Names for the lover in German

Names for the German lover Namen für den Liebhaber are one of the topics that are frequently researched, because we all seek to show feelings of love and adoration in all languages, because the expression of feelings is not limited to a specific language, love and feelings can be expressed in more than one language and more than one way, and there are also phrases when said that are strong evidence of the existence of feelings of love, and these phrases are said between loved ones as well as couples.

Names for the lover in German

Names for the lover in German
Names for the lover in German

From now on you can learn German from scratch, as many girls are looking for pseudonyms to use to record the numbers of loved ones, letters or even couples, because these names illustrate the bond and strong relationship between them, and also be evidence of strong feelings that bind them together.

These names are only specific to the beloved because he is a special person in the life of his beloved, and one of the most prominent names that are used to name the beloved on the phone we find the following:

  • My new age: mein neues Zeitalter.
  • Habibi: mein Schatz.
  • Sweetheart : Liebhaberherz.
  • Heart Life: Herzleben.
  • Eyes of my heart: Augen meines Herzens.
  • My heartbeat : Der Puls meines Herzens.
  • The fruit of my life: Frucht meines Lebens.
  • National: National.
  • My refuge: meine Zuflucht.
  • My protection: beschütze mich.
  • Sindi: Seden.
  • Derby's companion: Mein Derby-Begleiter.
  • The reason for my happiness: Grund meines Glücks.
  • Amani : Wünscht sich.
  • Universal: meine Welt.
  • My heart's beloved: Liebling meines Herzens.
  • Love of my life: Die Liebe meines Lebens.
  • Sweetheart of Omari: Liebe meines Lebens.
  • My Girl: mein Mädchen.
  • My bucket: Auf Wiedersehen.
  • Lonely as the moon: Einsam wie der Mond.
  • The joy of my life: Freude meines Lebens.
  • Sweetheart: Schatz.
  • Light of the eye: Augenlicht.
  • The pulse of my life: der Puls meines Lebens.
  • Wäss mein Herz.
  • Sun Ayami: die sonne meiner tage.
  • Moon Nights: Mondnächte.
  • My gem: mein Juwel.
  • My inviolable Durti: Mein konservierter Durti.
  • My heart's daughter: Mädchen meines Herzens.
  • My princess: meine Prinzessin.
  • My beloved daughter: mein mädchen meine liebe
  • My spoiled child: Mein verwöhntes Kind
  • My Partner : mein Partner
  • Prince of Lovers: Prinz der Liebenden.
  • Beating heart: Herzschlag.
  • Youth decorations: Schmuck der Jugend.
  • Prince of my heart: Prinz meines Herzens.
  • Sweetheart: Liebesherz.
  • Light of the eye: Augenlicht.
  • Amiri: Fürstlich.
  • Soltani: meine Schüssel.
  • My companion: Mein Begleiter.
  • Beloved heart: Liebling Herz.
  • The joy of my life: die Freude meines Lebens
  • Heart Cheer: Herzschlag
  • Dream of a Lifetime: Ein Lebenstraum
  • Whisper of Feelings: Flüstern der Gefühle
  • My beloved wife: Meine geliebte Frau
  • See Sensor: sensibel fühlen
  • Mother of my children : Mutter meiner Kinder
  • My first child: mein erstes baby
  • My Partner : mein Partner
  • Lady of the House: Hausfrau
  • My new age: mein neues Zeitalter.
  • Sweetheart: Liebesherz.
  • Life of My Heart: Das Leben meines Herzens
  • Mango My Life: Mango mein Leben.
  • Habib Aini: Liebe meine Augen.
  • National: National.
  • The Light of My Heart: Licht meines Herzens.
  • Habib Ayami: Liebhaber meiner Tage.
  • The Light of My Heart : Licht meines Herzens
  • Whole Love: Die ganze Liebe.
  • True Love: Wahre Liebe.
  • Omari: das Alter.
  • Prince of Lovers: Prinz der Liebenden.
  • Beating heart:. Herzschlag
  • Lover of a Lifetime: Die Liebe meines Lebens.
  • Habibi: mein Schatz.
  • Dear darling: mein lieber schatz.
  • My heart: Mein Herz.
  • With you my heart: mit dir mein Herz.
  • Habib Ayami : Liebhaber meiner Tage
  • My life partner: . Mein Lebenspartner
  • My eyes: meine Augen.
  • Eyes of the Heart: Die Augen des Herzens
  • Baby: Baby
  • Spoiled : verwöhnt
  • My age: das Alter
  • My heart: Mein Herz
  • Slender Sense: Empfidlich
  • Oxygen: oxy
  • The light of my eyes : das licht meiner augen
  • My eyes are shining : aus den Augen verlieren
  • Waitini: Teeny
  • Rohi: meine Seele
  • The heart of his beloved: Liebstes Herz
  • Love of my life: Die Liebe meines Lebens
  • Habib Layali : Nächte Liebhaber
  • My husband: mein Ehemann
  • My dear husband: Lieber Ehemann
  • My Partner : Partner meines Lebens
  • Sweetheart: Liebesherz
  • My Companion: Mein Begleiter
  • My Life : mein Leben
  • The Dream of My Lifetime: Mein Lebenstraum
  • My Life Partner: Mein Lebenspartner
  • The Sun of My Life: Die Sonne Meines Lebens
  • The Light of My Eyes : Das Licht meiner Augen
  • The Light of My Life: Licht meines Lebens
  • My spoiled child: Mein verwöhntes Kind
  • My Eternal Love: Ewige Liebe
  • All Love: Die Ganze Liebe
  • My love: Meine Liebe
  • Amiri : Fürstlich
  • Master of Men: Herr der Männer
  • The most affectionate person: freundlichste Person
  • The Love of My Heart: liebe mein Herz
  • My heartbeat : Der Puls meines Herzens
  • Crazy My Life: verrückt mein Leben.
  • My livelihood in life: Mein Lebensunterhalt vom Leben
  • My sweet share: mein süßer anteil
  • All Life: das ganze Leben
  • My next age: mein nächstes leben
  • Beloved Heart: Liebling Herz
  • My lover: mein Liebhaber
  • My heart's delight : die Freude meines Herzens
  • Sir : mein Herr
  • My leg: Mein Mann
  • My protection : beschütze mich

