Spice names in German

Names of spices In German, you can learn German from scratch and learn about an encyclopedia of the names of spices and spices that are customary and used daily through the Knowledge Cave website.

Spice names in German
Spice names in German

Spice names in German

How to learn German from scratch by getting acquainted with the names of spices in German Here are the following points:

Which exist in our daily lives as follows:

  • Schnittlauch lemongrass
  • Zitronengräser Green Onion
  • Frühlingszwiebeln onion
  • Zwiebel Ginger
  • Knoblauch garlic
  • Kurkuma Turmeric
  • Schalotte Leek
  • Olive Olive
  • Nelke Carnation
  • Basilikumbashan
  • Minzblätter mint leaves
  • Lorbeerblätter bay leaves
  • Rosmarin rosemary

Names of spices in German

Names of spices in German
Names of spices in German

You can recognize most of the spices that you can pronounce daily, namely:

  • Die Kräuter Herbs
  • Die Gewürze Spice
  • Die Vanille Vanilla
  • Die Muskatnuss nutmeg
  • Die Muskatblüte nutmeg shell
  • Die Gelbwurz turmeric
  • Der Kreuzkümmel cumin
  • Die Kräutermischung Herbal Bouquet
  • Der Piment love spices
  • Das Pfefferkorn Black Pepper Seeds
  • Der Bockshornklee Circuit
  • Der Chili Chili
  • Full Ganz
  • Zerstoßen coarse powder
  • Gemahlen powder
  • Geraspelt Peels
  • Der Safran Saffron
  • Der Kardamom Hill in German
  • Das Currypulver Curry Powder
  • Der Paprika Sweet Pepper
  • Der Knoblauch garlic
  • Die Stangen Chopsticks
  • Der Zimt cinnamon
  • Das Zitronengras Limestone
  • Die Gewürznelke Carnation
  • Der Sternanis Anison
  • Der Ingwer Ginger
  • Die Kräuter Herbs
  • Der Fenchel fennel
  • Das Lorbeerblatt bay leaf
  • Die Petersilie Parsley
  • Der Schnittlauch chives
  • Die Minze Mint
  • Der Thymian Thyme
  • Der Salbei sage
  • Der Estragon Tarragon
  • Der Majoran marjoram
  • Das Basilikum Basil
  • Die Gewürze Spice
  • Die Gelbwurz turmeric
  • Der Kreuzkümmel Cummins
  • Der Bockshornklee Circuit
  • Der Zimt cinnamon
  • Die Gewürznelke Carnation
  • Der Ingwer Ginger
  • Der Thymian Thyme
  • Das Basilikum Basil
  • Der Pfeffer Pepper
  • Das Salz Salt
  • Die Pfeffermühle Spice Mill
  • Der Essig vinegar
  • Das OlivenölOlive oil
  • Der/Das KetchupKetchUp
  • Der Senf mustard
  • Die Mayonnaise Mayonnaise
  • Die Sojasoße soy sauce

Coriander in German

It gives a different flavor to the food and is used by all segments of society.

German ginger Ingwer

Added to cinnamon, as used by some in thinness, gives a strong and effective result in a short time.

Cumin in German Kreuzkümmel

Cumin has been used since ancient times in cooking and gives a wonderful and distinctive flavor.

Anise in German Anis

A relaxing and relaxing beverage, it is also used in times of the menstrual cycle and reduces the pain spread in the body.

German thyme Za'atar

A distinctive spice that has a menu dedicated to food, thyme strengthens memory and is used in most recipes to raise the immune system.

Marjoram in German Majoran

Marjoram was once known for its multiple treatments.

Here we are done with the names of spices in German in a way that we want to get to know what is going on with your thoughts.

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Spice names in German