Names of dogs in German

Names of dogs in German, you can learn about the primitives of the German language by following the lessons of the Cave of Knowledge site regularly, and knowing the names of dogs, their diseases and vaccinations in German is not an easy thing to follow.

Names of dogs in German
Names of dogs in German

Names of dogs in German

From now on you can learn German from scratch easily and recognize the names of dogs in German

  • Dog breeder fragment dogs channel Hundezwinger; Hundepension; Hundehütte
  • Mastiffs : a huge dog of guard dogs Hund, Mastiff, Dogge
  • Greyhound : dog of the HoundWindhundrasse Hound
  • Dog, dog, wild dog, prey, Beißendes Raubtier
  • Clip holder and clip distributorCliphalter und Clipspender
  • Pipe clippers Rohrzange=Zange
  • Molar drilling dogs Drehzange=Zange
  • Dog of dens Foxterrier
  • Chinese-born dog c dogs chinesischer Hund
  • Serogischer serologischer Tollwut-Test
  • Postrabies-Enzephalomyelitis
  • Dog jaw Kiefer der Zange
  • Anti-Rabies Anti-Tollwut-Antikörper Antibodies
  • Bulldog: Strong Dog Short Barreled Pistol BulldoggeHund
  • Top Grapple Kontrolle Top Control
  • Vaccination against rabies Tollwutimpfung
  • wilder hond wilder dogs
  • Bluthunde sniffer dogs
  • Dogs that bark Bellende Hunde beißen nicht
  • Sports dogs Sporthunde
  • Greyhounds Windhunde
  • and Oppentors Korkenzieher und Öffner
  • Dog Hündchen; Hund
  • Norwegischer Elchhund
  • Smart dog Sonnenhund
  • Irish wolf dog Irischer Wolfshund
  • Hearing dog hörender Hund
  • Happy dog Glückliches Hündchen
  • Dog fur Hundefell
  • Dog Catcher Hundefänger
  • Maltesischer Hund Maltesischer
  • The dead dog does not bite tote Hunde beißen nicht
  • Welsh dog Waliser corgi
  • Black dog der Hund ist schwarz

Names of male dogs in German

In addition to accurately identifying the names of Balamani dogs, learn with us a set of male names:

  • Bär Bear
  • Zeus Zeus
  • Charlie Charlie
  • koda
  • Billy Billy
  • Harley Harley
  • Duke of Herzog
  • Rocky felsig
  • Loki Loki

To here we have finished knowing the most important names of dogs in German, we want to give us your opinion to keep up with your thinking accurately and satisfactorily.


Names of dogs in German