Advantages of studying in Germany

The advantages of studying in Germany Germany is the most prominent and important choice for many students in the world and many students from different parts of the world come to it to take advantage of the advantages of studying in it and in 2021 more than 350.000 students of different educational levels were received and it is worth noting that Germany offers many educational advantages to foreign individuals that we learn about in our article today.

Advantages of studying in Germany
Advantages of studying in Germany

Advantages of studying in Germany

Germany is considered for students to be a paradise from which they get a lot of blessings because it has many of the first universities in the world according to the global halving in addition to the presence of a large number of fields of study in addition to the presence of simple fees for life, and also Germany has a rich history of great historical events, and it is worth noting that German places mix urban and rural What are the advantages of studying in Germany:

  • There are no material amounts paid during the academic year as education is a basic and key thing for all individuals because we need a group of specialists in all fields and in this context some money has been imposed on students that they have to pay during the academic year but German universities do not impose these amounts on students.
  • It is worth mentioning that in October 2014 a decision was launched to exempt all students enrolled in universities in Germany from the financial premiums paid to the university.
  • Studying at German universities is entirely free of charge with the exception of Baden-Wurttemberg University where this university has charged students a fee of up to €1,500 each semester.
  • German universities are one of the most prominent universities around the world and the most important because they contain more than 450 educational bodies at the level of the regions of Germany and many universities have been entered in the global halving and many of them have received the highest ranking of universities such as the University of Heidelberg and Munich.
  • It is worth mentioning that German universities have received great popularity and admiration among individuals because they offer an advanced scientific curriculum at the level of scientific and academic studies and also in the field of scientific research and German universities are characterized by achieving the interdependence between theoretical and applied education, so students in German universities benefit from a distinctive educational level in addition to the application of advanced curricula that help develop the abilities and skills of students.
  • In addition, German universities have a strong relationship with other institutions that enable them to provide applied education for the theoretical curricula being studied so that the student acquires more practical experience so that German universities set an internship period of 3 months until the student is admitted to them.

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Pros and cons of studying in Germany

Studying in Germany has more positives, which are as follows:

  • German universities allow the student a passport to wander around the country of Germany as there are students who come from outside the European Union, they must get a travel to complete the affairs of study in Germany and this is one of the most important positives that Germany offers for ease of dealing inside Germany and you can get around the country of Germany and the countries that neighboring it and after you get approval to join the German universities to apply for a passport and get it within 3 months before the start of study.
  • There are a large number of fields of study within Germany and any student can determine the field that suits his abilities and skills, and it is worth mentioning that Germany is one of the largest industrialized countries so Germany has directed its investments in the field of education in order to advance the educational process and many engineering fields have been launched to study as engineering is the most important field of work within Germany.
  • But this does not mean that the rest of the fields of study are of no importance because there are universities in the specialty of medicine or pharmacy that have received the global classification of universities.
  • In addition, German universities are always in a state of progress and add many new fields of study such as galaxy and atomics.
  • In addition to having many fields of study for languages such as English and German.
  • One of the most important advantages of German universities is that the certificates obtained from German universities have their scientific and professional value due to the development of study systems in them and the adoption of a research education system based on the collection of information in order to train students to enter the labor market deservedly and enhance their abilities to solve professional problems.
  • In addition, German university students are able to obtain employment opportunities during the stages of study, with a duration of work of 120 days per year at the rate of 20 hours per week.

Cons of studying in Germany

Although studying in Germany has more positives, it has some negatives, which are as follows:

  • The high fees for life in Germany knowing that they have been reduced significantly as it requires paying a fee of at least $ 850 per month to save on the expenses of housing, clothing and drink.
  • You have to be professional in German in order to be able to live in Germany in addition to the high fees for sports arenas for more than 20 euros.
  • It is noteworthy that German universities are not ready to study fully, but computer laboratories are characterized by high potential.

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Why Study in Germany

University study in Germany is obtained free of charge, in addition to the fact that there are strong relations between many countries and many students are received around the world, where more than 100 students are received and the duration of study in German universities is between two months to 11 months.

In addition, German education enables you to get a job opportunity from which you earn a large financial salary ranging from 33,000 to 58,000 euros depending on the field of study.

Why did you choose to study in Germany

The choice to study in Germany is the perfect choice for all students for the following reasons:

  • German universities since 2014 have abolished tuition fees in all German regions and the student pays only administrative fees ranging from 250 to 500 euros in addition to the possibility of obtaining a job opportunity of up to 10 thousand euros per year.
  • Students who receive a salary not exceeding 450 euros are forfeited from them tax fees in addition to the fact that German universities offer many service and financial initiatives for individuals and also access to Internet services and housing free of charge.

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