Names of fish in German

Names of fish in German There is in a number of oceans or a group of rivers and other bodies of water a group of the finest forms of fish with a combination of attractive colors for the seer, and the places of living fish vary in a number of countries in addition to their different weights Let's get acquainted with a distinctive group of the best types of fish through the site of the Cave of Knowledge.

Names of fish in German
Names of fish in German

Names of fish in German

One of the basics of the German language is to get acquainted with a variety of fish as follows:

German LanguageTranslation into Arabic
der AalConger
der AitelSqualius cephalus is a European species of freshwater fish in the family of carp Cyprinidae.
die AlseThe American Shade is a species of abnormal clupeid fish that is naturally scattered on the North American coast of the North Atlantic, from Newfoundland to Florida, and as a species introduced on the North Pacific coast.
die Anschovis (-)
die Sardelle (-n)
The European anchovies are a fodder fish that is somewhat associated with herring. It is a kind of anchovies. Anchovies are placed in the Engraulidae family. It lives off the coasts of Europe and Africa, including the Mediterranean, Black Sea and Azov Seas.
die ÄscheThymallus thymallus, gray or European gray, is a species of freshwater fish in the Salmonidae salmon family.
die Bachforelle/
der Bachsaibling
Trout is a species of freshwater fish of the genus Shar Salvelinus of the Salmonidae family.
das BachneunaugeGalactics are an ancient existing breed of jawless fish of the order Petromezoneformes, placed in the superlayer Cyclostomata.
die BarbeThe barrels are a group of small freshwater, carp-like fish, almost all of which are of the genus Barbus.
der Barrakuda (-s)Barcuda, or coda in short, is a large predatory fish with radial fins known for its frightening appearance and fierce behavior.
der BarschBass is a name shared by many species of fish.
der BleiAbramis
der Blutegel (-)Beating
die Brachse
Blei, Brasse, Breitling
der ButtFlounder, salmon
der DorschCod, Atlantic cod
der DöbelSqualius cephalus is a European species of freshwater fish in the family of carp Cyprinidae. It frequents slow and medium rivers, as well as canals and static water of various kinds. This species is referred to as common choub, European chop or simply choub.
der DelphinDolphin
der Egel (-)Beating
die Elritze (-n)Balma
der fliegende Fischflying fish
die Flunder (-n)Flounder, salmon
der FlussbarschPerch fish is the most common carnivorous fish in small ponds, lakes, streams or rivers.
der FlusskrebsCrayfish, lobsters and locusts of the same animal. The term you use a lot may depend on where you live.
die Forelle
Trout are species of freshwater fish belonging to the genera Oncorhynchus, Salmo and Salvelinus, all of which are from the subfamily Salmoninae of the Salmonidae family.
der GabeldorschThe largest spiny beard is considered a commercial fish … Being associated with cod and hake, the larger spinal beard is edible and has some commercial value.
die Garnele (-n)Shrimp
Gestreifte MeerbarbeOn the coast of northwest Florida and Alabama, this mullet, called striped mullet or black, is often a specialty of seafood restaurants.
der GoldbuttPlaice is a common name for a group of flattened fish consisting of four species: European, American, Alaska and bird fish.
der Goldfisch (-e)Goldfish
die GoldstriemeSarba Salba, known as Dream Fish, Salima, Sliema Borge, Abraham or Goldline, is a species of bream, recognizable by golden lines
der GuppyGobi (Poecilia reticulata), also known as millionaire fish and rainbow fish
die Groppe/KoppeThe European bull is one of the freshwater fish that is widespread in Europe, especially in rivers. He is a member of the Cottidae family, a kind of scalpin. It is also known as the thumb of the miller, freshwater scalpin, and the joint head.
der Gründling (-e)Gudgeon is the common name for a number of small freshwater fish of the Butidae, Cyprinidae, Eleotridae or Ptereleotridae families.
der GiebelPrussian carp is a species of invasive fish in areas outside its original presence.
der GrauhaiThe gray coral shark is a species of sacred shark, in the family of Carcharhinidae.
der Haddocksmoked haddock
der Haifisch
der Grauhai
Weißer Hai

The gray
shark, the big white shark.
der HechtThe northern pike (Esox lucius) is a species of carnivorous fish of the genus Esox (bayonets).
der HeilbuttHalibut is the common name of three flat fish in the genera Hypoglycos and Reinhardtius of the family of the backwards of the right eye
der Hechtbarsch
der Zander
The sander (Sander lucioperca), Sander or pikeperch, is a species of radial fin fish of the Percidae family
der HeringHerring is a forage fish, most often belonging to the Clupeidae family. Salted fish
der HornhechtLaurel is sometimes referred to as "garbike", but it is not closely related to the pike belonging to the Esocidae fish family.
der Hummer (-)Lobsters are a family (Nephropidae, sometimes Homeridae too) of large marine crustaceans.
der Kabeljau(Jados Morhua)
der Kalmar (-e)
der Riesentintenfisch
die KarauscheCarp
der KarpfenCarp is a different species of oily freshwater fish of the Cyprinidae family,
der Katzenhai (-e)Sea Dog
der KaulbarschRAV
die Kliesche (-n)Common rhyme has a similar appearance to both salmon and flounder, and similarly both eyes are naturally on the right side of its body.
die Krabbe (-n)Shrimp
die Krabbe (-n)
der Taschenkrebs (-e)
der Krake
der Tintenfisch