The word my love in German

mein Schatz

The word my love in German

Meine Liebe

Many men want to have a beautiful nickname to give to their girlfriends when registering their numbers on mobile.

Because these nicknames show how much love and admiration a man has for his beloved.

It is the most prominent name that is used to spoil the beloved and shows the amount of feelings and love.

I miss you in German

Ich habe dich vermisst

There are a lot of names that are used as a dalal for the beloved, and they are also used to name the beloved on the mobile phone, and one of the most important and famous names of these dalala is as follows.

My heart is in German

Mein Herz

Some men have a great desire to assign a distinctive name and a connotation to their wives with other pseudonyms, in order to show love and feelings within them.

Good morning dear in German.

Good morning dear in German.
Good morning dear in German.

Guten Morgen, meine Liebe

The Arabic language is one of the languages full of meanings and vocabulary many carry beautiful meanings, and these meanings are used in the launch of the names of Dala for the beloved 2022, the fiancé and the husband as well, because the second party in the relationship has great importance and therefore must be allocated by the name of Dala of its own, and the vocabulary and meanings in the Arabic language can be translated into German, and the most prominent of these names translated to the German language we find the following.

There are a lot of nicknames that are used as names for the lover in German to name the lover and lover and can be called on the phone as a kind of privacy.

The soul of my heart is in German

meine herzseele

The names of the beloved in German that wives use to spoil their husbands are large and multiple, so each wife can choose the one that suits her husband in terms of his personality, character and how much she loves him.

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حياتي بالالماني

mein Leben

روحي بالالماني

meine Seele


Names for the lover in German