Names of birds in German

Vogelarten auf Deutsch Do you know the meaning of this name of course not, and this is what we will list details of the names of birds in German and the birds are the creation of the Creator, who today we see the most beautiful attractive views and are among the vertebrate groups in addition to aviation, which directs us to get acquainted with all the information and different types of birds Let's get to know together through the site of the Cave of Knowledge.

Names of birds in German
Names of birds in German

Names of birds in German

Many of us want to learn about the basics of learning German, andmany of us miss our various lessons, especially the types of birds in German that we will know together:

  • Bulbul bird_____Nachtigall Vogel.
  • Dora_____Barsch.
  • Scarlet parrot___scharlachroter Papagei.
  • Bulbul birds___Bulbul Vögel.
  • Canary birds__Kanarienvögel.
  • Wooden duck___hölzerne Ente.
  • Peacock___Pfau.
  • Bathroom___das Bad.
  • Eagle___Adler.
  • Hoopoe birds__Wiedehopf Vögel.
  • Crow bird___Rabenvogel.
  • Monkey Bird____Vogel von Abu Qardan.
  • Aaskrähe- Crow
  • Adlerbussard – the long-legged falcon is a bird of prey that is widely found in several parts of Eurasia and North Africa. This species ranges from southeastern Europe all the way to East Africa to the northern part of the Indian subcontinent.
  • Alpenbirkenzeisig – The small redbull bird is a small protractor bird in the family of sparrows
  • Alpenbraunelle- Alpine dialect is a small bird of the bridge in the Prunellidae family
  • Alpendohle- The Alpine Chough, or yellow-beaked chough is a bird of the crow family,
  • Alpenkrähe- The red-beak bird, the cornice bird or simply the chu, is considered a bird in the crow family, it is one of only two species in the genus Pyrrhocorax.
  • Alpenmeise- It lives mainly in mountain forests between 1300 and 2100 AD, and the two forms of singing in the field can only be distinguished by their singing.
  • Alpenschneehuhn -Rock Bird is a medium-sized toy bird in the family of Tyhuj.
  • Alpensegler-n fast alpine formerly known as Apus melba, is a species of fast species.
  • Alpenstrandläufer – Donlaine is a small wading, which was previously sometimes separated from other "periods" in the genus Erolia.
  • Amsel- The common blackbird is a kind of real castle. It is also called Eurasian blackbird, or simply blackbird as this does not confuse with similar local species.
  • Arabisches Wüstenhuhn- The sandfoggard partridge is a flying bird of the Phasianidae pheasant family of the order Galliformes, which are demonic birds.
  • Atlantiksturmtaucher- The shear water in Manx is a medium-sized shear water in the procellariidae seabird family.
  • Auerhuhn- The western capercaille, also known as the Eurasian capricaile, the wooden taihuj, the dagger, the rooster from the forest, or simply the capercaillie, is considered a heavy member of the family of the tyhuj and the largest species of clay that exists.
  • Austernfischer- The Eurasian oyster hunter also known as the common oyster hunter, or polar oyster hunter, or just oyster oysters, is delving into the family of Haematopodidae oyster birds

The most prominent examples of birds in German

The names of birds in German we have come to know but creativity in the language is not only by learning words, but by the way you explore the language by the way of sentences and speaking, and here we list the following:

  1. Birds of a feather flock together

Gleich und gleich gesellt sich gern

2- A bird in your hand is more beautiful than 10 on the tree

Ein Vogel in deiner Hand ist schöner als 10 auf einem Baum

3- Did you fall into the trap or the bird that threw you?

Du bist in die Falle getappt, noch der Vogel, der dich geworfen hat

4- The more the birds fly and rise, the more they fall on their heads.

Je mehr der Vogel flog und aufstand, desto mehr fiel er auf den Kopf.

5- The bird screams when it is outside the cage

Der Vogel weint, wenn er außerhalb des Käfigs ist

6- Belly birds fighting

Bauchvögel kämpfen

7- For what, peacock, you are the one who plucks your feathers

Was seid ihr Pfauenfedern?

