Study in Germany 2022

Do you dream of studying in Germany and don’t know where to start? You also do not know good sources of information and guidance to help you plan to start your university studies, below we give you the first steps to good planning, these steps include information about learning the language and choosing the desired specialization to study at the right university, as well as information and sites that help you get a qualification to study at German universities.

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Study Guide in Germany

Germany represents one of the best options for studying abroad, as it has prestigious and sophisticated universities that follow the latest scientific and educational developments, in addition to the high degree of security it offers to foreign students, and remember that higher education in it is free, your study in Germany will have a great impact on your life, as it will give you the opportunity to enjoy a better career, learn a new language, get acquainted with the old civilization and make new friends of all nationalities.

  • Free education at most universities (or reduced fees at other universities).
  • Highly developed higher education with highly qualified and experienced staff.
  • Germany offers hundreds of disciplines in various fields. Germany is an old country and you have a chance to explore it.
  • Distinctive cultural diversity in addition to the presence of students from all over the world.
  • Excellent job opportunities after graduation.
  • There are many disciplines taught in English.
  • Traveling to Germany gives you the opportunity to explore Germany and all the neighboring countries where they are located in the center of Europe.

Who can study for free in Germany?

Everyone, if you are a student from within the EU or from abroad, you can study in Germany without paying university fees.

This applies to all public German universities and to 98% of the courses available at these universities.

Does free education in Germany reflect the low level of education in Germany?

German universities are among the best in the world, and by studying in Germany as an international student, you will get a very upscale education that competes with the best universities in the world.

In fact, many of the best German universities rank among the top 100 universities in the world.

Getting a degree in Germany will open up very wide horizons for you all over the world, as it is one of the most respected certificates by any country in the world.

The lack of tuition fees is a political decision and a conviction of the German government of the importance of higher education and that the support provided to educational institutions will contribute to the development of the country and the achievement of new discoveries in all fields.

Language of study in Germany

There is no specific language level required from universities to obtain conditional admission.

But you should know that each university has its own system, there are universities that grant conditional admission without any language level, and there are universities that require one of the language levels and Goethe’s certificate to grant conditional admission. The website of each university to find this information.

Can I stay and work in Germany after graduation?

Yes, you can stay once the student graduates from a German university, he can get a residence permit for 18 months after that during this period you can look for a job that suits you and start your career in Germany, in addition to obtaining German citizenship after 8 years.

Note: Obtaining German citizenship requires a C2 certificate in German, an employment contract in a German company, and your years of study are not counted as full years, but the year is counted as half a year.

For example, if you have studied for two years, the employee will calculate it for one year when applying for German citizenship.

What is Studienkolleg

It is a set of courses that the student will follow for one year Students must study the preparatory year when they have a high school diploma This is acceptable in Germany, but the average for students is less than 70%.

For the second case, when the high school diploma is not recognized in Germany, the student needs a preparatory year.

Study full-time five days a week, during which you study the main subjects of the major you wish to study at the university as well as study German.

Passing the final exam will allow you to continue your studies at German universities in the discipline you wish to study.

University education in Germany

One of the stages of study in Germany is the undergraduate or so-called higher education stage, which accepts students after the end of secondary education at a rate consistent with the university admission rate, whether they hold German citizenship or come from outside Germany.

This stage allows students to enter a large and diverse world to prove themselves and their abilities, and each of them begins the first stage of a successful productive career.

The body concerned with universities in Germany The undergraduate or higher education level is characterized by its independence in its management, operation, educational methodology and everything related to scholarships and the annual educational plan.

With the need to comply in its work and internal regulations with the decisions and laws of the German Ministry of Higher Education in order to serve the general interest of students and faculty and ensure the best results and grant diplomas to the best prospects of success that benefit the state in all fields and at all levels.

Higher education institutions in Germany

There are several affiliated universities at the higher education level that are part of the stages of study in Germany, namely:

  • Public universities.
  • As well as private universities.
  • Technical universities.
  • Religious universities too.
  • Faculties of Education.
  • Applied universities.
  • As well as universities of arts and music.
  • Federal universities of the Armed Forces.
  • Vocational colleges.
  • Diplomas of higher education in Germany After completing high school and entering a certain course at the university, the student obtains a bachelor’s, then a master’s degree and then a doctorate according to his desire and rhythm which determines his ability to complete the study.

Conditions of study in Germany

What are the conditions for studying in Germany 2022, many Arab students aspire to study in Germany, especially since German universities are a destination for students from all over the world, but admission to universities in Germany requires many conditions, and the following are the most important steps needed.

