Names of diseases in German: Know all diseases

Diseases are many and many types of diseases, but many of us are ignorant of the names of diseases in German as well as also ignorant of the types of these diseases and when we get to know these diseases our culture increases and through this article we will learn about the names of diseases in German.

Names of diseases in German
Names of diseases in German

Types of diseases in German

There are many names of diseases in German as well as there are many diseases and the most important and prominent names of diseases in German include:

  • der Husten means in Arabic itchy disease.
  • dieMagen Schmerzen and its meaning in Arabic is abdominal pain.
  • das Nasenbluten and its meaning in Arabic is nosebleeds.
  • das Niesen and its Arabic meaning is sneezing.
  • der Haut Au Schlag means in Arabic a rash.
  • die Kopfschmerzen and its meaning in Arabic is headache.
  • die Erkältung means cold in Arabic.
  • der Inhalations Apparat means inhaler in Arabic.
  • das Fieber and its meaning in Arabic fever.
  • die Epilepsie means epilepsy in Arabic.
  • Die Krämpfe means contractions in Arabic.
  • die Migräne means migraine.
  • die Infektion means in Arabic an infection.
  • die Masern means measles in Arabic.
  • die Grippe means flu in Arabic.
  • der Herzinfarkt means in Arabic a heart attack.
  • der Heuschnupfen means in Arabic Drees fever.
  • Die übelkeit means in Arabic nausea.
  • der Virus means in Arabic Virus.
  • der Durchfall his career in Arabic is diarrhea.
  • der Mumps means in Arabic mumps.
  • das Ekzem means eczema in Arabic.
  • der Blutdruck means blood pressure in Arabic.
  • der Schlaganfall means in Arabic a stroke.
  • das Asthma means in Arabic asthma.
  • Sich übergeben means in Arabic vomiting.
  • die Zucker Krankheit means in Arabic diabetes.
  • die Allergie means in Arabic sensitivity.
  • in Ohnmacht fallen means in Arabic he fainted.
  • die Windpocken means chickenpox in Arabic.

Disc disease in German

Disc disease in German
Disc disease in German

Among the names of diseases in German is Disk disease in German Band Scheiben Erkrankung.

This disease occurs in the back as a result of effort or pressure on the loan formed between the vertebrae, which leads to herniated disc as a result of pressure on the nerve and hip herniated disc is a proliferation and often occurs in the fourth and fifth vertebrae. Disc disease is often manifested by back pain but the most resulting pain is in the foot or area to which the affected nerve leads.He finds a lot of symptoms specific to disc disease and these symptoms are as follows:

Feeling severe pain in the lower back or in the thighs and buttocks, the disc patient can feel pain when sitting and feel comfortable when standing. Severe pain when bending, twisting, bending, feeling numbness in the arms and legs. One of the most important causes of disc disease is the occurrence of wear in the discs that connect the vertebrae spine. Disc disease can be treated with certain medications prescribed by the attending physician and these medications are often painkillers.

If this intensifies, the attending physician begins surgical intervention.

Syphilis in German

Syphilis – syphilis. It is the name of a disease among the names of diseases in German syphilis is an infectious disease and is carried out in three stages and during these stages the symptoms begin to appear and first begin with an ulcer but this ulcer is non-infectious and appears at the place of infection. After that, it appears in the form of a rash that shows the patient some signs such as fever, fatigue and completely loses appetite.In the absence of treatment, syphilis begins to spread to other organs such as the spinal cord or aorta.

Syphilis can be treated with penicillin, but a healthy person can develop it again. There are some factors that lead to syphilis, the most important of which is homeopathy in men, as gay men are at higher risk of syphilis. Sexual practices and that when intimacy is practiced with more than one person also raises the risk of syphilis or when having a relationship the condom is not worn.People with HIV can develop syphilis.

Among the symptoms of syphilis is the appearance of an ulcer at the site of infection and often the place of this ulcer is the mother of the penis, vulva or vagina. Some other places where ulcers caused by syphilis infection appear are the tongue, lips, rectum, anus, cervix, fingers of the hand. In order for this syphilis ulcer to be cured, it takes about three weeks to three months to fully recover.

Autism in German

Autismus-autism. Among the names of diseases in German and in German are as follows:
People with autism usually prefer isolation from the outside world, and also people with autism most of them are unable to express their own feelings or emotions. People with autism some have a great ability to speak, others are unable to speak and are also unable to make friends. There is a certain category of autistic people with a tremendous ability to draw and plan and at that time there are some other groups that lose the ability to even move.

In addition, there are some groups that have a strong memory and have a great ability to remember, while some of them suffer from an intellectual disability. A common feature that unites all people with autism is that they all tend to be socially isolated. All of them find it very difficult to integrate into society or with other people.

Gout in German

Gicht means gout. Gout is a disease that occurs as a result of a disturbance in the borine metabolism and this process is very important in order for the cells of the body to be built.

The body is supposed to get rid of all purine in case it is not utilized. And in the case if the body does not get rid of purine, this causes the formation of uric acid. Excess uric acid in the body leads to the formation of certain crystals within the tissues causing severe pain in the joints. It should be borne in mind that if not treated, gout can lead to kidney failure. Some signs of gout are the appearance of severe redness in several areas, namely the big toe or the appearance of swelling and redness in the knee or in the fingers of the hand.

There are some target groups of gout and these groups are men, the elderly, those with large weights or those suffering from obesity. As well as the owners of the following diseases, diabetics, patients with high blood pressure, and patients with high cholesterol.

There is a close relationship between gout and the genetic factor as some studies have proven that about 99% of people with gout are due to genetic factors. This does not mean that there are no other causes that lead to gout, but there are many reasons, including taking some chemical drugs and also the incidence of some diseases such as tumors and cancers that may be accompanied by gout. Thus, we have reached the conclusion of the article on the names of diseases in German and we have learned about all the names of diseases in German and also know about disc in German, syphilis in German, autism in German, gout in German, I hope you will like it.

مرض السكري بالالمانية

u003cstrongu003eDiabetesu003c/strongu003e – u003cstrongu003eمرض السكري u003c/strongu003e هو اضطراب استقلابي مزمن وغير قابل للشفاء ينتج عن نقص الأنسولين. تأتي كلمة u0022u003cstrongu003eDiabetesu003c/strongu003e u003cstrongu003eمرض u003c/strongu003e السكريu0022 من اليونانية وتعني u0022يتدفق من خلالu0022 ، وكلمة u0022ميليتوسu0022 لاتينية وتعني u0022حلو العسلu0022. يُعرف مرض السكري أيضًا u003cstrongu003eZuckerkrankheitu003c/strongu003eu0022.

مرض الكريب بالالمانية

مرض السكري بالالمانية

u003cstrongu003eKrabben-Krankheit – مرض سرطان البحرu003c/strongu003e يحدث داء كرابي عندما يرث الشخص نسختين من جين متغير (متحور).


Names of diseases in German