Klasse: Kopffüßer (pl.)
der Krebs (-e)Crustaceans
der Kofferfisch (-e)Beef burger is made from 1/2 pound of natural beef,
der Kuhfisch (-e)cowfish
der LachsSalmon
die Laube
die Ukelei
The common gloomy (Alburnus alburnus) is a small, coarse, freshwater fish from the Cypriot family.
die MakreleMackerel
die MeeräscheFlat-headed gray mullet
die Meerbarbe
Gestreifte Meerbarbe
Sultan Ibrahim Fish
Meeresfrüchte (pl.)Sea Food
der MondfischSunfish
die NaseThe nose (Latin nose; ancient Greek ῥίς rhís) is a vertebrate organ in anatomy
das Neunauge
das Bachneunauge
das Flussneunauge
Galactic/læmpreɪz is an ancient existing breed of jawless fish of the order Petromyzontiformes
das PlanktonEctophane plankton are eggs and larvae of fish
die ScholleA small-sized fish is a flattened fish of the Pleuronectidae family.
der Schwamm (Schwämme)Sponge
der weiße ThunAlbacore (Thunnus alalunga), also known as long-finned tuna, is a type of tuna of the order Perceformes.
der WelsCatfish (or catfish; order Siluriformes / sɪˈljʊərɪfɔːrmiːz / or Nematognathi) is a variety of radial fin fish.
der ZackenbarschFor other uses, see grouper (disambiguation). … Groupers are fish of any number of
der Zander
der Hechtbarsch
Xander (Sander Lucioberca), Sander or Bekebrich
  • Siamesischer betta-fisch (Kämpfer)
  • Cardinal Kardinalfisch
  • Lion fish Feuerfisch
  • Diskusfische
  • Shush Fisch fish
  • Butterfly Falterfisch
  • Flammenfisch flame
  • Clownfisch Fish
  • Fully ossified fish voll verknöcherter Fisch
  • Full-ossified fish voll verknöcherter Fisch

Snake-shaped fish schlangenförmiger Fisch

Lachs Salmonia Fish

Karpfen carp fish

Scorpion fish Skorpionfisch

Perciform Perciform

Ethereinform Ethereinform

Fish names in German and their prices Die teuersten Fischarten und ihre Preise

There are a variety of fish that are caught by a variety of people, as well as the most expensive species in the water in the form of a swarm, where many people fish to earn or create a business and from here we get acquainted with the most expensive fish, namely:

Basler Fisch

It is spread in the Caribbean Sea for about 400 feet, is mainly founded on crustaceans, and reaches a price of about $ 10,000.

Platinum aroana Arowana Platinfisch

It has a platinum color, especially from a golden color characterized by the crusts, and is classified among the highest priced fish species where it becomes endangered and has reached $ 400,000.

Permint Angel fish Dauerhafter Kaiserfisch

Featured in places containing coral reefs in a range of places with a depth of up to 390 feet, the price reaches about $30,000.

Spotted stingray fish Gefleckter Stachelrochen

It has a completely black color in addition to a white color, males become less than females and the female reaches a length of about 15 inches, while the average sale rate is about $ 100,000.

Names of fish in German in Morocco Die Namen der Fischarten in Marokko

These are as follows:

fish Kaulquappe

One of the most common types of fish found in the State of Morocco, which depends on worms in addition to shells, is also characterized by a kind of extreme intelligence that stands out by obtaining a quality of food and may weigh up to 6 kilograms of grams.

Golden fish Goldfisch

It is one of the most expensive types of fish in terms of IQ in addition to having a sharp and intense memory, and this is contrary to what many claim that its memory is weak not more than 3 seconds, and remembers what often happens even if it is a year, as it knows the dates of food and is one of the names of distinctive decorations.

Sardinenfisch sardines

One of the species recognized in Morocco, in addition to being one of the most expensive species eaten by the citizen and obtained from Sardinia specifically on a nearby island, for this matter is called the name and reaches a length of about 20 cm, and is famous in Morocco.

Haie Cherry

It is diversified in a large number, specifically in males, where growth is within 3 years, and for the female about 4 years and hatches every 3 days.

