Face names in German

Today we will talk about an important lesson of the German language lesson which is the names of the face in GermanDeutsche Gesichtsnamen, where many who want to learn German search for facial terms to use while speaking German, and in order to be able to use words in the right way follow our lesson with us today, to ensure the speed of learning, and accuracy in the delivery of information.

Face names in German
Face names in German

Face names in German

There are many different words that can be used while expressing facial names in German Gesichtsteile, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Mole: das Mutterma
  • Freckles: die Sommersposse
  • Leather: die Haut
  • Pore: die Pore
  • Hair: das Haar
  • Usher: die Augenbraue
  • Nostril: das Nasenloch
  • Eyelash: die Wimper
  • Mouth: der Mund
  • Cheek: die Backe
  • Decoding: die Kinnlade
  • Flange: die Lippe
  • Temple: die Schläfe
  • Chin: das Kinn
  • Permission: das Ohr
  • Appointed: das Auge
  • Front: die Stirn
  • Curl: die Falte
  • Click: das Grübchen
  • Dimple: schneiden
  • Wrinkles: die Falten

The most important terms of facial names in German

There are some of the other facial names in German Deutsche Begriffe that relate to the face, and we will address these terms now:

  • comb: der Kamm
  • Brush: die Haarbürste
  • Hair dryer: der Föhn
  • Curl: der Zopf
  • Dandruff: die Schuppen
  • Air-dried: Föhnen
  • Coiffeur: die Friseurin
  • Cuts: schneiden
  • Hair dye: das Haarfärbemittel
  • Grease: fettig
  • Normal: normal
  • Dry: trocken

Cosmetic terminology in GermanKosmetika

There are many types of Kosmetika cosmetics that women use and today we will show some of their wordseinige Worte:

  • Intoxicating: die Wimperntusche
  • Face powder: der Gesichtspuder
  • Lip diagram: der Lippenkonturenstift
  • Eyebrow pencil: der Augenbrauenstift
  • Eyeliner: der Eyeliner
  • Lip gloss: das Lipgloss
  • Lipstick: das Lipgloss
  • Red for the cheek: das Rouge
  • Cleaning Mask: die Gesichtsmaske
  • Moisturizer: die Feuchtigkeitscreme
  • Peeling: Peeling
  • Facial cleanser :d er Gesichtsreiniger
  • Eye shading: der Lidschatten
  • Hair removal: die Enthaarung
  • Cotton balls: die Wattebällchen
  • Mirror: der Spiegel
  • Sensitive empfindlich

Some German sentences used in facial names in German

Face names in German are among the basics of the German language for beginners , through which we will know several sentences in German, used to express the face:

  • This is my face: das ist mein Gesicht
  • My face is beautiful: mein gesicht ist schön
  • I have two eyes: Ich habe zwei Augen
  • I have one nose: Ich habe eine Nase
  • My smile is beautiful: mein lächeln ist schön
  • I smell with my nose: ich rieche mit meiner Nase
  • I hear by my ears: Ich höre mit meinen Ohren
  • I see by my eyes: ich sehe mit meinen Augen
  • I eat through my mouth: Ich esse durch meinen Mund
  • I can close my eyes: Ich kann meine Augen schließen
  • My skin is sensitive: Ich habe empfindliche Haut
  • My skin is oily: Ich habe fettige Haut
  • My skin is normal: Meine Haut ist normal
  • My skin is dry: Meine Haut ist trocken
  • My skin is white: Meine Haut ist weiß
  • My skin is tanned: meine haut ist braun

Facial Plastic SurgeryPlastische Gesichtschirurgie in Germany

Facial Plastic SurgeryPlastische Gesichtschirurgie in Germany
Facial Plastic SurgeryPlastische Gesichtschirurgie in Germany

Germany is famous for facial area cosmetic procedures, where German doctors Deutsche Ärzte use the best modern technology in cosmetic procedures.

When going to Deutschland Land for a facelift, you should carefully select the das Krankenhaus Medical Center where the procedure will be performed.

Berlin is one of the German cities where cosmetic surgery is preferred, it is possible to perform a facelift-operation, as well as an eyelid correction Augenlidkorrektur, and rhinoplasty Nasenkorrektur.

You may find a lot of facial plastic surgery centers in the German city of Essener Stadt, it is a big city, and you will find a lot of plastic surgeons Schönheitschirurg there.

The price of cosmetic procedures in Germany also varies depending on the surgeon who will perform the operation, the place where the operation will be performed, and the type of anesthetic Narkose injected by the patient is one of the dividing lines in the price of the operation.

Some facial names in German related to cosmetic procedures Kosmetische Chirurgie

There are some facial names in German specifically, famous cosmetic surgeries that are performed in the country of Germany and these are some of them:

  • Chemical peeling: chemisches peeling
  • Laser facial treatment: Laser-Gesichtsbehandlung
  • Laser hair removal: Laser-Haarentfernung
  • Injection of the face with Botox or collagen: Gesichtsinjektionen mit Botox oder Kollagen
  • Treatment of vitiligo: Vitiligo-Behandlung
  • Laser treatment of the upper lip: Laserbehandlung der Oberlippe
  • Removal of facial scars: Gesichtsnarben entfernen
  • Nose reduction operation: Nasenverkleinerung
  • Lip Reduction: Lippenverkleinerung
  • Filler-Injektion unter den Augen
  • Filler-Injektionen für die Wangen

Features of the German face shape Deutsche Gesichtsform

The German face for both gal and women is characterized by white weiße Haut, white, and the softness of the facial skin Und die Weichheit der Gesichtshaut.

German eyes are also colored like the rest of the European race, spreading in Germany the color of blue eyes Blau, and Grün green.

Germans are known for their excessive handsomeness, to which all other nationalities are attracted from all other countries of the world.

It is known that Egyptians and Arabs migrating to Germany are mostly associated with German women because of the intensity of their beauty.

German beauty Deutsche Schönheit is unparalleled, and German women are characterized by the tenderness and intelligence that attracts men to them.

Advantages and disadvantages of cosmetic facial operations in Germany Deutschland Land

There are many advantages that people go for Plastische Gesichtschirurgie facelift in Germany, as well as there are some minor disadvantages Unwesentliche Mängel for these operations, including the following:

  • Germany is one of the countries that attracts the most people wishing to perform facial surgeries, as the level of medical care in the German state is high, and the tight control over government hospitals and private clinics is high.
  • Germany has all the devices and equipment that are specially made for cosmetic surgery, as the country of Germany is filled with many companies specialized in the manufacture of these devices and equipment at the highest level of accuracy.
  • The German doctor Deutscher Arzt is also one of the most competent doctors around the world.
  • German doctors are known for keeping patients' secrets Geheimnisse der Patienten, so no one can get any information about the patient's condition without their personal permission.
  • The prices for cosmetic facial procedures kosmetische Gesichtsoperationen are not expensive compared to other countries where such cosmetic procedures are performed.
  • Facial cosmetic procedures can be performed by all people in Germany, teenagers, adults and children can perform cosmetic operations at any time, any age, the absolute freedom of the patient.
  • One of the most important disadvantages of facial cosmetic operations is Plastische Gesichtschirurgie, that if you think about going to Germany for a facial cosmetic operation, this may cost a lot of money, because of the expensive travel expenses that pay the person to move from his country to Germany for the cosmetic operation.

And here we have finished today's lesson on facial names in German where we have recognized all the different parts of the face, and some phrases for the face area and translated into German, you will find that the phrases are simple and will not need any effort from you to study them, and to meet in another lesson of the German language


Face names in German