Disadvantages of studying in Germany

You may have heard a lot of advantages about studying in Germany and the free education in it, and that education in Germany is distinct and advanced, but there are a lot of disadvantages about studying in Germany that are difficult to adapt to for some students,

Advantages of studying in Germany

Advantages of studying in Germany Germany is the most prominent and important choice for many students at the level of the countries of the world, so many students from different parts of the world come to it to benefit from the advantages of studying in it and in 2021 more than 350.000 students of different educational levels were received, and it is worth noting that Germany offers many educational advantages to foreign individuals.

Study Tips in Germany

Would you like to anchor outside? If you are one of the people who want to travel and study abroad, especially in internationally known universities that are located in developed countries and are interested in education such as Germany, you should first know a lot of tips for studying in Germany before you travel to it so that you can be sure that its study system is suitable for you.

Study difficulties in Germany

The difficulties of studying in Germany may be a reason for students to retreat from the decision to study in Germany despite the scientific and research possibilities provided to them by German universities and institutes, but the fear of the difficulties that may face them there, so they are always looking for the most important difficulties of studying in Germany and the way to overcome them, and we offer you in our topic today some of the difficulties facing students to study in Germany.

Working in Germany after studying

Working in Germany after studying Most foreign students not only want to get a high-quality education in Germany, but also want to stay in the country after obtaining a diploma in order to find an interesting and well-paid job in their specialty, this desire is understandable, because many German companies lack good specialists, and willingly employ ambitious young men and girls, although they are not experienced.

Study Engineering in Germany

Study engineering in Germany, now and at long last you can study engineering in Germany, which ranks among the best specialized academic studies, where it increases and raises the rate of development and skill of students differently and significantly.

Bavogue loan terms

The BAföG loan offers different types of financing: schoolchildren have different requirements than students. Personal circumstances also play a role. This shows who is entitled to the type of funding.

Preparatory Year in Germany

Many students who do not have prior information about the German education system, lose their passion for fear that this marks the end of their dream of studying in Germany. However, German universities have a solution called (Studienkolleg) preparatory year in Germany.

How to open a closed bank account in Germany

Planning to study in Germany or want to get a job search visa in Germany, you may have heard about the need to open a closed bank account, also called Sperrkonto which is a closed German account for international students. Opening a closed bank account in Germany is an important condition for obtaining a student visa and a study residence permit.

Study in Germany for Moroccans

Many Moroccan students want to study in Germany, because German universities are a destination for students from all over the world, and admission to the university requires many conditions, and it should be noted that studying in Germany for Moroccans is the first choice for all students who are not fluent in English to learn, Germany is the third most popular country after the United States and the United Kingdom that welcomes many international students.

Study in Germany for Yemenis

German universities are a destination for many Yemeni students to study in Germany, if you are thinking of taking this step, in this article you will find a set of steps that will help you well plan to start your studies at the best universities in Germany.

Study in Germany for Palestinians

Germany is the best study destination for Palestinian students wishing to complete their university studies abroad.

Study nursing in Germany for free

If you have already undergone nursing learning or you are a nurse looking to work in Germany, you will be able to do so after passing “Anerkennung”, the process of recognizing and passing your professional qualifications. If you are a student who wants to study nursing in Germany for free, there are many paths you can choose from.

Study Pharmacy in Germany

Some students are looking to study pharmacy in Germany, in which case Germany is considered the preferred destination for these students as it is one of the developed countries in the field of higher education in general and the specialty of pharmacy in particular. In this article, we will address the most important points and questions related to the study of pharmacy.

Study of Physiotherapy in Germany

Physiotherapy in Germany is taught for 3 years (4500 hours) in physiotherapy schools located at the polytechnic level.

Theoretical and practical/technical education is provided at the school, and clinical education is offered in affiliated hospitals or in other clinical places. All PT students must pass the State Exam (Staatliche Prüfung).

Study law in Germany

Study of Law in Germany: A large Central European country with 16 member states and members of the European Union, Germany is officially referred to as the Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland) and has a significant political and economic influence among all other EU countries. The Chancellor heads the Government of the GDR, which implements a legal system based on the principles laid down in the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Study Culinary Arts in Germany

Studying Culinary Arts in Germany Artists do not derive inspiration from working within their genre. They may generate ideas and courage from many influences and sources. They breathe in their surroundings and experiences, applying their inspiration to their work. Culinary artists, for example, do not simply generate inspiration from food and drink. They absorb the texture, tastes, colors and smell of everything around them, immersing their art in the beauty and intrigues of what they are witnessing.