8- I glimpse her while she is flying

Das bin ich auf ihren Blick und sie fliegt

How to sing for birds in German

How to sing for birds in German
How to sing for birds in German

We got acquainted with the names of birds in German and we will give you a song that can be taught to the little ones to pay attention to the fluency of the German language, namely:

The beautiful bird lives in the sky Der schöne Vogel lebt am Himmel

He always strives to eat Immer bemüht zu essen

The beautiful bird sings in the evening Der schöne Vogel singt am Abend

And they take care of young children Sie singen liebevoll für kleine Kinder

He loves every day in a branch with the bow of Er liebt jeden Tag in einem Zweig mit einer Schleife

He builds and then builds his place to live Er baut und baut dann seine Wohnung

To save the little ones and leave without fear Um die Kleinen zu retten und ohne Angst zu gehen

To bring food and grow up together Um Essen zu bringen und zusammen zu wachsen

The beautiful bird lives in the skyDer schöne Vogel lebt am Himmel

How to buy a bird from the owner of a bird shop in German

Imagine yourself inside Germany and want to buy birds for entertainment What will you do now Follow the following dialogue:

Greet the owner of the shop

Good morning dear Guten Morgen Liebling

Good evening dear Guten Abend Schatz

Hello Hallo

I would like to buy a distinctive bird species Ich möchte eine besondere Vogelart kaufen

Show the types, features and prices you have

Zeigen Sie mir Ihre Typen, deren Funktionen und Preise

And what about the way she is raised at home and her food

Wie ist es, es zu Hause aufzuziehen und zu füttern?

I'd like a cage, go ahead and calculate

Ich möchte einen Käfig, bitte berechnen Sie

The names of birds in German are fierce

Owl birdBatFalconHummingbirdsCuckooAbu Kerdan
Eule VogelSchlägerFalkeSummerKuckuckReiher Vogel

The most important information about the names of birds in German and the most prominent birds

One of the most creative creatures that you can raise are sparrows Know the most important points related to breeding birds in German:

The most important information about the names of birds in German and the most prominent birds

Sparrow in German spatz auf deutsch

The species of birds are about 10,000 globally of varying colors and sizes.

All birds have wings and are warm-blooded, indicating that their bodies have the same temperature rate as eggs.

One of the most important of these properties is the presence of feathers, and it is possible that they become colored or the same color which makes them shiny and this is the secret of the survival of birds.

Birds use multiple methods of cleanliness, which contributes to their preservation as a fortress from different fungi and parasites.

Birds stay in a group of water and during rainfall, in addition they bathe in the dirt.

A different property is the passage of ants through the wings to help get rid of the parasite.

The foods that birds eat vary according to where they continue to live, and most birds crave to eat distinctive fruits as well as a range of plants and other delicate animals.

How to raise birds

The method is represented by the following points:

  • We prepare a place dedicated to breeding as well as a cage in which you can place the sparrow to accommodate movement and size.
  • Commitment to comfort and tranquility while placing the cage in a designated place that accommodates the size of the different wings of sparrows.
  • The cage needs to be cleaned from time to time and sequentially, and stay away from placing it near the windows.
  • Sparrows are anxious if they are near a group of different animals and it is better to leave them close to you to reassure them.

Eating birds at home

Cooked beans gebackene Bohnen

Fruits Früchte

Vegetable Gemüse

Nüsse nuts

Water Wasser

There is a place dedicated to putting his food away from his movement so that sparrow droppings do not spread inside it and avoid the presence of harmful bacteria.

Different species of birds

There are a variety of different types of sparrows and they are as follows:

Akhider yellow introduction grün gelb einleitung

This species of qualitatively large bird has a distinctive and colorful shape and is not easy to obtain as it has a superior ability to camouflage.

In most cases, he performs a shake of the face and beak to identify his prey from insects as well as his yellow throat.

We also find the color of striped and characteristic grey wings that are about 13.97 cm long, and have unfinished plumage.

Specht woodpecker

It contains two distinctive colors of black and white mix, eating from a range of nuts, fruits and other insects found on the trees.

You can recognize females other than males by distinguishing the presence of a red-colored spot in the back of the neck.

Eastern blue sparrow Ostblauer Spatz

It is a bird that has attractive and distinctive colors, and they are very much forgotten in North America in addition to the love of many to own them.

It deals with worms and it is nice to own it by preparing a house for it in the garden of your own house or balcony for the possibility of coexistence.

Eurasian miniature bird Eurasischer Zaunkönig

It is a brown bird found in the scope of Europe and America in addition to a group of Asian countries, and has special characteristics in its shape and body.

Its weight of 7-14 grams stands out during the blowing of feathers, and the length from the beak to the tail is about 7 to 12 cm.

Vogelfutter bird food

It is as follows:

1. Sunflower seeds Sonnenblumenkerne.

2- Negation or thistle sowing Karotten- oder Distelsamen.

3- Millet food Hirse Essen.

4- Gelbes Essen safflower food.

5. Love the sun Sonnenliebe.

6. Futter feed.

7- Insekten insects.

8- Würmer worms.

9- Crushed corn zerkleinerter Mais.

10- Sojabohne soybeans.

11- Red millet rote Hirse.

12- White millet weiße Hirse.

13. Weizen wheat.

If you have learned the lesson well, we remind you that this article is part of learning German for beginners from scratch, which is a good reading of words and repeating them sequentially, and continuing to review.

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Names of birds in German