Tourist terms in German

Tourist terms in German

Tourist terms in German
Tourist terms in German


The word "adventure holiday" itself actually explains what it's all about. Experience adventure on vacation! Tour operators create special holiday offers aimed at providing you, as a vacationer, with particularly exciting experiences. The goal of this adventure is to offer the traveler something very special, something you don't experience every day.

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Abreisetag (day of departure): The best time of the year is over, the dream holiday is coming to an end. Everyone knows it, no one likes it, but unfortunately it cannot be changed. In addition, beautiful things must end at some point so that new beautiful things can happen again. The day of departure, unlike the day of arrival, is usually unloved by every tourist, and often comes faster than you think.


American breakfast – this type of breakfast can certainly be described as luxurious, and if desired, it can be very delicious. An important part of the American breakfast are warm dishes made of eggs in various forms of preparation with and without bacon, the so-called bacon. In addition, small sausages are served, both from the drink and fried, and french fries are often part of the American Breakfast repertoire.


Anreisetag – everyone knows the situation. The dream vacation has been booked, anticipation is rising, and the day of departure has come. In order for the planned trip to also be given the rating "unforgettable", you must do all the necessary things in advance and, above all, plan it in a timely manner.


Beach holiday – Beach holiday is all about summer, sun, beach and sea. Vacationers spend their holidays at sea, in the lake or enjoy their free time in wellness baths. In addition to bathing, it is also important to relax on the beach or on the shores of the lake and get a tan in the sun. For a beach holiday, of course, you want a clean sandy beach and clean water, preferably everything with Caribbean taste. Nowadays, people are increasingly attracted to the exotic atmosphere. That is why travel destinations such as the Dominican Republic are becoming increasingly popular and vacationers are making increasingly longer trips to non-European countries.


Cheap vacation – it is known that vacation is the most precious time for a working person and no one will think of calling this precious time cheap. Does that mean that the word "cheap vacation" fits together? In the hierarchy of the needs of Germans, holiday trips are very high along with everyday items such as food and drink. So would you also say cheap food, a cheap drink, a cheap car as well as a cheap vacation? Maybe not, and therefore the question must be asked how did this nonsense of cheap leave happen?


Cheap flight packages to Egypt can be found mainly in holiday places on the Red Sea in the Sinai Peninsula or in the African part around Hurghada. Most people associate a vacation in Egypt with swimming, snorkeling and diving in the Red Sea. Nile excursions, which are combined with excursions to temples along the river, as well as city tours to Cairo, are of high cultural value. It is best to find low-cost flight deals to Egypt associated with a Nile trip in the last minute sector.

Hotel terminology in German


Bus trips – Born in Lower Bavaria, businessman George Holtel was a pioneer in the bus travel sector as early as the 1950s with his travels and pilgrimage. In 1952 he made his first bus trip as a pilgrimage to the eternal city of Rome. In the following years, the company then offered other destinations in Europe and until the end of the fifties of the last century, travelers spent the night in tents at camp sites as part of these bus trips. Since 1962, the rolling hotel has also gone to distant countries, that is, a trailer has been hung in the bus as a kind of sleeping car, so tents are no longer needed.


Camping – a form of holiday that was very popular and continues to this day. Many travelers appreciate this type of vacation because one is independent and can enjoy an individual holiday. For families with children in particular, a camping holiday is a great way to get away from it all at a low cost and spend a nice few days on vacation. And cheap does not always mean that it is bad.

Football terminology in German


Club leave means spending the vacation in a facility spatially separate from the place of vacation. Vacationers spend most of their time in the club complex, which provides a large infrastructure. The complex is usually very attractive and designed to suit the holiday destination that vacationers want for free and can participate in entertainment programs around the clock. Private leisure activities define the daily routine and ensure a pure holiday atmosphere.


Duty-free – who does not know it – free markets. You can now find them at almost every airport around the world. "duty-free" means "tax-free", and this also describes why products are purchased at lower prices in these stores compared to retail outlets. There is no customs, VAT or consumption tax on goods in duty-free shops, as the shop is located between two customs offices.



Dynamic packaging – In tourism, this seemingly relatively technical term means a dynamic customer-oriented combination of a flight of different components such as a flight, hotel, transfer from the airport in question to the hotel and back to the airport, or even a rented car. Several years ago, there was a so-called Dynamic Packaging IBE (Online Booking Engine) on the online tourist portals, which customers can use to compile their personal dream journey in real time on their computers.


Self-travel – Germans still organize the majority of individual holiday trips themselves, that is, they do not book their vacation with a travel agency or tour operator. Every year during the festive season, long lines of cars run from north to south, or from west to east through the republic and vice versa. One can say to a large extent that the bulk of self-travel for the holiday takes place on German motorways.


Entry Requirements – Each country has its own entry requirements. These are some of the requirements that you must meet in order to be allowed to enter the country in question or to be able to stay there longer. But why are these entry requirements in place? Entry regulations are the rules by which States can at least to a certain extent determine who can and cannot access their national territories. This way you can avoid unauthorized access. As a vacationer, it is best to adhere to these provisions. Because the vacation trip can end faster than you think while you are on the plane home.


Adventure holiday – as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe deservedly said: "You do not travel to arrive, you travel." According to this quote, the word "travel" also means "experience" especially if travel is related to the holiday, the vacation trip becomes an adventure holiday.


Family leave is the time of year when parents and children can truly relax. So it is important to have enough information in advance. Having a slide or children's pool on site is no longer enough to be able to call yourself a family hotel. Instead, it's about responding to the special needs of adults and children and offering a wide range of personalized offers.


Who among us did not have a love of traveling? Escape the stresses of everyday life, leave your four walls behind and stay away from familiar things. If you have a love of travel and a desire for foreigners, traveling is the best medicine against it. Maybe you don't have much time now, because you can't take a vacation or for some other reason you can't stay away from home for a long time? No problem. Just plan a city holiday over the weekend or a short trip to a neighboring country. A weekend trip like this usually helps to satisfy the love of travel. You are learning new people. Learn about cultures and environments. This allows you to forget about the pressures of the office, bad weather at home and describe your mind.


The first class of the flying machine is the best and therefore the most expensive transport class of the three classes (first class, business class and economy class). Here the passenger is not lacking anything. Major airlines such as Lufthansa offer first class passengers a complete program such as first class lounge, valet parking and so on. As a first-class passenger, you don't have to worry about anything. Whether you are checking in, checking out or staying at the airport itself – the focus is always on the passenger and he is taken care of personally.


If you have accurate ideas about the next big vacation trip ahead of time, then the very inexpensive early bird trip is ideal. As the name implies, early bird cruises are introduced shortly after the publication of the latest holiday catalogues. If you don't wait too long to book here, you can get your dream trip at a great price.


Golf holiday – If you want to be physically active on vacation, but still want to enjoy the tranquility and serenity of the vacation, a golf holiday may be the thing for you. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or you can actually call yourself a professional on the lawn, this golf holiday is exciting for everyone.


Group Travel – If you don't want to travel alone and are long looking for social networking while traveling, group travel is the thing for you. Depending on the group tour you book, the tour groups are large or small. In any case, this type of travel is best if you want to make new friends and connect with other people.


Tourist terms in German

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