Study in Germany for Libyans

Many of the questions that Arab students in Libya think about in terms of studying in Germany, Germany is known to be one of the developed countries in education and German universities have a ranking among the best universities in the world which makes it a place that many students would like to go, but there are some things that need to be clarified such as the required paperwork, the conditions for studying in Germany and the cost.

Study in Germany for Iraqis

Studying in Germany is the dream of every student, especially Iraqi students, always aspire to finish their university studies in Germany, where they get an internationally accredited certificate that fulfills their desires for scientific excellence and competition in the labor market, and today we offer study in Germany to Iraqis in terms of the conditions of study and its costs, so let us tell you more.

Study in Germany for Syrians

Studying in Germany for Syrians The education system in Germany has become one of the strongest education systems in the world, moreover, all German universities offer internationally and globally recognized master’s programs and courses, so it is natural that Germany ranks fourth among the best educational countries in the world, and it should be noted that it is the only country that adopts German as the official language for the education of expatriate students, but this does not mean that studying in Germany in English is difficult, but you can also study in Germany In English, but you should know the grammar of the German language.

Study in Germany for Algerians

Studying in Germany is a dream for many students, especially Algerians, especially after the accession of 45 German universities to Germany, which is one of the best universities in the world, as Germany is a wonderful study destination and there are about a dozen universities that rank among the top 200 German universities in the world, in the following lines of today’s article, we will learn in detail how to study in Germany for Algerians.

Study in Germany for Tunisians

Studying in Germany is the dream of Tunisian students because of the facilities offered by Germany in studying at internationally accredited universities and institutes and this is what all international students, especially Tunisian students aspire to in light of the political conditions in Tunisia, so studying in Germany is one of the best options available to them and we accompany you in our article today to know all the details of the study of Tunisians in Germany, the conditions of study, the scholarships offered to them.

Study in Germany for Jordanians

Study in Germany for Jordanians, Germany is the most populous European country, and the most attractive for immigrants from all over the world, especially Arabs coming from Morocco, Tunisia, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and Jordan, the purpose is to study or work and their number is estimated at about one million.

Study in Germany for refugees

There are more than 860,000 refugees in Germany since 2014, mostly Syrians and Iraqis, but our question today is: Can these young men and women complete their studies in Germany?

This is good news for you regarding your university studies in Germany!How to fund university studies.

Study Medicine in Germany

Thousands of international students are looking to study medicine in Germany from all over the world, Germany’s medical degree is recognized in all countries of the world, but it is easy to request a place to study medicine in Germany at a German university.

Study of Media in Germany

Journalism is one of the important branches for Arab students because it has the ability to speak Arabic in addition to permanent events in the region, and this makes this branch a great advantage for the Arab student who will study media in Germany ,

Study of filmmaking in Germany

Film lovers and people who watch movies constantly, have a constant passion for learning a lot about the field, so the current era has given everyone a great opportunity to discover more by studying cinema in Germany , an academic study that combines the theoretical side of cinema as well as the practical side.

Study Graphic Design in Germany

Studying Graphic Design in Germany Germany is a great destination to enhance your career and gain a valuable qualification, German universities are constantly ranked among the best in the world, due to their excellent education and research, as well as the welcoming and diverse environments they provide, whatever your professional interests, you will surely gain in Germany the skills you need to excel in your career.

Study Business Administration in Germany

The best field that attracts many students in Europe now is the field of business administration because students want to go to Germany to get a bachelor’s degree in this field from there, many students want to study business administration in Germany precisely because there are many opportunities for this field in Germany.

PhD study in Germany

Germany is famous all over the world for innovation and technological research, in addition to its strong economy and quality of life, German universities occupy 43 places among the top 800 universities in the world, Germany welcomes international students by offering good funding opportunities and affordable tuition fees, there are many ways in German universities to obtain a doctorate, there are two basic types of doctoral study in Germany: Doctoral studies for individual researchers, structural program for doctoral research.

Hotel study in Germany

Hotel study in Germany is a great opportunity for international students because Germany provides them with a study at a high scientific level, and is also interested in practical training in hotels to ensure the graduation of a batch of students who depend on them to stimulate tourism and this is what it offers today to our students studying in Germany, and the conditions that must be met in students.   

