Food in German

The use of nutrients is one of the necessities used by the body, so how can you order a specific commodity from food and fluent in the use of the German language easily and fluently, it is known that it is used to provide the body with various food sources, whether plant or animal alike, which includes a different percentage of sugar other than fat in addition to a different mixture of protein and vitamin and do not forget to supply it with minerals as well.

Food in German
Food in German

Learn about the classification of food in German

In the following lines, you will learn about a comprehensive encyclopedia that represents an importance for you in learning German and the inclusion of the most important basics of the language, namely:

Staple foods

Which requires its presence at home daily and is as follows:

MItem NameGerman Translation
1.Breaddas Brot
2.Black wheat breadschwarzes Weizenbrot
3Sweet cakesüßer Kuchen
4.Live comfortablylebe spaß
5.Thin breaddünnes Brot
6.Oat breadHaferbrot
7Whole grain breadVollkornbrot
8Wheat breadWeizenbrot
Food in German

Second, dairy is on the food list.

These include the following:

  1. Milchprodukte dairy
  2. Kuhmilch cow's milk
  3. Buffelmilch milk
  4. Yogurt Ripe Milchstrahl
  5. Ziegenmilch goat milk
  6. Joghurt yogurt
  7. Käse cheese
  8. Coconut Kokosnuss
  9. Vegetable milk Pflanzenmilch
  10. Eier Eggs
  11. Spiegeleier fried eggs
  12. Eiertee tea eggs

Miscellaneous and basic goods and foodstuffs

  1. Tee Tea
  2. Kaffee Coffee
  3. Vanille
  4. Salziger Käse salty cheese
  5. British cheese Britischer Käse
  6. French cheese Französischer Käse
  7. Italian cheese Italienischer Käse
  8. Honey Schatz
  9. Tahini Tahini
  10. Sauce Die Soße

Nutrients associated with legumes

Nutrients associated with legumes
Nutrients associated with legumes

We find a group of legumes on the list of nutrients and they are as follows:

MItem NameTranslation to German
1.Riceder Reis
13Riceder Reis
14maltgerade noch
15Al, Fasdaqdie Aufregung

Plants used in the list of nutrients in German

Plants become useful and distinctive whether they are used in cooking or salads and whether they are salty or have a sweet taste and we find the following ones:

  • Apple Apfel
  • Grapes Weintrauben
  • Bananas die Banane
  • Strawberry Die Erdbeere
  • Lemon Zitrone
  • Tomaten Tomaten
  • Pear Birne
  • Guave Guave
  • Plum Pflaume
  • Beeren berries
  • Carrots Möhren
  • Eggplant Aubergine
  • Option Möglichkeit
  • Lemon Zitrone
  • Taro Taro
  • Carrots Möhren
  • Sellerie celery
  • Parsley Petersilie
  • Potatoes Kartoffeln
  • Potatoes Kartoffel
  • Pomegranate Granatapfel
  • Mushrooms Pilz

Seafood on the Featured Food List

It consists of:

oystersCrabCodTunaShrimpTilapiaMoses fish
SwordfishCrabSalmonMusselspiasterSniperSmall fish

Meat names in German

Yes, we will learn together about the most famous names of meat in German, as man by nature can not eat any food except authorized and well prepared and in the succession of civilizations made available types of meat in German , of which we find the following:

Meat names in German
Meat names in German
  • Ziegenfleisch goat meat
  • Schweinfleisch pork
  • Mashiba-Fleisch Mashaibeh Meat
  • Geflügelfleisch poultry meat
  • Hamburger Hamburger
  • Kebab Kebab
  • Hühnchengerichte chicken dishes
  • Fleischgerichte meat dishes

The most famous German meals with the best nutrients

Lebanese food is one of the most famous cuisines based on pickled cabbage and beer as a basis in food, in addition to sausages where a large number of tourists come to experience the famous German food.

In addition, all places in the country have the same tradition as the main course offered, which meets the taste of the individual for its diversity and distinctive shape in addition to its delicious taste.

Germany Signature Foods Guide

There are a lot of distinctive and famous dishes we find for example:

German sausage with a traditional taste Bratwurst

You can order it as it is one of the most popular and famous foods made from pork, which is chopped and added pickles as a side dish or distinctive sausages such as potatoes or potatoes.

It is possible to add ketchup with radish or bread

Do you know what a German Schnitzel is? Schnitzel

One of the dishes that is very popular in Germany and in which there is a distinctive range of forms.

It is a Schnitzel calf that is called by another surname, Vina Schnitzel, or a third designation, "Chentzel pork".

It becomes slices of meat taken from the hip of animals and fried or grilled.

The dish is served in the form of Hamburg-Chintezel with eggs and onions, topped with radish and some slices of salty cucumbers.

Mulchin prepared from the wonderful food multshn

Everyone wants to taste a large number of the most famous German foods to know what they make and they have another name called dumplings.

It contains minced meat in addition to the ingredients of various meats such as bacon and pork and some of the good vegetables and spices all contained in the broth of delicious beef.

The most delicious food German meatballs Königsberger Klopse

Tourists want to eat meatballs that are customary in Russia, which is one of the most important foods that need to be tried while in Germany.

Especially during the XIX century you can get them wrapped and ready through the supermarket in Germany.

Do you know what the food in Valcher Haci is? Falscher Hase

Delicious foods in Germany contain the highest nutrient values we mentioned earlier, such as onions and potatoes as well as eggs.

It is chopped together, as it became famous during World War III when there was no food, making it the most popular food in Germany, especially on Sundays.

Briner Eisbein

Germany's favorite diet, an Eastern German food, is truly special for meat lovers.

You can cook pork through beer, and then add the onions, as well as put berries, juniper and spices that add great taste.

This German dish is also large enough for three people, served with a combination of sauerkraut and peas.

Meet Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte food

This signature dish is a sponge cake that contains delicious nuts, topped with whipped cream.

Inside it we find cherries soaked in a mixture of bitter chocolate, and it is classified as one of the most famous German cuisines.

Manufactured in 1915 and made in several layers by making Pavraya and Mr. Joseph and decorating it with plenty of chocolate, delicious cream and a covered assortment of cherries.

Hence it became accustomed to it inside Germany and was considered a famous German classic recipe that is eaten by all countries

The most important spices in German

They are as follows:

  • Cumin Kümmel
  • Chili chili
  • Pepper Pfeffer
  • Salt das Salz

Follow with us an upcoming encyclopedia in the German language, our motto is to know the diligent and learn, we were with a complete model from a list of the most famous German foodstuffs.


Food in German

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