Names of paint tools in German

In this lesson, we will learn a variety of names of paint tools in German . We will explore how to talk about art creation as well as appreciate art in German.

Names of paint tools in German

So let's simply focus on how art is created, the pots required, and the kind of expressions that visual art can have. First, we will take some time to study the following crucial vocabulary related to art. Next, we will pay a pleasant visit to a resident artist of the Junge Kuenstler Foundation ("Young Artists") in Berlin.

Names of paint tools in German
Names of paint tools in German
die Kunstdee KunztArt
das Atelierdahs Ah-teh-LEERStudio
die Malereidee Mah-leh-RIYDrawing
das Museumdahs Mu-SEH-ummuseum
die Ausstellungdie OWS-steh-lungGallery
malenMAH-lehnFor painting
zeichnenZIY-sch-nehnTo draw
das Bilddahs BihldDrawing
das Oelbilddahs OEHL-bihldOil painting
das Aquarelldahs Ah-kvah-rehllWatercolor
der Pinseldehr PIHN-sehlBrush
die Palettedee Pah-LEHT-tuhPlate
die Farbendee FAHR-behnThe colors
der Malerdehr MAH-lehrpaint
der Kuenstlerdehr KUEN-stlehrArtist
das Toepferndahs TOEP-fehrnPottery
das Handwerkdas HAHND-vehrkCraft, manual labor
erschaffenehr-SHAF-fehnLet's make or innovate
moderne Kunstmoh-DEHR-nuh KunztModern Art
die Kunstgaleriedee Kunzt-gah-leh-REEShowroom
die Landschaftdee LAHND-shahftLandscape
das Portraitdahs Pohr-TRIYTPlate
Names of paint tools in German

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The Tempting World of Art

The Tempting World of Art

Art, translated into Kunst in German, is a vast, colorful and fascinating field of knowledge and a form of free creative expression. Was aber ist Kunst? ("However what is art?"), you may ask. It is not easy to answer this question, and the world-famous artist Pablo Picasso will agree to say: Sie erwarten von mir, daß ich Ihnen sage, daß ich Ihnen definiere: Was ist Kunst? ("You expect me to tell you, that I know you: what is art?") iWenn ich es wüßte, würde ich es für mich behalten. ("If I knew I would keep it to myself.")

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Now that you've taken a closer look at some of the important terms related to art, let's see the terms you can learn about from our visit to Gabriel von Gusto, a jungen Kuenstler ("Young Artist") from Heidelberg, who is currently participating in the Kunstfoerderprogramm program "Art Sponsorship Program") in Berlin.


Vocabulary of German art

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