Study philosophy in Germany

Philosophy is one of the disciplines of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, and it is one of the oldest disciplines studied by man, and this specialization is very popular among students, and many of them want to study this specialized specialization, philosophy from ancient sciences, which traces its roots back to ancient civilizations, especially Greek civilization, which was the main focus of philosophy until it was called the philosophy of Greek miracles, so in today’s article we will talk about everything related to the study of philosophy in Germany.

Study photography in Germany

Study photography in Germany Do you have a good eye for new decorations, are you used to using the camera and are you open to people?  Studying photography may be the right thing for you.

Photography is the science, art and application to create permanent images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically through an image sensor or chemically through a light-sensitive material such as a photographic film.

The cost of studying and living in Germany 2022

Germany is one of the distinguished countries in education in particular, and offers education free of charge to students and offers a lot of scholarships to international students, making it a suitable place for Arab students who want to study abroad and receive an outstanding education, as Germany is one of the countries that are characterized by a low or average standard of living compared to the rest of the countries in Europe, in this article we will convey to you a complete picture of everything you need to know about studying in Germany and its costs.

Start dates of study in Germany

Germany is always at the forefront of options for students looking for the right countries to complete their studies abroad with little or no tuition fees at times, many facilities for students, as well as the possibility to study in English for many academic programs in one of the best education systems in the world, making it the third best country for international students.

Study Visa in Germany

Obtaining a study visa in Germany is a dream that students have after finishing their secondary school where enrollment in the largest German universities that achieve their dreams of study and give them a global certificate to compete in the labor market, so today in our article we provide a comprehensive guide for our students to obtain a visa to study in Germany in terms of conditions, types of visas, and the costs of obtaining it.

Ways to finance study in Germany

Funding for funding to study in Germany is one of the main topics that must be dealt with before entering university Fortunately, most public universities in Germany do not charge tuition fees, but studying can be expensive: each semester, you have to pay fees, buy books and continue of course to earn money, in addition to student work or funding through BAföG, there are also many scholarships in addition to private loans and other funding programs for students.

Study in Germany in English

Study in Germany in English: I went to Germany when I was seventeen years old in my student exchange program, and to be honest, my German was terrible if it didn’t exist. I can’t say more, “Hello, my name is Islam,” “Your house looks beautiful,” and “I’m hungry.”

Study in Germany for Egyptians

Study in Germany for Egyptians: Germany is the first destination in the Schengen area for Egyptian students looking to enroll in universities in Europe. If you are from Egypt and are considering studying in Germany at undergraduate or postgraduate level, there are many different pathways available to you, many of which offer scholarships in Germany to Egyptian students.

Health insurance in Germany

Germany is considered one of the most important countries in the medical fields so there is a great interest in the health insurance system in Germany and health care in general in Germany but health insurance in Germany has a special situation where health insurance is mandatory for everyone and one of the advantages of health insurance in Germany is that it provides everyone with full health coverage as it provides workers with good and satisfactory salaries as the insurance extends for a long time and in Germany there are 90% of the population has health insurance and members of insurance systems Health in Germany is poor, private or governmental, and this makes Germany one of the developed countries and the most interested in the field of health and medical care.

Study and work in Germany

International students in Germany benefit not only from Germany’s education system but also from Germany’s many opportunities to develop and grow outside of academia.

Studying and working in Germany is actually what many students choose during their studies, considering that finding work in Germany is fairly simple. Moreover, international students are also allowed to work, although there are a limited number of hours, while pursuing a degree in Germany.

German Universities

You can get acquainted with all German universities, their specializations, conditions of study and the best universities , whether public or private.

Language level required to study in Germany

The language level required to study in Germany Proficiency in German or English is a key factor for your success in your university studies in Germany.Lessons at German universities are taught primarily in German.

For this reason, universities in Germany always require foreign students to study, proving that they have a recognized language certificate.

Study in Germany for free

Studying in Germany is free of charge, where Germany is the main and first choice that students resort to to complete the stages of their education for free, where universities allow students to complete the stages of their education until obtaining master’s and doctoral degrees with a lot of free training courses until the development of the educational process and the upgrading of the student’s scientific levels.

Best Specialties in Germany

Best majors in Germany: Most students who want to study abroad and away from their home countries consider going to the UK (UK) or the US (US). These countries have a reputation for providing the best education, but this reputation is increasingly declining.

The best German cities to study and work

The best German cities to study and work with their strong economy and labor market, no wonder moving to Germany is a popular choice for expats looking for work abroad. According to the International Monetary Fund, Germany has the fourth largest economy in the world.