Mouse fish Mäusefisch

Its shape is quite similar to that of the fugitive, and is not very widespread in the Moroccan world and reaches a length of about 30 cm: 40 cm.

In addition, the width is 10: 20 cm and the average size is about 2: 5 kg.

Names of fish in German bone Arten von marinen Knochenfischen

Sea fish are found in a different area of salty and fresh places, in addition to being unable to create their body temperature, and are called cold-blooded.

The other number of these fish also becomes the same warm-blooded and customary (Oh) and reaches a length of 15 meters.

It has a very rigid skeleton, covered by scraps, as well as a strong protective shell in terms of the nostrils, which contributes to its strong self-defense.

Of these, the Rochenflossenfisch rayfin fish reach about 27 species and vary into 3 types, namely:

Osteochondraler Fisch

One of its advantages is that it is a primary radial in terms of fins, which reaches the range of cartilage fish for about 35 species:

Fully ossified fish voll verknöcherter Fisch

Full-ossified fish voll verknöcherter Fisch

Snake-shaped fish schlangenförmiger Fisch

Lachs Salmonia Fish

Karpfen carp fish

Scorpion fish Skorpionfisch

Perciform Perciform

Ethereinform Ethereinform

Names of fish in German river Arten von Flussfischen

They are classified among the calm and low-mobility fish, so they need to become very patient when catching them and they are as follows:

Shellan fishCatfishTilapiaBrown fishWhiteness
ChilifischWelsTilapiabrauner Fischweißer Fisch
Anoma fishIndigo snakefishCodMabrouka fishGrouper
Names of fish in German

Fish names in German in Saudi Arabia Fischarten in Saudi-Arabien

In contrast to the existence of a group of vast deserts within the country, there is a group of flats within the range of coasts of the Red Sea, as well as the Arabian Gulf, these species are represented in the following:

Surgeon Doktorfisch

Catfish Wels

Shark Der Hai

Lion fish Feuerfisch

Strahl Lipfish



Stone fish Steinfisch


Poetic poetisch

Types of fish in Egypt Fischarten in Ägypten

In Egypt there are various species in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean of various species and the Nile Lansi, we also find different lakes such as Burlus, Manzala, and Nasser, and Egypt contains many types, namely:

MThe nameGerman Translation
1.Mullet fishMeeräsche
4.Mabrouka fishKarpfen
5.Fish of reverenceZackenbarsch
8Fish pastaNudeln

Names of fish in German Schweizer Fischarten

One of the most wonderful places that testify to the best types of fish, is one of the cities that God has given to its owners and is famous for the taste of wonderful fish, which is:

Swiss shrimp Schweizer Garnelen

Oppressed fish unterdrückter Fisch

Catfish which is known as shark Der Wels, der als Hai bekannt ist


Parrot fish Papageienfisch

Epilepsy fish and whiteness mezze Slap Fisch und Bass


Chickfish Hühnerfisch

Louse fish and wick Laus- und Rattenfisch

Species of Alexandrian fish Alexandrinische Fischarten

This distinctive city is known and famous for its delicious and delicious taste that varies and varies due to what it contains:

Sea mullet Meerbarbe Fisch

Small crab kleine Krabbe

Grouper Zackenbarsch

Tadpoles Haifisch


Brachsen bream

Fish names in German in UAE Namen von Fischarten in den Emiraten

They vary into the following:

Nettodicke net fish

There is no peel throughout his body, and it is possible to eat it in certain varieties is grilling and frying, and it varies from different sizes and that you can easily buy.

Monkey fish Eisvogel

It is one of the fish that you get in different seasons, and we advise you to avoid having it for a long time in the freezer and it loses a set of features such as taste, and does not have peels in addition to the absence of thorns.

Nudeln capillary fish

Its price is affordable for everyone, it can be cooked in many ways, and there is a variety of sizes in addition to its length.

Bayah Fisch

It is a well-known mullet but its name varies in the UAE.

Float fish Schwimmfisch

Weighing in small sizes and about 12 cm in length, it is also made in a range of canned goods and is popular in most countries.


It tastes delicious and distinctive and reaches about 60 cm, and is of great benefit and value.

Names of the most famous fish in German for cooking Die beliebtesten Fischarten zum Kochen

There are different and varied types of it and they can be addressed in more than one way, which are as follows:

  • Albacore Thunfisch tuna
  • Großaugenthun Tuna
  • Blauflossenthunfisch bluefin tuna
  • Yellowfin tuna Gelbflossenthun
  • Salmon Lachs
  • Abu Seif Abou Seif
  • Sardine sardines
  • Cod Kabeljau
  • The Hymn Gesang
  • Puffy geschwollen
  • Heilbutt

You can now choose any of the types you prefer in addition to your learning that enables you to order the most delicious types in different countries easily, and these are simply part of learning German for beginners.


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