Phrases of congratulations in German and good greeting

Phrases of congratulations in German and good greeting

Hey there! Congratulations!

Or as they say in Germany, "Herzlichen Glückwunsch!"

That's right, you deserve some congratulations. I don't know you, but I do know it's true.

Wherever you are and wherever you are, there's a lot you have to accomplish to get to this point. And while you may not always have huge life events to celebrate, spending time recognizing the positive results of your actions is good for your health.

Phrases of congratulations in German and good greeting
Phrases of congratulations in German and good greeting

Hey, even starting to learn a new language is an achievement worth celebrating!

So take a few minutes of your day to learn these congratulatory phrases in German. You can use them to celebrate yourself or other wonderful people in your life.

Believe me: learning how to congratulate others on their achievements in German makes saying "congratulations" even more fascinating.

By the end of this article, you will gain the necessary vocabulary and German cultural knowledge to congratulate others on their achievements.

Congratulatory phrases in German

There are many things to celebrate in life. Every culture represents landmarks of various kinds, from the birth of a child and the first day of school to weddings and retirement. The German language is no exception.

You are likely to be surprised to learn that Germany shares some cultural events with the culture of your homeland. Even getting acquainted with unfamiliar cultural celebrations will help you increase your knowledge of German vocabulary and phrases.

Because seeing the world through the lens of German traditions, culture and lifestyle will lead you to improve your German-speaking skills to achieve fluency.

The most common way to say "congratulations" in German is Herzlichen Glückwunsch!But in this article, we'll go further, providing you with the tools to really communicate with German speakers in your life.

Reasons to celebrate the German language

Reasons to celebrate the German language

Congratulations can come in large and small packages. Let's start by learning German words for a few reasons why you should congratulate someone:

Christmas – der Geburtstag

Birth – die Geburt

Engagement – die Verabredung

Wedding Ceremony – die Hochzeit

Promotion – die Beförderung

Retirement — der Ruhestand / die Pension

First day of school – der Schulanfang

It is interesting that Germans have a unique tradition on the first day of school.

This tradition mostly involves the first few years of study, and it may be something you want to incorporate into your life.

German schoolchildren get Schultüte, which translates to "school bag". More than just a backpack, this cone-shaped cardboard bag contains sweets and mini-toys aimed at making the first day of school a fun and fun event.

Graduation is another congratulatory event that has great value in America, but does not necessarily translate directly into German culture.

American graduation ceremonies held at the high school and college level can become fairly large events, but in Germany, students focus more on Abitur (final exams) than on anything else.

Food names in German (famous foods)

How to practice saying congratulations in German

How to practice saying congratulations in German

Anytime you have time to congratulate someone, check if you can use your new German-speaking skills to do so. Congratulate your co-workers on another year, congratulate your friends on their wedding anniversary or even your grandmother on her birthday.

If you're looking for online places to train, test your knowledge of congratulatory phrases through this quiz.

You can also learn how to pronounce related phrases like "Happy New Year" and "Merry Christmas" using these flashcards.

Once you've mastered congratulating others on major events and holidays scattered throughout life, build your vocabulary with a list of synonyms These resources will improve your congratulatory vocabulary and will make you willing to give praise whenever the opportunity allows.

Thanksgiving phrases in German

Thanksgiving phrases in German

Basic sentences to say congratulations

Eid al-Fitr congratulations in German – Glücklicher Eid al-Fitr.

Sometimes congratulating requires only one or two words. Here are some short phrases you can use to congratulate:

Congratulations! (Official) – Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Congratulations! –  Glückwünsch!

Good job! – Gut gemacht!

I wish you all the best! – Alles Gute!

Best wishes! –  Alles Beste!

Cheers! – Prost!

Every year and you are fine in German – every year and you are good in German – Ein frohes neues Jahr.

Congratulations to a German-born Das ist ein Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag. Du bist zwar ein Jahr älter, siehst aber genauso gut aus wie immer. Ich wünsche dir alles Gute zum Geburtstag. … Das ist ein Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag.

New Year's Eve congratulations in German – "Schöne Weihnachtstage!".

Congratulations in German – Herzliche Glückwünsche.

Translation every year and you are fine in German – Jedes Jahr und dir geht es gut.

See you – Auf Wiedersehen.

Thank you very much – Vielen Dank

Meaning of alles Gute zum Geburtstag – Happy Birthday



For example, if you want to congratulate your friend on winning the first prize, you can say, "Gut gemacht!Du hast ersten Platz gewonnen!” ("Well done! I won first place!")

Or if you want to wish your relatives a safe trip home, you can say, "Beste Wünsche! Sichere Reisen!("Best wishes! Safe flights!").

And if you find yourself lost by the words, a simple delight is "awesome!" Or "Woohoo!" It translates in almost any language.

How do you say "Congratulations on … » and more

But you're a German learner, and you're probably looking to get past the basic one-word congratulations. Of course, this means that we will have to incorporate a few rules.

First, let's take a look at the verb "congratulations", which is Grulieren in German.

Take a look at the following examples to see how you can conjugate this act to congratulate someone on their achievement(s) (die Leistung or die Leistungen), or accomplishment(s) (der Erfolg or die Erfolge).

Tom gratuliert mir zu meinem Geburtstag.
Tom congratulates me on my birthday.

Ich gratuliere meiner Freundin zu ihren Erfolgen.
I congratulate my friend on her achievements.

Um mir zu meinen Leistungen zu gratulieren, nahm mich meine Tante zum Abendessen mit.
To congratulate me on my achievements, my aunt took me to dinner.

All these milestones and events occur over a lifetime. Our celebrations can vary in many things as well. Sometimes you just want to say a quick congratulations while other times it takes more fun.

If you're just looking for a quick and obligatory "congratulations," use the phrase "Glückwünsche zu." 

Whatever event you mark it on, it comes after zu and takes the status of the original state. . Here are some examples of events we've talked about:

Glückwünsche zu deiner Hochzeit.
Congratulations on your wedding.

Glückwünsche zu deinen neuer Job.
Congratulations for your new job.

Glückwünsche zu deiner Beförderung.
Congratulations on your promotion.

Glückwünsche zu dein neues Baby.
Congratulations for your newborn.

Glückwünsche zu dein neues Haus.
Congratulations on your new home.

Glückwünsche zu deinem Ruhestand.
Congratulations on your retirement.

Whatever the reason for the celebration, you should now have the tools and vocabulary you need to express congratulations in German. The best way to offer congratulations varies from person to person, but honesty is key. So whatever you say, no matter how you look, offer congratulations as if you were the receiving party.

Often achieving your goals is a daunting journey, but when it's time to celebrate, reward yourself.

Whether you're sticking to an exercise routine, getting a certificate, providing the car you've always wanted or just passing a German language test, congratulations and appreciation are in order.

And don't forget that it's always polite to say "thank you" when you also receive congratulations. So I did well to master the art of congratulations. Now get out there and spread the positive!

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"Congratulations" in German! Your guide to German praise, greetings and good wishes

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