Study the Epitor in Germany

Studying a Abitur in Germany requires a set of conditions that every student has to familiarize themselves with. In order to gain university admission to a German university, you must have your degree recognized in Germany.

Study of Physics in Germany

Study of physics in Germany: Physics is essential to understanding the world around us, the world within us, and the world after us. It is the basic and fundamental science. Physics challenges our perceptions with concepts such as relativity and string theory.

It leads to great discoveries, such as computers and lasers, that lead to life-changing technologies – ranging from joint treatment, to cancer treatment, to the development of sustainable energy solutions.

Study Psychology in Germany

Psychology is a very sensitive field of study, especially if you are going to study psychology in Germany. Psychology schools initially follow different approaches towards the study of the mind, following different psychology professors as guidance that offer direction-based curricula that students may find difficult to choose.

Study Astronomy in Germany

Germany is another leading country in the world offering popular courses in physics andastronomy, Germany has a high-quality research infrastructure and resources making it an ideal destination for choosing science courses, a large number of international students choose master’s degree programs in physics and astronomy from a German university due to the availability of resources and the best faculty.

Study in Germany without a bank account

Studying in Germany without a bank account Before studying in Germany, the student must submit a visa for the purpose of studying, which he obtains from one of the German embassies and consulates, which is granted after providing financial proof of his financial ability to cover the costs of studying for at least one year, which is most of concern for foreign students coming from countries outside the European Union.  

Study in Germany without the baccalaureate

Studying in Germany is a dream that caresses all international students to complete their university studies in Germany where they get an internationally accredited degree, enrich cultural exchange and get to know other civilizations but can students achieve their dream without a baccalaureate degree!! This is what we learn today in our topic about studying in Germany without a baccalaureate, so let’s tell you more.

Questions about studying in Germany

In this article you will find some frequently asked questions about international students who want to study in Germany, if you have any question about studying in Germany, whether it is about admission to German universities, tuition fees in Germany, applying for a visa or scholarships in Germany.

Which is better to study in Germany or France

Which is better to study in Germany or France Studying in European countries is one of the dreams that occupy the minds of many students, the most important of which are Germany and France.

Study in Canada or Germany

When deciding where to study, students need to consider many factors, two of the most popular destinations for international students are Germany and Canada, both countries have a lot to offer, but they also have advantages and disadvantages, in this article, we will take a look at the reasons for studying in Germany or Canada.

Study in Germany without a language

It is possible to enroll and study in Germany without a language Yes and there are 56 universities in Germany that allow the admission of foreign students without the student presenting a language certificate, after graduation the student can apply for a visa and come to Germany to start learning the language at the university and then study .

Dual Study in Germany

Studying in Germany is a great gain for international students because of the educational and practical advantages that German universities bring to students all in university study only what you say if you know that Germany allows students to choose dual study.

Study Fine Arts in Germany

Arts are creative and self-refinement and if you are creative you love the arts and want to study them we offer you a wonderful opportunity is to study fine arts in Germany where Germany offers you to study the arts at the highest scientific level based on nature and develop skills of creativity and innovation, and also provides international students with many disciplines and this is what we offer you today to study fine arts in Germany in terms of conditions and specializations.

High School in Germany

Studying high school in Germany Once your children reach the age of six, they must go to school, as attendance at school is compulsory in Germany. Most German schools, whether for kindergarten, middle or high schools in Germany, are run by the state and there are no tuition fees either, of course, there are private and international schools that charge fees.

German courses in Germany

Study German in Germany If you decide to study in Germany, you will definitely need to speak German, although the language of study is English and you will not need to learn German, you will definitely need it in your daily dealings there.

Moreover, the German language will bring you a lot in terms of resume, future work etc., today, many resources are available to learn a foreign language, but for someone who has no previous knowledge of German, learning it can be a bit difficult.

Master’s degree in Germany

Studying a Master’s in Germany is considered the best thinking being one of the leading countries in higher education and postgraduate studies in Europe, after Britain only in the number of universities in the highest world rankings of European countries, you can study in the Master’s program in Germany not only in German,

Study Computer Science in Germany IT

Germany is one of the leading countries in the study of computer science, as everyone who wants to study computer systems must go to Germany, in addition to it offers free systems of education in public universities within Germany and the expenses of life inside Germany are paid for the purpose of studying.

Information about the Osbildong study in Germany 2022

The word ospeldong means vocational training in Germany and is a unified school model that prepares students, men and women, for the profession, depending on the training specialization you choose, usually the period of apprenticeship in Germany takes from two to three and a half years.


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