Subjects in German

In this article we will learn together about the names of the subjects in German Studienmaterialien auf Deutsch There are a lot of subjects that you can study in German that we will mention together below.

Subjects in German

There are many subjects in German that can be taught, of which we will mention the following:

  • Math Mathe
  • History Datum
  • Write Schreiben
  • Flag of Wissenschaft
  • Read lesen
  • Music Musik
  • Geography of Geographie
  • Biologie Biology
  • Foreign language fremde Sprache
  • Kunst Art
  • Physik Physics
  • Chemie Chemistry
  • Arabic Language Arabische Sprache
  • Philosophy Philosophie
  • Computer
  • German language deutsche Sprache
  • Math Mathe
  • General Studies Allgemeine Studien
  • Foreign Language Fremdsprache
  • Art die Kunst
  • Kunsthandwerk handicrafts
  • Stoffdesign fabric design
  • Sport Sport
  • Music Musik
  • Religion und Moral
  • Cultural material kulturelles material
  • Media Medien
  • Health die Gesundheit
  • Wert values
  • Sustainable Development Nachhaltige Entwicklung

Secondary education in Germany

This stage begins after the primary stage and is divided into a lower level and a higher level, the lessons offered at the lower level are preparation and qualification to reach the higher level.

Names of subjects taught in German secondary schools

  • sport sport
  • German language deutsche Sprache
  • Foreign LanguageFremdsprache
  • Math Mathe
  • Self-development Selbstentwicklung
  • Social Responsibility Soziale Verantwortung
  • Demokratie Democracy

German institutions of higher education

  • Technical Universities Technische Universitäten
  • Public universities Öffentliche Universitäten
  • Universities of Education Pädagogische Hochschulen
  • Universities of Applied Sciences Fachhochschulen
  • Religious universities that follow the church Religiöse Universitäten, die der Kirche
  • Faculties of Music and Arts Hochschulen für Musik und Kunst
  • Institutions that can offer dual studies Einrichtungen, die ein duales Studium anbieten können
  • Institutions belonging to the Federal Armed Forces Einrichtungen der Bundeswehr
  • Institutions for continuing professional education Einrichtungen der beruflichen Weiterbildung

Higher German Education Qualifications

  • BSC Bachelor
  • Master's Meister
  • PhD PhD

Certificates that can be obtained from universities in Germany

  • Bachelor of Law
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Engineering Bachelor im Ingenieurwesen
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Music Bachelor of Music
  • Bachelor of Education

German-language subjects offered by German universities and institutes

German-language subjects offered by German universities and institutes
German-language subjects offered by German universities and institutes

We provide you with German language instruction from scratch through the following:

Languages, Sports and Humanities

  • Philosophie Philosophy
  • Archäologie archaeology
  • Theologie Theologie
  • History of Datum
  • Science and history of music Die Wissenschaft und Geschichte der Musik
  • Art history of Kunstgeschichte
  • Theaterwissenschaft theatrical studies
  • Bildung Education
  • Languages and Literature Sprachen und Literatur
  • Library Science Bibliothekswissenschaften
  • Medienwissenschaften Media Studies
  • Psychologie
  • Sport Sport
  • Documentation Science Dokumentationswissenschaften
  • Social Sciences Sozialwissenschaften
  • Economics Wirtschaft
  • Law das Gesetz
  • Management Science Managementwissenschaften
  • Political Science Politikwissenschaft

Subjects in German Mathematics and Physics

  • Physik Physics
  • Chemie Chemistry
  • Biochemie Biochemistry
  • Biologie Biology
  • Math Mathe
  • Earth Sciences Geologie
  • Opposite Gegenleistung
  • Informatik Computer Science

Fourth: Medication Medizin

  • Human Medicine Humanmedizin
  • Veterinary Medicine Tiermedizin
  • Dentistry Zahnmedizin

Fifth: The Science of Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry

  • Forestry Operation
  • Agrartechnik Agricultural Engineering
  • Nutrition Science Ernährungswissenschaft

Sixth: Engineering Sciences

  • Tiefbau Civil Engineering
  • Elektrotechnik Electrical Engineering
  • Structure Gebäude
  • Geodäsie Geodesy
  • Umwelttechnologie Environment Technology
  • Maschinenbau Mechanical Engineering
  • Mining Bergbau
  • Transport and Traffic Studies Verkehrs- und Verkehrsstudien
  • Chemieingenieurwesen Chemical Engineering

Programs offered by equal institutes and German universities for bachelor's scholarships

  • Engineering Sciences Ingenieurwissenschaften
  • Law das Gesetz
  • Social Sciences Sozialwissenschaften
  • Economy Wirtschaft
  • Languages Sprachen
  • Humanities Geisteswissenschaften

Fields taught at German universities of applied sciences

  • Forestry and Agriculture Forst- und Landwirtschaft
  • Social Work Sozialdienst
  • Engineering Sciences Ingenieurwissenschaften
  • Economic Law Wirtschaftsrecht
  • Public Administration and Administration of Justice Öffentliche Verwaltung und Rechtspflege
  • Information Technology Informationstechnik
  • Designed by Entwurf
  • Natural Sciences Naturwissenschaft
  • ·         Nursing Pflege
  • Study of Communication and Information Kommunikation und Information studieren

Bachelor's degree in Germany Bachelor in Deutschland

The time limit for a student to study a bachelor's degree in Germany is about three full academic years or six semesters.

The conditions required for a student to obtain a bachelor's degree in universities in Germany

  • The student must have completed the entire high school stage without any deficiency at this stage.
  • The student is also required to obtain a certificate proving that he has completed secondary school in full.
  • The student must pass any admission test in any of the German universities.
  • Any international student applying to study at German universities must be fully familiar with the German language.

Master's degree in Germany Masterstudium in Deutschland

This qualification takes about 2 to 4 semesters to complete, but it helps in learning more German.

The conditions required for a student to obtain a master's degree in universities in Germany

  • The student must have obtained a bachelor's degree which relates to the main study.
  • The student takes the admission test for the basic study in the fields of the arts.
  • The student must have a high competence for basic study in the fields of arts.
  • There must be proof of work experience for at least one year.

Subjects in German "PhD Degree"

  • This program is only taught by a student who has obtained a higher qualification and may be obtained either from German universities or even from other similar institutions in cooperation with other non-university research institutes.
  • There is no specific period for a student to complete his doctoral study, as this specialization is considered more individual and deeper than other disciplines.

The conditions required for a student to obtain a doctorate degree in universities in Germany

  • The student must have obtained a master's degree issued by institutions, universities or even universities similar to universities of applied sciences or any of the other institutions.
  • The student must have obtained a bachelor's degree in the required specialization in the case of the applicant has obtained the accepted qualification.

German-language subjects are one of the goals pursued by many people as Germany has about 450 universities and offers about 18,000 different study programs.

Students who have enrolled in German universities may number about a quarter of a million students at these universities.

The subjects in German have many advantages, but the most important advantages are that they give the student after obtaining the graduation certificate a residence in Germany up to about a year and a half in order to be able to get a job in his field.

Thus, we have finished writing this article, in which we talked and mentioned the subjects in German, and all the subjects that the student studies in Germany from primary education to the doctoral degree, and at the end of this article I hope that he has benefited you and won your admiration.


Subjects in German