Color names in German

The names of colors in German through the site of the Cave of Knowledge, where there is around us a different set of distinctive colors that are used in most things, such as the coordination of the colors of houses and paints in the entrances and others, and a range of modern colors have appeared through the presence of technological development and thus appeared a number of colors that were considered basic and colors were added with them to show us a large number and super degrees, so let's get to know and study together that encyclopedia.

Color names in German

Color names in German
Color names in German

Now you can learn the names of colors in German and they are as follows:

Color names in German

German color

light brownhellbraun
Light greenhellgrün
Light bluehellblau
dark browndunkelbraun
dark greendunkelgrün
Dark bluedunkelblau
Bright redleuchtend rot
Bright greenleuchtend grün
Bright blueleuchtend blau

Song of Colors in German

Song of Colors in German
Song of Colors in German

You can use the following sentences to learn German, and how to create songs and sentences specific to colors:

The snow is white.

. Der Schnee ist weiß

The sun is yellow.

. Die Sonne ist gelb

The orange is orange.

. Die Orange ist orange

The cherry is red.

. Die Kirsche ist rot

The sky is blue.

. Der Himmel ist blau

The grass is green.

. Das Gras ist grün

For brown soil.

. Die Erde ist braun

The cloud is gray.

. Die Wolke ist grau

Wheel tires are black.

. Die Reifen sind schwarz

What color is the snow? White.

. Welche Farbe hat der Schnee? Weiß

What color is the sun? Yellow.

. Welche Farbe hat die Sonne? Gelb

What color is the orange? Orange.

. Welche Farbe hat die Orange? Orange

What color is the cherry? Red.

. Welche Farbe hat die Kirsche? Rot

What color is the sky? Blue.

. Welche Farbe hat der Himmel? Blau

What color is the grass? Green.

. Welche Farbe hat das Gras? Grün

What color is the soil? Structure.

. Welche Farbe hat die Erde? Braun

What color is the cloud? Gray.

. Welche Farbe hat die Wolke? Grau

What color are the wheel frames? Black.

. Welche Farbe haben die Reifen? Schwarz

Pronunciation of colors in German

  • Khaki
  • Magenti grades
  • Dark pink pink
  • Saqlati
  • They handed me over
  • Spring Green
  • Turquoise
  • Carmen
  • Cherry
  • Chestnut
  • Fushi
  • Lilacy
  • Magenti
  • Peachy
  • Degrees of syphilis
  • saffron
  • Indigo (color)
  • geomancer
  • Blue Dodger Team
  • Eggplant
  • Electric Blue
  • Lemmy
  • purple
  • brown
  • Carmen (color)
  • Pink (color)
  • Peachy
  • Brionkel (color)
  • Persian Blue
  • Green Grades
  • Persian Red
  • pink
  • Khaki orange tones
  • Pink
  • Pink
  • Peach (color)
  • platinum
  • Lavender
  • Crushed blue
  • Dark red
  • Barghouti
  • Prussia Blue
  • purple
  • Orange Grades
  • khaki
  • Magenta Grad
  • dunkelrosa pink
  • mein skalati
  • sie haben mich gegrüßt
  • Frühlingsgrün
  • Türkis
  • Carmen
  • Kirsche
  • kastanienbraun
  • Fuchsie
  • lila
  • Magenta
  • pfirsichfarben
  • Grade von Rosa
  • Safran
  • Indigo)
  • Sand
  • Blue Team Dodger
  • Aubergine
  • Elektrisches Blau
  • lemmy
  • Violett
  • Braun
  • Carmen (Farbe)
  • pinke Farbe)
  • pfirsichfarben
  • Immergrün (Farbe)
  • Persisches Blau
  • die Grüntöne
  • Persisches Rot
  • Rosa
  • Schattierungen von Orange Khaki
  • Rosa
  • Rosa
  • Pfirsichfarbe)
  • Platin
  • Lavendel
  • puderblau
  • Dunkelrot
  • Barghouti
  • Preußenblau
  • Violett
  • Grad von Orange

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Color names in German