35 of the best German language learning apps (tried)

The ever-increasing large number of language applications available to German language learners is a good thing. . This means that there is an option available to everyone to learn, regardless of their level of mastery, goals, interests and study preferences.

Sometimes, the problem comes from choosing between several options. The truth is that a lot of German language learning apps do one or more very good things, and some of them are simply bad at everything we will give you today the best German language learning apps.

Best German Language Learning Apps
Best German Language Learning Apps

Best German Language Learning Apps

As most people know, learning a language involves learning a range of different skills. Speaking, listening, reading and writing are the most important. A lot of apps focus on one or more of these skills, and others try to touch them all.

The apps here are as close as "inclusive" to language learning.


Lingodeer may not be the most popular app on this list, but it does have a lot to learn. It makes use of games and light interactive lessons to make learning relevant and engaging. This approach makes it easy to start studying German without feeling overwhelmed , especially for people who are just starting a language.

The first languages available on Lingodeer were Asian, but the app has since expanded to offer other languages, including German. The course will be very useful for beginners and learners from beginner to intermediate level,

But they are interactive and include a variety of exercises and use high-quality sounds. This is not something every app can do.




Babbel is one of the most trusted language courses. It has been around since 2007, has a huge user base, and is known for offering strong curriculum-based language courses.

The platform may not be the most eye-catching, but it does a lot of things right. Each course at Babbel is very logically designed and designed to take users to a conversation level as quickly as possible.

But you'll find high-quality content in advance in live lessons that take 10-15 minutes. Exercises may be repeated after a while, but it is difficult to overcome interpretations of the rules and practical information that you will get.

Babbel Website


The social feature allows users to submit and receive feedback from other users. Feedback from real humans to writing or speaking is particularly helpful. In addition to these two features, Busuu offers some good practice activities and useful reference exercises.

BUSUU Website


The Pimsleur app places a strong emphasis on developing communication skills right away. Instead of spending time on grammatical interpretations or written language, you'll dive into speaking directly.

The main benefit here is that you'll get a lot of listening and speaking practice faster than you'll get with most other apps. The lessons are very interactive and require active participation, which makes it difficult to get ineffective study time. The app is also full of interesting cultural photos and notes, making the experience even more engaging.

However, you won't get anything in the way of teaching grammar, which will mean to some more than to others. This is not for learners looking to develop proficiency in written German.




In terms of language education, there is little stiff competition with Duolingo. It's available on all devices, feels like a game, uses short lessons, and is completely free. These features make it very attractive, and provide a great option for people looking to start learning German for free .

What is a free swap? In addition to having to deal with some ads that may be distracting (they are not so bad), you won't get much in the way of interpreting the rules or practicing communication. Having said that, it's hard to ignore something free and fun to use.


Language Transfer

Language Transfer and Duolingo are both free language apps, but this has to do with everything they have in common. Where Duolingo focuses on attractive games and graphics, Language Transfer is pure sound and takes a more accurate and interpretive approach.

The app teaches learners how to think their way through a new language, highlighting the similarities and differences between German and English. As such, it is best suited for English-speaking German learners. , and there are no ads either.

The 50 lessons in the German course are all relatively short and offer a great introduction to the language.

Language Transfer Website


Is there an app that has more user-generated content? I'm not sure if it exists. Memrise blends flashcard learning with interactive activities to keep the learning experience fresh.

Also, the flashcards themselves are not old flashcards. They often have images and sentences of the context and voice of the native speaker and are interactive.

The phone app is easy and fun to use, there's plenty of content available, and it uses spaced redundancy to make the process more efficient.


Business terminology in German


The flashcard app takes this customization very seriously. It is customizable, in fact, there are fairly lengthy brochures dedicated to describing how to use them . If you want full control over your study materials, it is useful to familiarize yourself with them. You can make delete cards and add photos, audio, notes, and tags to suit your needs.

Like the best existing save apps, Anki uses spaced iteration. This, along with its customizability, has made it a source of transition to people in all kinds of industries, where language learning has become commonplace.

There are also quite a few common floors for German language learners that have been created by other users.

You'll have to pay to use Anki on iOS, but it's otherwise completely free.

Anki Website


While it offers additional features to practice almost every aspect of language, vocabulary acquisition is the best thing Lingvist does. Like many others on this list, it uses spaced repetition and flashcards to make users stick to new words in long-term memory.

Instead of limiting practice to direct word-to-word translations, Lingvist introduces new language elements in sentence context to accustom users to seeing the language as it is actually used. The design is unpretentious and stylish, but more pleasant to use than you might expect. It is also very effective.



Clozemaster and Lingvist may no longer be different in form, but they share some functions. Both teach new vocabulary by being exposed to a syllable of language in context sentences via flashcards and spaced repeats.

The Clozemaster style will appeal to learners who want to feel like they're playing a game. There are points to be earned, levels to progress in, and an element of friendly competition. It's mostly free to use, but that's probably because it's not the most comprehensive app out there.

