a study visa (B16) at German universities is to provide at least €10,322 in a German bank in your name with a closed account as a financial guarantor.
  4. An alternative to a frozen bank account is a certificate of declaration of guarantee obligation (Verpflichtungserklaerung) for a person residing in Germany with permanent residence and has housing (owner or tenant) and a salary of at least 1700 euros per month if he is single (salary varies from one immigration office to another).
  5. Proof of a minimum level of B1 in German, certified by a certificate of success in the Goethe-Institut test or any certificate recognized by German universities and your country's embassy.
  6. If you find your major taught in English only without German, here you must prove 5, 6 or 7 in IELTS and this is in accordance with the conditions of the university you wish to enroll in, in which case German language is not required of you, you must submit a document from the university certifying that you will be studying in English to the Embassy.
  7. University admission is conditional on passing a German language exam in Germany, such as the DSH exam, admission by a language institute in Germany to level B2 C1 if your studies are in German, and good points in your school career to ensure you get a visa.
  8. If your studies are in English without German, you must prove final and unconditional admission to the university.
  9. The motivation letter is then written in German if your studies are in German, and in English if your studies are in English.
  10. Regarding a language visa it is rare to ask the embassy that you do not rely on, so you must have university admission and language requirements and apply for a long-term study visa, the duration of which in universities is more than 90 years.
  11. If your goal is to work in addition to studying, you should choose German cities located in the western states of Germany, where job opportunities such as North Rhine-Westphalia are available and salaries are high, because in the eastern states there is little work and low salary, except Berlin.

12. If your goal is to study only, study anywhere or in cities where the proportion of students is higher than the proportion of its population, such as Göttingen.

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Study visa in Germany for Algerians

There are after the requirements for obtaining a visa for Algerians in Germany which are as follows:

Proof of language requirements, If the study is in German, at least level B1 is proven by a test from recognized institutes such as the Goethe-Institut.

If the study is only in English without German, prove 5, 6 or 7 in IELTS, depending on what university students have been told, in which case, the embassy does not ask you to speak German.

2- University admission provided that you pass the academic examination of the German language in Germany if your studies are in German.

Or final university admission if your studies are in English. You must prove to the embassy that you will be studying English with an official document issued by the university.

3- If your studies are in German, and here it is mandatory, you have a B1 level, it means that you must prove that you have enrolled in an intensive German course at the B2 C1 level at an institute in Germany.

4- A strong handwritten letter of motivation at the German Embassy, and if your studies are in German, write it in German

If the study is in English, write it in English, it is better to write it well by hand at home and bring it with you to the embassy and submit it with the file, if you are asked to rewrite it, write it, its meaning should be kept in your memory.

5- A bank statement closed in your name in a German bank in which 10,236 euros are completed without any decrease, or a sponsorship paper as an alternative to this account for a person who resides in Germany permanently and has housing and a salary of at least 1700 euros per month, the salary varies from country to country.

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Admission Requirements to German Universities for Algerians

Admission requirements vary between educational institutions in Germany, so it is necessary to ensure that the information you provide to the university before applying, and it is also necessary to submit the necessary papers and documents for admission to a German university, and among the most important documents required we mention the following:

  • Provide a certified copy of the qualifications to complete the secondary stage for the student wishing to enroll in university studies in Germany Submit original and translated copies of the German or English certificates obtained by the student in his country of origin.
  • Proof of residence The student in Germany provides a copy and a copy of the student's valid passport.
  • Provides proof of language proficiency, such as a certificate of achievement.
  • When applying for a study visa in Germany, this also requires a blocked account.
  • It is also necessary to obtain an official acceptance or rejection within just two months definitively, in order to ensure the best chances of admission, as well as the availability of all required documents and the accurate filling and correction of data before submitting the application.

How to study in Germany for Algerians

There are several German universities recognized by the Algerian Ministry of Higher Education, including the following:

Technical University of Munich, Germany

The Technical University of Munich in Germany is one of the best German universities, ranking 61st in the international rankings, and is still famous for its leadership in spirit, as it has a strong network of communication with business owners and scientific institutes on the world.


University of Heidelberg

The University of Heidelberg ranks third among German universities and 64th in the world, and is also one of the oldest German universities founded in 186, and includes 12 faculties in more than a hundred specialties in various fields.


Free University of Berlin

The Free University of Berlin ranks 130th in the world and was founded in 1948 as one of the 11 distinguished universities in Germany.


 Rhine-Westphalia University of Aachen

Rhein Aachen is one of the largest technical universities in Germany, ranked 144th in the world, and has achieved high scores in employer surveys about the performance of university graduates.


Visa Type Type of visa you need (from the German Embassy in Algeria)

If you want to study one level, you must have a non-renewable Schengen visa for the C language and a banned bank account is not required.

If you want to study at all levels and enroll in universities or vocational training institutes, you must obtain a long-term scientific study visa of category D, which can be renewed and the bank account frozen.

It places €853 for each academic month or certificate of guarantee, from a person permanently residing in Germany with housing and salary of more than €1,800 per month.