Names of children’s vaccines in German

The names of children's vaccines in German, many expatriates inside Germany are confused about knowing the most important vaccines for children using the German language, as well as beginners can learn German from scratch through the Knowledge Cave website.

Names of children's vaccines in German
Names of children's vaccines in German

Names of children's vaccines in German

When we talk about learning German from scratch, we will learn about the names of children's vaccines in German in our next lines:

  • Postvaccinale encephalopathy
  • Suppurative retinopathy; eitrige Retinopathie
  • Purulent pancreatitis Propankreatitis=eitrige Pankreatitis
  • Acute purulent cholangitis akute suppurative cholangitis
  • Purulent rhinitis eitrige Rhinitis
  • Acute purulent otitis media Mittelohrentzündung purulenta acuta
  • Chronic purulent otitis media Mittelohrentzündung purulenta chronica
  • Pyogene Salpingitis=eitrige Salpingitis
  • Purulent tubal and ovarian inflammation Pyosalpingo-Oothekitis
  • Suppurative pericarditis Perikarditis; eitrige Perikarditis
  • Pyogene follikulitis
  • Acute purulent orchitis akute pyogene Orchitis
  • Post-vaccine encephalitis postvaccinale Enzephalitis
  • Suppurative encephalitis Enzephalitis; pyogene Enzephalitis; eitrige Enzephalitis
  • Impf-Enzephalitis vaccine encephalitis
  • Post-vaccine encephalomyelitis
  • Purulent synovitis eitrige Synovitis
  • Purulent meningitis eitrige Meningitis; pyogene Meningitis
  • Ottogenic purulent meningitis eitrige otogene Meningitis
  • Purulent peritonitis Pyoperitonitis=eitrige Peritonitis
  • Purulent peritonitis eitrige Bauchfellentzündung
  • Tropical purulent myositis tropische Pyomyositis
  • Purulent keratitis eitrige Keratitis
  • Hypopyon-Keratitis
  • Hypopyon-Keratoiritis
  • Purulent uveitis eitrige Iritis
  • Hepatitis hepatitis nach der Impfung
  • Hepatitis Impfhepatitis
  • Acute purulent nephritis akute suppurative Nephritis
  • Suppurative cortical nephritis
  • Chronic purulent nephritis chronische suppurative Nephritis
  • Suppurative tonsillitis Mandelentzündung
  • Suppurative suppurative gingivitis
  • Purulent arthritis eitrige Arthritis
  • Acute purulent arthritis akute suppurative Arthritis
  • Purulent conjunctivitis eitrige Bindehautentzündung
  • Tropical purulent parotitis tropische suppurative Parotitis
  • Postvaccinale myelitis
  • Postvaccinale myelitis
  • Purulent superficial follicular wall inflammation oberflächliche pustelartige Perifollikulitis
  • Suppurative periodontitis
  • Post-Poliomyelitis squirrel myelitis
  • Post-pollinated marrow squirrel inflammation Poliomyelitis nach Inokulation

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Names of children's vaccines in German