Beverage names in German

Beverage names in German Deutsche Namen von Getränken There are many drinks that we eat from hot and cold in this article we will mention together these drinks in Arabic and German.

Beverage names in German
Beverage names in German

Beverage names in German

Teaching German requires that you learn about the following principles and basics:

  • CoffeeKaffee
  • Tee Tea
  • Espresso Espresso
  • Arabic Coffee Arabischer Kaffee
  • Heißer Mokka hot mocha
  • Turkish Coffee Türkischer Kaffee
  • Nescafé Nescafé
  • Irish Coffee Irischer Kaffee
  • Hot chocolate heiße Schokolade
  • Green Tea Grüner Tee
  • White tea Weißer Tee
  • Karak-Tee Tea
  • Herbal tea Kräutertee
  • Warme Milch warm milk
  • Cinnamon Zimt
  • Orchidee orchid
  • Heißer Kakao hot cocoa
  • Plain coffee schwarzer Kaffee
  • Decaffeinated coffee Entkoffeinierter Kaffee
  • Früchtetee fruit tea
  • Caustic orchid Sahlab mit Kakao
  • Cardamom coffee Kaffee mit Kardamom
  • Coffee with honey and marshmallow Kaffee mit Honig und Marshmallow
  • Milk tea Tee mit Milch
  • Tea with turmeric and cinnamon Tee mit Kurkuma und Zimt
  • Cortado-Kaffee Coffee
  • Original Saudi Coffee Der original saudische Kaffee
  • Jordanian Coffee Jordanischer Kaffee
  • Matcha-Tee matcha tea
  • French Coffee Französischer Kaffee
  • hot chocolate heiße Schokolade
  • Anise Sternanis
  • Mint Minze
  • Chamomile tea Kamillentee
  • Pfefferminztee mint tea
  • Gingwer
  • Tea with lemon Tee mit Zitrone
  • Caramel Chocolate Schokolade mit Karamell
  • Homs Al-Sham

Names of drinks in cold German

Through the following words know the names of drinks in German as follows:

  • Cold milk kalte Milch
  • Vanilla Vanilla Iced Coffee Vanilleeiskaffee
  • Mohito Pomegranate Granatapfel-Mojito
  • Peach with orange Pfirsich mit Orange
  • Cold Chocolate Kalte Schokolade
  • Chocolate with Ice Cream Schokolade mit Eiscreme
  • Cold Nutella Kalte Nutella
  • Cold Mocha Kalter Mokka
  • Lemon juice Zitronensaft
  • Chocolate Milkshake Schokoladenmilchshake
  • Banane mit Milch
  • Grapes and raspberries with milk Trauben und Beeren mit Milch
  • Mint with cold lemon Minze mit kalter Zitrone
  • Smoothie Smoothie
  • Ristretto Ristret
  • Dupyu Dupy
  • Piccolo Latte
  • Mojito Mojito
  • Fresh juices Frische Säfte
  • Orangensaft orange juice
  • Frappuccino
  • Cold Pro Cold Pro
  • Ice latte Eiskaffee
  • Apfelsaft apple juice
  • Americano like you gefrorener Americano
  • Fruit Cocktail Fruchtcocktail
  • Milchshake
  • Milchschokolade milk chocolate
  • Iced tea Eistee
  • Soft drinks Alkoholfreie Getränke
  • Water Wasser
  • Coca-Cola
  • Sprudel effervescent water
  • Tomatoto juice Tomatensaft
  • Grapefruitsaft griffon juice
  • Mineralwasser mineral water

Types of alcoholic beverages in Germany

Types of alcoholic beverages in Germany
Types of alcoholic beverages in Germany

The names of drinks in German alcoholic are:

  • Beer Bier
  • Beer
  • Seder Zeder
  • Winery Weingut
  • Alcohol Alkohol
  • Gin Genie
  • Wein Wine
  • Alcohol cocktail Alkoholcocktail
  • Whiskey Whiskey
  • Race Schweiß
  • Tunika Tunika
  • White wine Weißwein
  • Rum and Coca Rum und Coca
  • Bacardi
  • Brandy
  • Margherita
  • Martini
  • Taquila Taquila

Beverage names in German Energy

  • Red Bull
  • Rock Zero Carb Energy Rock Zero Carb Energie
  • Monsterenergie Energy
  • Sambazon
  • Redline Xtreme Redline-Extrem

Popular drinks in Germany

There is a different collection of names of drinks in German that Germans love and are encyclopedic:

Chorla Shorla

If we want to get a shorla drink we have to add some carbonated water to any kind of fruit juices such as apples, oranges or other fruits.

Although this drink is one of the drinks preferred by the German people, to this day they do not have access to the translation of this drink from German into different languages.

If someone wants this drink elsewhere than Germany, they should clarify their request to ask for a mixture of carbonated water with fruit juices in order to get a shorla.

Berliner Weiss

Germany is one of the countries that enjoys the presence of beer with a high degree of purity, but Berliner Weisse is a beer but it has a cloudy appearance and a pungent taste, and the percentage of alcohol in this drink does not exceed 3 percent.

Berliner Weisse is also usually served and added to it concentrated raspberry juice or the aromatic plant juice, which grows on the continent of Europe, in order to give the drink a green or red color.

Radler Radler

Beverages that are mixed with beer are very popular in Germany and the Radler drink is a beer that is mixed with lemon and soda water, but strangely enough, the word radler has a different meaning in German as it means the cyclist.

German people also prefer to have a radler drink while on a bicycle tour on their vacation days, which are sunny days.

This drink of lemon and beer is known as Shandy drink in English-speaking countries.

This drink can be found in many different countries but mostly may not be able to be obtained in the USA.


This drink is considered very strange when compared to other beverages, but it is not considered strange in Germany.

Pananenweitsyn is a beer drink to which some banana juice is added.

Diesel Diesel

In many translation references, the word diesel is known as a beer with a high alcohol grade.

But in Germany, some carbonated water is added to the diesel drink, which gives it a sweet taste in addition to also reducing the percentage of alcohol in this drink.

Spießig Spießig

The name of this drink has been agreed upon by all Germans and Spitsi can be formed by mixing some orange juice with some carbonated water.

Spitsi's drink was its first appearance after the end of World War II, and despite the existence of a famous beer brand called Brauhaus Regili, it was trying to monopolize the name and make it a distinctive brand.

The name Spitsy remained the only word used to describe any mixture of orange juice and carbonated water.

Hundegefährte dead dogs

It is considered one of the names of drinks in German that appeared in the last ten years ago, the drink of the dogs of the dead has become the basic and official drink that is consumed by all the pioneers in clubs and evenings tonight, as well as pirates, especially electronic ones.

The reason for the spread of this drink may be because it is soft in addition to the fact that it contains a percentage of caffeine and the source of the appearance of this drink is America.


It is a drink that has a great ability in treatment, it is extracted from cabbage after it is fermented, that drink is available in stores that specialize in the sale of organic things, beauty products and health and is also displayed in stores that sell their products at the lowest prices.

Kiba Kiba

It is a drink that is a mixture of banana and cherry juice, the name of this drink was taken from the first syllable of both words but in German, this drink is very widespread in many cafes and restaurants but it is possible that we do not find it in the references of the German language.


It is a drink that Germans eat instead of coffee it is made from barley.

Thus, we have finished writing this article, which we mentioned in the names of drinks in German, and about all drinks in Arabic and German as well, and at the end of this article I hope that it has benefited you and won your admiration.


Beverage names in German