Hotel terminology in German

Just stay away from everything for a short time – who doesn't like the idea of it? Einfach mal abtauchen (literally: "simply descends") and indulge in a completely new and tempting place for a while. To make the most of your upcoming Fren(s) in Germany or Austria, it is essential that you learn some basic vocabulary and phrases that can help you make your stay easier and more enjoyable. Although most people in Germany and Austria speak English at a basic or intermediate level, it is always best to learn German and dazzle Hotelpersonal ("Hotel Staff") at the Hotel (the " Hotel") of your choice!

Hotel terminology in German
Hotel terminology in German

Hotel terminology in German

In this lesson, it is about hotel terms in German. Specific vocabulary related to the hotel environment will also be covered.


The term first beach row is referred to in the abbreviations of the travel catalog as "1 SR" and determines the best location for rooms and holiday homes.

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À Conto Zahlung

À Conto Zahlung

Translate À Conto from Italian Conto / per Conto = On / On Account.

The importance of the À Conto payment lies in the advance payment of the invoice amount, which is also referred to as the deposit. Synonym: per Conto Zahlung by paying the account, á conto Zahlung paying the account. Anzahlung, Teilzahlung down payment, partial payment. À Advance payments are upfront payments and occur as a payment for long-term services, such as B. In advertising or staying longer in an interior house. The purpose of advance payments is to reduce the risk of default.

Die Reservierungslisten in der Hotellerie

For the area of activity "Booking" in the hotel: The departure list is a list that displays all the departure flights of guests as a daily, weekly or monthly list. In addition, there is an access menu. Both lists are created from the booking system of the hotel software and are printed offline by several hotels and/or recognized accordingly by the hotel service. Companies for this can be found under "Programs".

Abwanderungsquote / Kündigungsquote

How is the ripple rate calculated? The inconvenience rate or termination rate determines the rate of customers or guests who leave work or no longer visit a hotel or restaurant. This rate is determined using the customer's butter rate.

AC Abkürzung

AC is the abbreviation and booking code of Air Condition. Air conditioning is the English term for air conditioning. Disadvantages for guests who need tranquility: the "air conditioner" can not often be turned off.

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Access – Was ist Access?

What does Access mean?

The term Access is of English origin and means access, and therefore it is the password of our time to access resources of all kinds.In hotels, tourism and associated industries.

Accounts Receivable deutsch

Accounts Receivable deutsch

Account is the English term for accounting. An account means, for example, keeping a bank account, but an account can also be a customer account. In this context, master account managers are responsible for major clients, that is, the main accounts. He is a guarantor of the stability of the company's income.


The term activation (also cognition, attainment) is of English origin and means achievement and perception. In the hotel industry, actual execution means a number of guests who have already arrived after a temporary reservation. The subject of activation is part of revenue management.

Ab Flughafen

What does AF mean in the travel catalog? The note "from the airport" is marked in the analog abbreviations for travel as "AF" and is a note from travel agencies (online) to use the aircraft as a means of transport for travel services.

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Affiliate Progamme Definition

The term dependent has its origin in English and means affiliation. The virtual service provider provides advertising materials as an advertiser, which the affiliate recipient (publisher) uses on their website (or email marketing, for example) to advertise offers. Offers (advertising materials) are provided by service providers such as Awin.

Airline Rate

These rates are discounted hotel room rates for airline employees. Airport hotels in particular breed this price.

All inclusive

The term comes from the English use of gastronomy and means "all-inclusive" – we all know that this means the type of catering during a travel stay at the hotel.

Allotment Vertrag

The term customization is of English origin and means customization. With the allocation contract, a fixed rate and a certain number of rooms are reserved. In Germany it is called a conditional contract. Arguably this is the most common type of hotel contract. In the international hotel industry, it determines the number of rooms in a prohibited reservation, which is divided according to different criteria such as day or room type, for example used by wholesalers.

Allowable Arrival Days

In the international hotel industry, the term is used synonymously for the permissible, known, acceptable, legal, and discount expression. The term "permitted expenses" defines the deductible costs in financing.

Alternation of booking

The term reservation rotation comes from the English region and means "Changed Booking Dates".

Kreditkarte Deutschland

The name of the credit card results from the fact that credit card companies usually grant their holder a short-term loan. In Germany, a bank is the creditor of the cardholder (debtor), that is, the creditor. The credit card is used for cashless payment of goods and services in business and private life as well as for online financial transactions. MasterCard and Visa are issued by banks, Diners and American Express by credit card companies that dominate the credit card market in Europe.

American Plan

The American plan (abbreviation AP) corresponds to German full board, which usually includes three meals a day. Another term (synonymous) with the U.S. plan is "full residence."

Apartment Definition

The term apartment originally comes from the French language area "part" and has been adapted from the English language. It denotes a smaller apartment or accommodation. The apartment must be distinguished from the French apartment that is used to describe a high-end or larger apartment. The apartment is marketed in the hotel and real estate industries.

Approval Code

The approval code (credit card approval code) is the activation number of credit card companies to secure payments by credit card. See Enter your payment type and payment method. The approval code consists of a 15-digit identification number and is used in all industries.

Arrangement Definition für Hotels

The term arrangement is of French origin and means arrangement. In the hotel and restaurant industry, the arrangement is a combination of different services on the trip.

Arrival Date

The term access comes from the English language area and means access to translation. In the language of international tourism, the date of arrival is used to determine the day of arrival of the guest. The corresponding term in the hotel industry is called the room shelf and access list.


Hotel terminology in German

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