5 tips for learning German for beginners

Learning German for beginners can be scary for most of them.

You do not have to worry, because learning German is not so difficult. Yes, the dialect is completely different and there are more than a dozen ways to say "the". However, many German words are similar to English words. Take a look at these words that exist the same in English and German:

5 tips for learning German for beginners
Tips for learning German for beginners
  • bank(bank)
  • Elegant (neat)
  • Fair(Fair)
  • Ideal (Perfect)
  • Intelligent (Intelligent)
  • Normal (Natural)
  • Plus (Plus)

Now let's move on to similar words from English to German:

  • Social = Sozial.
  • Feather = Federfeder (feather).
  • Thirst = Durst (thirst).
  • Thing = Ding.
  • Under = Unter (under).
  • Daughter = Tochter (daughter).
  • Grab = Grave (grab).
  • Sunny = Sonnig (sunny).
  • Seven = Sieben (seven).

Lucky how the letter (c) turned into the letter (z) in the word (social = Sozial), and the letter (t) to the letter (d) in the word (Thirst = Durst) and vice versa Note these things will make it easier for you to learn German faster.

Learn German from scratch to professionalism

Learn German for beginners Learn synonyms (pseudonyms) from English to German


For beginners in German, that means you should notice how the word changes from English to German.

Here are some examples of some synonyms similar to German:

  • The "ch" turns into the letter "k" in German
    • Example: Chin to Kinn (chin).
  • Gh in English to "Ch" in German
    • Example: Lighter to Licht (lighter).
  • X (English) to Chs (German)
    • Example: Fox to Fuchs (fox).
  • Y (English) to G (German)
    • Example of Yarn to Garn (thread).

We recommend using save cards to help you remember words like memrise

Learn the most common German words

Learn the most common German words


The reason why we focus on the most common German words is that we use only a fraction of the vocabulary in any language.

Take Arabic as an example Think about the most complex words in Arabic how many times you have used them in your daily life. You often don't use them too much, right?

That's why you shouldn't be interested in memorizing more words, you should memorizethe most important and most commonly used words in German life.

Learning the first 1,000 common German words : It should be a primary goal while learning German because it will enable us to achieve:

  • Use of 88% of words during oral speech
  • Express everything we can want to say

We may use more than a thousand words in our daily lives but still, if you learn 1,000 of the most common words, and you have the ability to express everything you want to say that seems an amazing progress.

Computer terminology in German

Make German a part of your daily life


The third step to learning German for beginners in record time is to change the stuff around you. What you do, see, hear, or think about every day will ultimately shape who you are.

This rule applies to your health and relationships, and it certainly applies to learning a new language.

What exactly should you change in your life to become a professional German? Try these tips:

Change your online life to German


From social media to phone to computer, changing the language setting to German will make a huge impact on your reading skills . Most of us are said to spend 6 to 9 hours a day on our devices (1-3 hours of that on social media).

We can subconsciously use that to become better readers in German, and those 1-3 hours that we usually waste can become valuable.

If social media isn't your favorite, think about where you spend most of the time during your day. You can change the browser language to German, find a German version of your favorite video game, etc.

Whatever you enjoy doing on a regular basis, try to find a way to use it to learn German.

Podcasts or audiobooks


One of the most useful things to learn German for beginners in relation to audiobooks is that you can do something else while listening. Whether it's at work, walking a dog, or washing clothes, you can learn something new on the go.

That's why we recommend subscribing to a few German podcasts to listen to:

If you are looking for audiobooks (more advanced grade),

  • spotify
  • YouTube (type the German version after typing the name of the book you want)

The best way to recommend listening to German audiobooks is to find a book you want to listen to, and find the German version. Him.

Keep in mind that you may not be able to understand most of it at first, but this is normal. The important thing is to stop a lot and translate words that you do not know, and then practice pronouncing them aloud.

Save the lyrics of attractive German songs

Music is one of the best ways to learn a foreign language, without feeling any dread . This is why millions of foreign language learners have turned to learning throughattractive German songs and songs.

Don't expect to understand all the words, but you can recognize the words that most songs repeat over and over again.

Since you can also listen to music on the go or while working, we suggest creating a playlist using your favorite Music app.

You can play the playlist repeatedly until it is firmly rooted in your memory!

Speaking German from day one


It may be the most important obstacle you have to overcome to speak fluent German. When you learn by doing, it can be up to 18 times more effective than learning across the classroom.

You can learn German in a less effective way such as attending lectures or learning 5 times faster by speaking the language from day one.

Here are some ways to achieve this:

Find a conversation partner


This is done by mixing with German learners within your home country or even by mixing with native German speakers online (we'll explain how to find them later).

Try to stay motivated as you talk to them and find room with them to talk.

We also recommend …

Working with a professional German teacher


The advantages of working with a professional teacher are obvious. You can benefit from knowing someone who has worked with dozens of people learning German for beginners if not hundreds of students like you. In addition, you can get customized guidance that can significantly shorten the learning path to German.

Download an app that helps you practice speaking


Finally, we recommend finding German language learning apps that encourage you to speak from day one.

Enjoy the long game


You can't expect to get the results you want in the first week, month, or even a year from now.

The key is not to focus on the results but the method or habit that will allow you to become the person who can master the German language.

That means a change in your personality not only in your daily habits make a schedule that you can follow day after day and take it easy

This may mean starting to learn German lessons by practicing for only 5 minutes a day. Or it could mean rewarding yourself with a delicious meal or spending a night out with your friends to stimulate your mind (dopamine) whenever you practice.

Find out what will allow you to enjoy the long game, and do it

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