Clozemaster Website


This dictionary app is a useful tool for easily translating between German and English (and 36 other languages). Dictionaries are constantly reviewed by dictionary authors and are constantly updated.

There are also plenty of context sentences to enhance comprehension and audio recordings so that you can be sure to say things correctly.

PONS Website


Sometimes, researching individual words in a phrase isn't enough to give you the meaning of the phrase as a whole. In these cases, a phrase translator is more useful than just a dictionary.

It's something Linguee can help with. Take advantage of the huge amount of bilingual text available on the web by searching for it for your phrase. Often, it has been translated before.



Essays in German contain important information such as gender, number, and status of the name they describe. German language students will know that choosing the right article is easier said than implementing it. There is a set of rules and exceptions to remember, and this is not inherently pleasant.

The goal of this app is to make the practice of German articles and names more comfortable and enjoyable. The app is easy to use whenever you want and will provide you with plenty of opportunities to practice.



This app has the ability to help you save 1700 different German common names and their articles. For each of the names, sex will teach you as well as provide translation and correct pronunciation. The app uses spaced repetition to help you remember what you've learned in the long run.

There are also original images of a part of the vocabulary words, as well as five additional videos that provide additional instructions to help you with your task of learning German articles.



Anomalous verbs are a bad obstacle in the way of any language learner to fluency, and the German language has got its fair share. The mission of this app is to help users master pairing at different verb times.

This is done through illustrations and informative videos used along with memory technology.

They even give their own testimony to users who have mastered the use of German verbs in the past tense with the app.



This app is a comprehensive grammar trainer for German language learners. It is full of practice methods with more than 22,000 grammar exercises and corresponds to more than 70 German language textbooks.

You can also sort the educational material by CEFR level, which is a great feature. The course is designed by German teachers and provides you with statistics on your performance.



Finding educational materials that attract your attention is often easier said than done, which is worth a lot. In this regard, news in slow German achieves a lot.

The use is very pleasant and the content is really attractive. In addition to uploading new 30-minute episodes each week, there's a huge amount of study material available in their grammar and expression catalogues – enough to keep you busy for as long as you need to.

It is useful to note that this app is very useful for intermediate level learners.



This app is great because it helps users practice productive reading in their target language. This makes searching for words in text you don't know quick and easy. It also tracks the words you know by coloring the text. You can also upload your material to the supplier, which is a good way to ensure you pay attention to what you read.

LINGQ Website


Radio stations offer unique advantages to learners of any language. They are often free, easy to access whenever you want and full of interesting content.

Radio Germany is a go-to app for anyone who wants to have an authentic voice in German that they find fun. With over 1,000 radio stations, you'll be able to find music, sports, news, comedy, and even podcasts.



Learning how to pronounce words in a new language is often one of the hardest and most important aspects of language learning, but it's hard to get good practice in most language apps.

SPEECHLING TRIES TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM BY INVOLVING REAL HUMAN BEINGS. Through free membership, users can send a limited number of audio recordings to themselves to be evaluated by native speakers. Paying for the Unlimited plan gives users the ability to send an unlimited number of recordings.



ITALKI IS ONE OF THE BEST APPS AVAILABLE FOR SEVERAL REASONS. One of them is the exercise part of the community features. It's a feature that allows users to get feedback about their writing from others.

Feedback from humans is considered to be of added value when it comes to writing. There are a lot of abnormal errors and phrases that computers are still not able to capture well. The exercise feature is very simple and easy to use. Simply type something (anything) and then "post" it where the Itachi community can read it.

Other users who are proficient in your target language can then make corrections to your writing. This is free to use! You can pay it by volunteering to correct someone else's writings.



There is an available available to learn all about the German language. However, there will always be times when a book or website doesn't have an answer to your question.

Often, asking a human being is the fastest and most reliable way to get the answer you're looking for, and that's something HiNative tries to facilitate. Posting a question about the German language on the app will show it to a large community of German speakers who are likely to give you an answer very quickly.

This makes an additional study tool great for questions that are difficult to look for. The app is mostly free;



LangCorrect is one of the resources created specifically for the purpose of facilitating the writing of comments. It has a great and free design, but it has a smaller community than the Itaki community.



Tandem is a great application for exchanging languages. It's very easy to use and works like most other social messaging apps, so the learning curve is minimal. It also has an attractive design.

What makes Tandem good for language exchange is the built-in language tools and the community that uses the app. Language tools allow you to translate messages (you'll have to pay for unlimited translations) and easily make corrections to your language partner.

TANDEM Website

Final thoughts

As you can see, there is no shortage of applications aimed at teaching people German. Just as this list doesn't include every language app created, it also doesn't cover other ways to learn the language.There are plenty of high-quality resources unavailable as an app, so this list isn't prepared.

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The best apps to learn German

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